Sovereign Living Episode One and Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

Sovereign Living IndieGogo Campaign Kicks off with Release of Episode One and Coast to Coast Interview!





Austin, TX – It’s hard to believe that Episodes 1-3 of Sovereign Living the Reality Show are complete and the show is now onto the next leg of the 12 episode season. Sovereign Living: The Show is a reality based educational program following the Blush Family (Austinites John Bush, Catherine Bleish, and their two children) in their quest to become self sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.  The next few episodes will cover alternative economies (barter, silver, Bitcoin), natural health, and the Blush Family’s trip to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH – something our fans MUST be excited to see. To ensure our progress swiftly moves ahead, the stars of the show are kicking off an Indie Gogo campaign to raise $50,000 for the next three episodes. An ambitious goal that will help the production team move at an efficient pace.


The campaign kicked off today, October 11th, the day before their interview on Coast to Coast AM, the largest talk radio show in the world! Co-stars, John Bush and Cat Bleish, will join John B. Wells from Midnight to 3:00 am CST this Saturday to discuss the show, the successes and hardships of getting off the grid and they’ll share with listeners how to contribute to the program. We hope you all tune in and call in! You can find the local affiliate in your area here.  Share our Facebook event with friends to encourage an even bigger audience!

Much like our kick-off campaign back in June, we are providing some awesome perks for supporters. Downloads of the show’s soundtrack, sneak peek downloads of unreleased episodes, Producer credits, and even an exclusive screening in your hometown are just a few! Donation levels range from $10-$25,000 and we welcome all levels of support. We also accept Bitcoin!

We’re thrilled to have such an amazing fan base and can’t wait to bring the world Sovereign Living. Our show will be used as a tool and provide hope for everyone who watches, that one day we can all achieve a sovereign life!

Visit: SovereignLiving.TV to contribute starting Oct. 11th!

Indiegogo Campaign:
Sovereign Living Episode One:

Unschooling on a Rainy day

Although we are now back to sunshine and upper 80’s and 90’s, rainy days are an excellent opportunity for the whole family to learn about water! The kids particularly like it as an opportunity to learn and play!

During our morning trip out to the front yard garden we saw gray thunder clouds and began talking about rain and where it comes from. Miss Ali danced and played while the first sprinkles hit us, then they took turns with mom running through the downpour from the front porch to the carport.

 Ali in the rain

She learned the way water affects different walking surfaces and where she could run or only walk. She learned about mud, clouds, temperature, how plants need water, how water gathers into streams or puddles, how fabric reacts to rain and how to collect water running off the house.  It was awesome, she was truly alive and loving the experience.

When we came in we warmed up with a hot bath and continued talking about water in the tub.  We then made popcorn and piled pillows from all over the house in the living room to watch a cartoon about the water cycle. We then followed our short film with a dance party to songs we found on youtube with water cycle lyrics. The day isn’t over and we still have plenty of opportunities to discuss water. Making tea, washing our dinner dishes, and changing the laundry are a few opportunities we will have in the next few hours!

Now that I’ve been introduced to unschooling, I look at our day to day lives differently. Today has been truly sensational. Thanks for the rain, Mother Nature! And thanks for the new outlook on life, Rethinking Everything conference!

Libertopia screening had over 60 attendees including film producer, Foster Gamble!

The highlight of our weekend was having producer of Thrive, Foster Gamble, compliment the show. How awesome is that? We also received numerous uplifting compliments about the quality of the show and how much everyone enjoyed it. Libertopia was another positive event to help our team move forward with high spirits and hunger to bring more to our followers.

Our screening was held in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort at 8pm…it was quickly filled with over 60 people, all filing in to check out the sneak peek of Episodes 1-3. Thank you to everyone who made it and a big thanks to the donors who helped us raise $300 at the screening. We even saw some Bitcoin donations! We are so grateful for the support!


Thanks again to Sky Conway for inviting us to screen and for all the support from our new and current followers. Keep sending your thoughts on our Facebook page and share it with your friends!

The West Coast-Liberty Event of the Year Hosts Sovereign Living!

Libertopia’s theme this year is “Living free in an unfreeworld”, and he Blush Family is putting this theme to the test with the reality program Sovereign Living. One of Libertopia’s main events this year will be a sneak peek screening of the first three episodes of Sovereign Living – a glimpse into a real family’s journey to a voluntary lifestyle!

