Where Did Sovereign Living Go?

The short version is that we were kicked off of our farm by our landlord after asking for repairs to be made. Instead of making the repairs, he sold the house.

Our last day of filming for Sovereign Living was the day we moved out of the farm in January of 2014. Our family ended up in an apartment while we figured out what to do, our home office was moved to an actual office, and our farm was originally moved to Cedar Creek, where we thought we were going to rebuild what we had started and stay there several nights a week.

The long version is that 2014 was not a good year for our family. We did not want to leave the property, we simply wanted the issues fixed. We left ourselves vulnerable with a month to month lease. Lesson learned.  A very painful lesson. The farm was very special to us. Our children were born right there in the home, our dogs are buried there, we raised hundreds of chickens from egg to adult, and planted thousands of plants in the soil. We loved that property, every square inch. It hurt worse than anything I have every gone through. It was honestly the hardest experience of my life to date.

We needed our friends desperately, but those closest to us lashed out. They belittled us for grieving, they expressed anger that we were not there for them during their overlapping hardships, they told us they took issue with our parenting style, they expressed issues with our public lifestyle and the fact that we are “public figures”. They even said we live Sovereign Living “too much”.

Basically our inner cadre imploded. This triggered us to move out of the second farm just 5 months after relocating all of nonprofit and personal farm items there. I bring up the interpersonal stuff so you understand the weight of what we experienced last year – I’m sure you can imagine at this point we were completely exhausted on every level (emotional, physical, spiritual, financial).

Once all the moves were over we were finally able to settle into our new apartment and focus on rebuilding. We have survived as full time entrepreneurs for the past six months.  It has required laser focus and full time dedication to keep our heads above water, but I think a solid foundation has been laid that will allow us to give Sovereign Living the time and energy it needs to be finished in 2015.

Sovereign Living in 2014

Throughout the year I produced several podcasts and wrote several blogs for the website. We were able to host screenings of Sovereign Living at the following locations as we traveled the country for work:  

PorcFest and Liberty Forum in New Hampshire, Texas Bitcoin Conference at Circuit of the Americas, 512Bitcoin Mini Conference at Brave New Books in Austin, TX, Freedom Summit in Phoenix, AZ, Kansas City Bitcoin Club, Bitcoin in the Beltway in Washington D.C, NYC Bitcoin Center on Wall Street, Blue Ridge Liberty Project in Asheville, Rethinking Everything in Littlerock, Liberty on the Rocks in Denver, CO, a permaculture event in San Antonio, TX, and at Libertopia in San Diego, CA.

We also gave several Sovereign Living speeches at various events.

We produced and premiered a rough cut of episode five and a sneak preview of episode six.

The Sovereign Living team did apply for two grants to help us finish the show, but we did not receive either.  The first nonprofit said they really wanted to be involved, but with a production as big as ours they would want to dedicate a staff member to see it through with marketing, etc… and they simply didn’t have the man power at that time. The other grant application was through the Bitcoin Foundation and was a long shot 😀

In 2014 we began the process of applying to film festivals.  In December we submitted the Sovereign Living title credits into the SXSW 2015 Film Festival.  We will know in the coming weeks if we will be allowed to screen it at the March event. We hope to screen an entire episode at SXSW in 2016.

Moving Forward: 2015

So what about Sovereign Living? As of right now we have Episode 1-4 complete, episode 5 is a rough cut that needs final edits, and episode 6 has been taped, but needs transitions, interviews, music, and editing.  We are working with Karmakaze Productions on streamlining the production and want to wrap up the editing of episodes 5 and 6 by the end of March. We will then release the first season to the world. At this time we will send the remaining perks to our fans who donated to our IndieGogo Campaign. We wanted 12 episodes, but there is just no financial way to make this happen, not to mention there has been a full calendar year since we last taped, so wrapping it up seems more fitting at this time.

I will continue to submit the show to film festivals as the year progresses, including the LA Film Festival with a deadline just around the corner.  I have looked into the option of distributing the show through outlets such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc…. And it looks like this method will cost over a thousand dollars due to the need to submit independent films/shows to these companies in “bundles”.  We are weighing the pros and cons of how to release the film, and are seeking any advice or connections our community may have.

With that, our family has big goals in 2015. We plan to still work toward our Sovereign Living milestones – 50% food self sufficient, reduce our energy consumption by 50% and find creative ways to get off all centralized systems so we can truly thrive.

We plan to move into an RV or some other form of mobile living home and park it on a farm by June when our lease here is over. This will allow us to do both Sovereign Living and Uncoinventional Living (bitcoin travel, something we started in 2014). We have been offered a very cool solution in this regard, but we are not ready to announce it. Stay tuned, though! This will allow us to reduce our living expenses enough to overcome our financial hardships and clear the way for us to build a house. It will also allow us to reduce our energy consumption and to pick back up with our food production. We will have the world as our backyard. I simply cannot wait.

