Cure the sore throat blues with some natural remedies!

This week’s Tip of the Week covers a few pointers to help soothe your scratchy throat. Be sure to see the doc if it’s in serious pain. This is just for that annoying sore throat!

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Tip of the Week #5 – Composting Basics

There’s nothing like paying NOTHING for some fertile soil. Let’s get you started…check out our Tip of the Week video and get your starter kit together!

And here’s a list of things you can compost:

Sovereign Living Podcast #4 John Bush on Informed Birthing

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On the 4th edition of the Sovereign Living Podcast, John Bush talks about the importance of making informed birthing decisions and covers such topics as induction, midwifery, hospital births. He also tells the story of the birth of Cat and John’s first child, Aliana Elizabeth.

Don't stick me, bro!


Sorry doc, if you think it’s a “good idea” to jab poison in my arm made by a corporation that ONLY profits if I get sick, you shouldn’t be making decisions on my health!

Interview About Natural and Sovereign Parenting

Ernie Handcock of Declare Your Independence Radio Show interviews John Bush and Catherine Bleish about natural and sovereign parenting.  Topics include naturalpathy, breast feeding, midwives, vaccines,voluntary society, etc.


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