“The Sovereign Living reality TV series is perhaps the most important and  first serious attempt to reach a mainstream audience with the ideals of Voluntaryism, peace, and empowerment from government institutions. We are proud to screen the first 3 episodes at Libertopia” – Libertopia organizer, Sky Conway

Libertopia is taking place this year in San Diego, CA at the Town and Country Resort August 30th to September 2nd. What better way to enjoy your long weekend than with like-minded friends and incredible educational opportunities?! On Saturday and Sunday join John Bush, Cat Bleish (and their adorable kiddos) for screenings of the show during lunch! It will be the first time that Episode 1 will be seen in its final stage.

This twelve-episode series is a project of The Center for Natural Living 501c3 and produced by Karmakaze Productions. This project requires around the clock dedication to the philosophy of liberty, whether it be gardening, peaceful parenting, community defense, outreach, and more. Attendees are encouraged to look into ways they can help the show garner the support it needs to touch lives across the world. Consider contributing to the project. There are several ways you can help and some rewarding gifts the cast and crew would like to offer in return!

So join the Blush Family on Saturday and Sunday during lunch at Libertopia to check out the show and engage in a Q&A afterwards. The aspirations are set high and for good reason, this project has already proven to be an absolute success! Any questions about the event? Visit!




Check out Sovereign Living at Rethinking Everything this weekend! (In Irving, TX)

For immediate release 08/25/13

A veteran to the idea of “free-living”, Rethinking Everything has become a pivotal organization in the unschooling movement. Since 1991 these education reformists have strived to help families reach their full “freedom-potential”, from birth to death, with focus on education, self-design, gentle-parenting and so much more. It’s no wonder Sovereign Living was invited to participate in this year’s conference! As John Bush, co-star of the show said, in regards to the show’s mission:

“We’re trying to lead by example and live in a manner that’s consistent with the ideal [free] society we envision.”

Sovereign Living follows The Blush Family as they detach from central institutions and live as far off the grid as possible – in a reality-style show all can enjoy. Their children, though young, are being brought up in a liberty-filled environment and are, essentially, this conference’s message put into practice. Co-star of the show, John Bush, will be holding four sessions at the conference, one being the airing of Episode 1-3! Other awesome sessions to catch:

  • Anarchism and Radical Unschooling: Two Peas in a Peaceful Pod
  • Sovereign Living: Becoming Self Sufficient and Leading a Voluntary and Natural Life (Friday – 3:30pm)
  • Building Value in a Down Economy: A Family Guide to Alternative Currencies, Entrepeneurship and Voluntary Exchange (Saturday – 3:30pm)

The conference starts August 22nd and runs until the 26th in Irving, TX. To learn more about panel start times, lodging, etc. visit The options are endless on what you can learn and bring home from this event, so do your best to make it all weekend long!

The homeschooling and alternative education network is growing. People want to guide their children away from the downward spiraling school systems in America, give them a chance to achieve goals that are unthinkable in most mainstream classrooms. Sovereign Living plans to play their part in this evolution of education by producing a fun, informative show that walks the walk. If you haven’t checked out the sizzle reel, now’s your chance. If you “rethink everything” you’ll love the opening of the trailer! 😉
Join the exclusive opportunity to see Episodes 1-3 at the Rethinking Everything Conference this weekend in Dallas. The screening begins at 3:30pm on Sunday in the Napa I room. All are welcome to attend. Following the show, the cast will be taking questions from the audience, so stick around for all three episodes.

Max Borders, editor of The Freeman, says "I sure couldn't do it…unless I had to."

Meet the Blush family. They represent a growing faction of libertarians that mix the rugged individualism of Spooner with the self-reliance of Thoreau. And they’re making a reality show.

You might think they’re crazy. After all, they’re weaning themselves from the grid in order to opt out of the structures they believe have been corrupted by state control and corporate cronyism. That means giving up plentiful energy, convenient food, and economies of scale.

But is it crazy?

I sure couldn’t do it—not unless I had to. I’m totally dependent, as most of us are, on regulated monopolies to feed our appliances and big boxes stocked full of cheap goods. I like economies of scale. I also like manufactured pharmaceuticals, wireless gadgets, and air travel—despite the fact that all of these industries are corrupted to varying degrees.

