The Unschooled Toddler: Teaching Eachother Through Art

I have mentioned before that art is a big part of our daily unschool routine. Our daughter has a passion for creativity and she is teaching her brother to share in this. We love watching them learn through eachother; this encourges life skills like sharing, communication, patience, and empathy.


Does one of your children have a passion they teach to other kids in the family? Please share!

Learn Nothing Day

Learn Nothing Day is a holiday for unschoolers, who spend every day learning! Obviously this is impossible and the reviews of those celebrating the day are hilarious!

Tonight we will be joining the Austin Unschoolers at the park and splashpad for our Learn Nothing Day Celebration.finalllll-3

Visit for all the details, here are some excerpts:


Unschoolers need a holiday.
When people ask if they homeschool in the summer, they say yes. When people ask when they have a break from learning, they say never.

with art and videos
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2008 art (link at bottom for more)

A 2012 report:

We failed.

2010 citations and comments:

Learn Nothing Day, Home Education Resources, UK

Today is Learn Nothing Day, by Rebecca, at Victoria


The Quirks of Unschooling (Ronnie Maier on her blog, and another one later that same day: Tiny tidbits: Learn Nothing Day, Part Trois)


“I just kept on learning just like it was a normal day. No matter how I tried, I just Kept On Learning!” —Annalise, age 6

Learn Nothing Day, Volume Three, Susan Gaissert at The Expanding Life

(two parts of a long list:)~ Tinky learned how to use the dishwasher today. I tried to stop her, but it couldn’t be helped. They just are not cooperating with me today.

~ Techi was playing his “Guy Game” online and was listening to some really cool funk music. I asked him where he got it from. He told me to check out So now I have learned how to find all my favorite music on Pandora. I’m listening to Frank Morgan he is an Awesome jazz musician. Oops! Now you learned something new. Sorry! —Rana


It was our first time participating in Learn Nothing Day, and I am afraid to say we failed miserably!We started out okay…
we got out of our beds, said good morning to each other and we were peacefully eating our breakfast together… when before I could really even realize what was happening, the girls began explaining tornadoes to Little Buddy! It was not his fault really, he’s only 3 and he just didn’t know better than to be curious about, as he says it, “toynadoes”! At any rate, as you can most likely imagine, it was all downhill from there, learning stalked us all day long, and we never even left the house today!

Oh well… there’s always next year! —Anne Dye, in Italy


“It’s only one day—surely we can slow down for just one day to take it easy and learn absolutely nothing.” 

“Well, we had a plan to stay at home and do nothing for Learn Nothing Day, but by 11am our plan was foiled. My 6yr old son put in a History Channel DVD on the history of steam trains and my 6yr old daughter Wiki’d Annie Oakley and was researching guns, so unfortunately we are all learning something today. They even looked at me like I was a complete reject last night when we discussed the concept of learning nothing today. My daughter said, ‘But mommy, how are we going to learn nothing? That’s just silly!'” —Nina Lee


Parental Intelligence wrote: PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS WEBSITE ON JULY 24!!
Any other day of the year is just fine. 



Detox Smoothies For Eye Health

I was talking to a friend about how he improved his vision, he decided to do a write up and share it with the world.  Many of you know I have struggled with my eyesight for years….  I hope to jump into full eye health in this coming year. Our naturalpath wants me to consume 10 raw eggs a day…. not sure I am ready for that, but these smoothies I can start right away!


Last year, as I went through my 70 lb weight loss journey, my eyesight improved greatly. I went from -425 to -250, and now my glasses are blurry again.

I credit the eye health to my detox smoothies have been drinking consistently.  Five days a week of a big smoothie boost, then 2 days off.

My detox smoothies started with a cheap $20 blender from Target. For ay health smoothie I do, I make sure fresh fruit & vegetables (organic when available). Herbs from a local herb store work in conjunction with smoothies. Pick up your herbs by the ounce, and many useful herbs are well under $2.00/oz. An ounce will last quite a bit of time.