But people who engage in sovereign living are often happy people. They have tight communities and are not worried for a second about brownouts or the crash of the dollar. If the zombie apocalypse comes, they’ve already practiced being truly free. They are more resilient. And most importantly, they are participating in the construction of the counter-economy.

Keep reading at – and thanks Max for covering the project!

Introducing Sovereign Living: The Show!

The Sovereign Living Show!
Illuminating the Path to Self Sufficiency
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The Project

Your life belongs to you. Not to centralized institutions.

The Sovereign Living Show follows the Blush Family  (John Bush, Catherine Bleish and their children Aliana and WIlliam Lysander) in their quest to lead a more voluntary and natural life.

The twelve episode series will educate, entertain, and inspire the viewers to take responsibility for their lives, their families, and their communities.

How you can help!

We’re offering many exciting perks in exchange for your donation. Or, advertise with us so when The Sovereign Living Show hits it big worldwide your project will be prominently featured during our commercial breaks..


Principle photography is complete for the first three episodes, and we’ll be showing sneak-peeks around the country as we enter post production, and raise money to finish the full season. Then we’ll distribute the show through our own channels, and any mainstream of alternative networks that was to share the show.

The Center for Natural Living is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit that works to educate the general public on natural living in the areas of sustainability, family, and health. One of its educational media projects is Sovereign Living: The Show. Donations can be made to “The Center for Natural Living.” Donations to The Center for Natural Living are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Our Fundraising Goals:

SEED MONEY: Raise $50,000 by June 23rd to record episodes 4 – 6

GERMINATION: Raise $150,000 to record the full 12 episode season

HARVEST: Raise $200,000 to produce the season and develop SovereignLiving.TV subscription internet television service subscrition internet television service


Each episode will include 8 thirty second sponsorship announcements and 3 one minute announcements. With 12 episodes in all that’s 96 thirty second spots and and 36 one minute spots. An announcement of your project in one or more episodes of Sovereign Living: The Show will put your message in front of the right audience. In addition to our Sovereign Living channels, we will be investing in both professional publicity and guerrilla marketing to maximize the show’s reach.

Please take advantage of this exciting and beneficial way of supporting this project by choosing from one of the following options!

NOTE: Businesses, organization, and causes will be conducive to the mission of The Center for Natural Living, as determined by its nonprofit board of directors.


If you have any questions regarding Sovereign Living: The Show, our future plans, or the fundraising effort, please email johnbush[at] or call 512-773-6102.

More information about The Center for Natural Living 501c3 can be found at

Donate Today!

Please choose from the following ways to give: Credit Card, Bitcoin, PayPal, Mail, or Phone.

The Center for Natural Living is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit that works to educate the general public on natural living in the areas of sustainability, family, and health. One of its educational media projects is Sovereign Living: The Show. Donations can be made to “The Center for Natural Living.” Donations to The Center for Natural Living are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


To donate BitCoin to the Center for Natural Living, fill out then submit the information form, then enter your donation amount and click on the button below. To learn more about Bitcoin, visit


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If you prefer, you can make a donation by sending a check or money order to:

The Center for Natural Living
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Please include a note with any special instructions that you would like us to follow when processing your donation.


To donate by phone please call 512-773-6102 during normal business hours.

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  towards our goal!

Contribution levels:


$5 – Thanks for your support!  We will send you a personal email from the Blush Family thanking you for your support and add you to our mailing list so you can learn more about sovereign living.

$10 – You will be added to a newsletter which will give you exclusive monthly updates on the progress of show production and how the cast and crew are feeling about the project and if you choose, your name will be added to our website as a supporter.

$20 – Get exclusive online access to see Season 1 of Sovereign Living: The Show before it is released to the public + the previous incentives

$30 – Sovereign Living: The Show t- shirt + previous incentives

$40 – DVD of Sovereign Living: The Show Season 1 + the previous incentives

$100 – Your name in the show credits + previous incentives


$200 – You get to name 3 new rabbits on the Blush Family Farm which will be featured on the show* + Supporter Level incentives (limit 3)

$300 – You get a two hour skype, phone, or in-person (local only) consultation from the Sovereign Living crew regarding how to live a more self-sufficient, voluntary, and natural life + Supporter Level incentives (limit 10)

$500 – One of the Sovereign Living cast members will wear a shirt with your message during some of the shows** + Supporter Level incentives (limit 4)