For eye health, I use apricots quite a bit. Also, I prefer black grapes. Anything with high Vitamin A & Vitamin D I use. For vegetables, I use quite a bit of kale, cucumbers, and cilantro. Red, orange, or yellow bell peppers I mix in as well. These peppers have more vitamins than a standard green pepper.

People have been requesting a smoothie recipe from me. Here is what a sample Proof Eye Health Smoothie would have:


1 handful of kale

1/2 red or yellow bell pepper

5-7 strands of cilantro

1/2 cucumber

1 carrot

1/2 lemon

1/2 mango

1 orange

2 apricots

1 plum, any color

1/2 pear

1/2 apple

1 handful, dried cranberries

15 (roughly) black grapes

4-6 oz of organic cherry juice

pinch each of eyebright, bee pollen, & bilberry.

Handful of ice

Fill to the top with filtered water – NO FLUORIDE!

* Add in Sugar in the raw, Stevia, or raw organic honey to taste!

This will make about 60 ounces. You can make the 2nd batch with the remaining fruit & give to a friend or drink tomorrow.


Read the origional post here:

The Unschooled Toddler, Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a big part of unschooling our children. We try to do a creative project daily for our daughter who loves to draw, paint, glue and be crafty. Sometimes our son joins in, but he frequently find more active things to engage in while she doodles or paints.


We have found that stimulating her desire for creativity has brought her confidence and joy. She loves showing off her work and giving gifts that she has made to others.

The frequent craft projects have not only stimulated her creativity, but her mind. She has learned about texture, color, temperature, time, numbers, and more. The crafts have helped her to develop her fine motor skills amd progress her ability to communicate.

Sovereign Living Uncoinventional Tour

The Sovereign Living team went on a three week Bitcoin-only tour this past month!


Check out the liveblog on Bitcoin Magazine by directing your browser to

We received great media attention onthe journey, including this Yahoo News piece:

Keep your eye on Bitcoin Magazine for the soon to publish trip review!

No Poo Update, 23 Months Later

I had a four month break around the one year mark and my hair did awful on shampoo. I have been back on baking soda plus apple cider vinegar since February and do not see myself ever turning back. My hair is soft, shiny and happy.

Few tips I have learned in these 2 years….

1. If your hair is super greasy, apply the baking soda dry to dry hair while you get ready to shower, then wash and vinegar rinse as you normally would.

2. I have tried mixing with water and pouring, spraying, and a variety of application methods. My favorite now, and the fastest, is get your hair wet, dump a handul of baking soda in your hand, and smear all over, working it into your scalp with your fingers. Add more handfuls until your hair is totally saturated. Quantity is king.

3. I just pour straight apple cider vinegar on my hair, splash splash, work in with fingers, let it sit while I wash my face, then rinse.

20140718_165438 20140718_165453 20140718_165455


No 'Poo Update, 16 Months

Well, my no ‘poo experiment was going great… That is until we ran out of baking soda.  Not only did we run out of baking soda, but  we traveled to a conference in Dallas to screen Sovereign Living and I just had to wash my hair before going up on stage.  I used hotel shampoo and conditioner.  Big mistake.  HUGE mistake.

Not only was it cheap chemical laden product that caused my hair to lose the natural softness that had developed through my No’ Poo experiment,  but it reset the entire process I had gone through when transitioning away from shampoo.  Suddenly I found myself sneaking a bar soap from the shower to wash my bangs, using Dr. Bronner’s hemp oil soap or other products to wash the grease out of my hair before an event or party.  The grease phase had started all over again and I had lost my dedication to the cause.
For four months I jump back and forth between soap based products and baking soda until John asked me if I had changed something with my hair.  I told him yes, I had fallen off the No ‘Poo band wagon and he suggested I start back up!  About two weeks ago I began the No ‘Poo journey
My hair had become dry and tangly from the soaps, so here I am 16 months later and I’m in about week two of the grease phase.  The truth is, I should have stuck with it.

Reduce a Fever or Encourage a Fever?

My whole life my gut has told me to help my body get to the temperature it needs to be at to kill off whatever it is fighting.  Every time I have tried to fight my fever I stay sick longer.  Every time I encourage it, I get well faster.