$750 – Exclusive invite to a barbeque pot luck on the Blush Family Farm just outside of Austin, TX + Supporter Level incentives (limit 3 families or three groups of 3)


$1000 – You get to name a new goat on the Blush Family Farm which will be featured on the show*** and you will receive a personalized video from the Blush family thanking you for your support + Supporter Level incentives (limit 2)

$1500 – VIP trip and hotel accommodations in Austin, TX for the Sovereign Living sneak peak of Episodes 1 – 3 scheduled for July and you will receive a personalized video from the Blush family thanking you for your support Supporter Level incentives (limit 4)

$3000 – The Sovereign Living crew will host a sneak peek screening of episodes 1 – 3 in your neck of the woods**** and you will receive a personalized video from the Blush family thanking you for your support + Supporter Level incentives (limit 2)

$5000 – The Sovereign Living crew will host a sneak peak screening and put on an educational conference in your town***** and you will receive a personalized video from the Blush family thanking you for your support + Supporter Level incentives (limit 2)


If you wish to have your name listed in the credits as an executive producer as well as receive Supporter Level incentives see the donation amounts below.  Executive Producers also receive a personalized video from the Blush Family thanking them for their support.

$1000 – Sustainable Executive Producer
$2500 – Self-Sufficient Executive Producer
$5000 – Sovereign Executive Producer


$3000 = 1:00 annoucement on ONE episode Sovereign Living: The Show ($3000 spot)
$2000 = :30 announcement on ONE episode of Sovereign Living: The Show ($2000 per spot)

$4000 = 1:00 annoucement on one THREE episodes Sovereign Living: The Show ($1,333 spot)
$3000= :30 announcement on THREE episodes of Sovereign Living: The Show ($1000 per spot)

$6000 = 1:00 annoucement on one SIX episodes Sovereign Living: The Show ($1,000 per spot)
$4500 = :30 announcement on SIX episodes of Sovereign Living: The Show ($750 per spot)

$10,000 = 1:00 announcement on TWELVE episodes of Sovereign Living: The Show ($833 per spot)
$7200 = :30 announcement on TWELVE episodes of Sovereign Living: The Show ($600 per spot)


* Names may not be offensive or include curse words.
** Businesses, organization, and causes will be conducive to the mission of The Center for Natural Living, as determined by its nonprofit board of directors.
*** Names may not be offensive or include curse words.
**** Sovereign Living crew will seek your input and help organize, plan, and market the sneak peek screening.
***** Sovereign Living Educational Conference will feature stars and experts featured in Sovereign Living: The Show as well as local experts and sovereign living advocates.  The crew will seek your input and help in marketing and promoting the event.

IRS Requirement: The Center for Natural Living is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 80-0875703.If a gift was made for a special event, the tax-deductible amount of the contribution is limited to the excess of the total amount contributed over the value of any goods for services received in exchange for the contribution. Any benefit bestowed upon this donor is merely a token demonstration of appreciation. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

“You need not ask permission”: SovereignLiving.TV Launches!

The latest video and blog tool coming out of the Austin-based liberty activist community is SovereignLiving.TV, a place to learn about living self-sufficiently. Learn to grow your our groceries, educate your children at home, and even clean your hair without using shampoo, all are apart of the vast amount of subjects eloquently populated to this site everyday via blogposts and podcasts.

Starting this Saturday SovereignLiving.TV will be sharing a snippet from its first educational episode at the Center for Natural Living Launch Party! At the event a teaser of the show will be released for the first time ever in public, and those who are accessing the event online will also have a chance to see this, don’t worry!

As multiple venues surface to provide alternative media across the country, SovereignLiving.TV will bring to the table the sustainability and health-focused commentary you all have grown to love from the Center for Natural Living and Blush Family Farm operators. Once again, voluntary connections making the world a better place.

I hope you all follow the show at SovereignLiving.TV and catch the first glimpse of the show at the launch party this Saturday! This is so important for those of you looking for a way to “practice what you preach”. The founders of this new venture wanted to share this:

“Those seeking freedom all too often find their lives consumed by the need and desire to fight against what they see as intrusive and overreaching threats to their individual liberty.  It is in this reaction that we are giving up our freedom – for when the enemies of liberty are able to dictate our actions, we are not living freely according to our own path.” – From John Bush and Cat Bleish

Join the Facebook page here: and tune in!