I had no medical, science or expert advice to back this up, but its what my gut told me and what worked for me.

After having children, I decided to look it up when Aliana had her first high temp.  We read online story after story of people rushing their children to the hospital with a high temp and being sent home with nothing but advice for “rest” and an invoice for thousands of dollars.

Since Aliana had a high fever yesterday associated with her cutting her last molar, I thought it would be appropriate to list some natural ways to make yourself FEEL BETTER while allow your body to FIGHT ILLNESS!

Her article also lists the many reasons she does not try to “fight” fevers in her home and the conditions in which you probably should head to the hospital!

This list is taken from

  • Lots of fluids to ward of dehydration and help the body flush the illness. We stick to water, herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, or catnip.

  • Double doses of Fermented Cod Liver Oil, which seems to greatly reduce the duration of the illness and also gives the ill person important immune boosting nutrients. We use capsules for adults and gel for kids who can’t swallow pills. I also give this daily to all family members to help boost immune function so the body is ready to handle illness more quickly.

  • Probiotics– You’ve probably heard the saying “All disease begins in the gut” and I give probiotics to support immune and gut health. We take these all the time, but especially during illness.

  • Homemade elderberry syrup to boost immune function and make the ill person more comfortable. Here’s a recipe to make your own much less expensively than store bought options.

  • Lots of bone broth and homemade soups to nourish and provide nutrients that aid in healing.

  • Small doses of coconut oil mixed in to food or smoothies for its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

  • We do warm baths with epsom salts or magnesium and a sprinkle of powdered ginger to help alleviate muscle aches. Peppermint tea also works for head/muscle aches associated with an illness.

  • If the person is achy or having trouble resting comfortably, I’ll sometimes give a natural sleep tincture or chamomile tincture to help soothe achy muscles and promote relaxing sleep.

TIP: I highly recommend printing out a version of this and keeping in on hand in a cabinet with the remedies in case you become ill. While I am prepared to help a family member who doesn’t feel well, I’m often not the best at remembering to do these things myself if I am ill. This way, my husband can help me remember to do these things when I’m not feeling well.

What do you do when you have a high fever in your household?

Looking Forward to Twenty Fourteen.

As I stand here in the wake of twenty thirteen I feel both exhausted and empowered. For many of us twenty thirteen was a year of major lifestyle and ideological transformations. The idea that you have to “fight” for freedom is quickly fading away as the realization that you can “create” freedom takes hold in the hearts of liberty lovers across the globe.


Bitcoin exploded onto the scene in 2013, shaking mega corporations and monetary institutions to their core. As Bitcoin becomes a dinner table conversation in the homes of “mainstream” families, so does the realization that we do not need centralized banks and government to provide money to us. We can create our own.


The ramifications of this will be huge in twenty fourteen. Small businesses will open around Bitcoin. Multi-million dollar start ups will launch around Bitcoin. The dollar will become even more irrelevant. The looting of the masses by gangster banksters will become less possible. People will be empowered to just say NO to funding war and oppression because they will be empowered to create and distribute their own money.


Twenty fourteen, in my opinion, will mark the year that the old white haired control freaks in “government” will begin to fade into the background and young lovers of freedom will step into the role of changing the shape of our society as we know it. The power exercised by the “elite” is based on the control of information and money. With the internet and Bitcoin, nothing can hold back the message of freedom. Nothing can stop people from accessing the information and tools they need to make significant changes to their way of life.


Empowered by the success of Bitcoin, I believe that twenty fourteen will be the year that people begin taking large steps to get out of all centralize institutions in which they have found themselves entangled. This means starting their own businesses, growing their own foods, buying local quality products instead of mass produced trinkets. Twenty fourteen will be the year people move from TALKING about freedom to LIVING freedom. I can’t wait!


Catherine Bleish

This article was written for and will be published in the Freedom’s Phoenix E-Zine.

Happy New Year!

We hope this year brings you greater sovereignty and lots of creativity!  Here is a shot of Aliana Jan 2, 2014 enjoying a fun unschooled afternoon painting.  Live!  Love!  Enjoy 2014!!!  <3 the Blush Family


ali paint