I am really trying to recreate myself in 2015, so if you have any feedback for me and my family I would love to hear it. How can we communicate better? How can we support you better? How can we become better people? How can we improve your Sovereign Living experience?

If you would like to contribute to the final production or distribution of Sovereign Living, please follow this URL for the various ways you can support this project of the Center for Natural Living: http://sovereignliving.tv/donatetosovereignliving . Bitcoin is, of course, a donation option!

Much love,

Catherine Bleish

Sneak Peak of Sovereign Living Episode 4 on Alternative Currencies

Sovereign Living is a reality based educational program about the Blush Family (John Bush and Cat Bleish) and their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.

When complete, the first season will include twelve episodes, each of which covering a different aspect of Sovereign Living. From gardening and community defense to natural health and alternative currencies, Sovereign Living aims to educate, entertain, and inspire people to take responsibility for their lives.

Episode Four of Season One takes place at PorcFeat 2013 and is all about alternative currencies, paying special attention to Bitcoin.  At Porcfest, I link up with Erik Voorheess who explains the basics of bitcoin and sets me up with a Bitcoin wallet.  I then use the Bitcoin ATM, talk to people about BTC, inflation, and subjective value, and use BTC at vendor booths.

Here is a sneak peek of a clip we shot for Episode 4:

See Episode One here: http://youtu.be/TZjmcBGsrAs

See our Indigogo Campaign here: http://igg.me/at/sovereignliving/x/4953071

We currently have three episodes produced and are raising funds to produce the next three.  Check out the IndieGogo campaign to help make this vision a reality, pun intended.  BTC donations welcome.

Donate Bitcoin to Sovereign Living: 1Q6UNy7vFNS35sGgGUFJatm51cSa2wFcUn

Peace and Freedom,

John Bush

Co-Star and Executive Producer
John Bush

Thanks to Erik Voorhees for his support of Sovereign Living!
Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 5.28.06 PM

Groceries off the Grid

A week ago when Bitcoin was hovering around $1,200 I decided to liquidate some of my Bitcoin funds, not into paper…because let’s face it, the Bitcoin economy is growing and I can do just about everything BUT pay my rent and utilities with Bitcoin – and in some places that may even be an option! One of the biggest moments happened right then and there. I logged in to Gyft.com to purchase a giftcard and move my funds around…I saw it, staring me in the eye, the key to survival, Target and Whole Foods gift cards!

It’s no surprise that Whole Foods joined Gyft.com, John Mackey the CEO is very inclined to liberty and has been promoting the cause for years. I think, sometimes a lot of people forget about Target’s grocery section (or maybe it’s only really available at Super Targets), but either way they have a great selection of produce and organic, healthy foods. Did I mention I’m OBSESSED with grocery shopping? So now I get to combine two of my favorite things in the world AND the co-stars of Sovereign Living have a way in to a great grocery store and they don’t even have to earn/use FRN’s to do so.

What does this mean for the future?

As I said, I believe at this point everything can be provided for your basic living needs with Bitcoin earnings, except your rent (although some properties are now being sold for Bitcoin) and utilities. Good thing the stars of Sovereign Living are working their way to energy efficiency…they won’t need to worry about those pesky electric companies that have monopolized markets across the country. If you keep watching the show you’ll find out exactly how they plan to get off the energy grid.

Buying your orange juice and butter with Bitcoin is something I would have never dreamed to happen when I first entered into the “Bitcoin game”, but now I understand that Bitcoin is NOT just a currency it’s a lifestyle choice…a lifestyle choice that transcends the state. What more can you ask for?

Indie Gogo Update #7 in front of the church we got married in!

Behind us stands the historical Texana Church where we exchanged vows this past weekend. We enjoyed a stateless wedding with family and friends. It was perfect! Now it’s time to move and shake on our last 9 days of our Indie Gogo Campaign! Help us raise funds for the next batch of Sovereign Living episodes! We need you…donate on our Indie Gogo page or send us a Bitcoin donation.

Special note: today for every $20 donated, Indie Gogo will donate a dollar! #givingTuesday

The Homestretch Begins!

Our Indie Gogo Campaign has successfully raised over $6,000 in support for the show. We haven’t even factored in our Bitcoin donations yet…still catching up from the wedding, but that number will be available soon! Today I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions, large and small. This project is the first of its kind and will hopefully be a stepping stone to more education on peaceful resistance. With the holiday season approaching, we get it…funds are low and allocated for gifts to your family and friends. If this isn’t the case for you, we encourage you to give toward the project through Bitcoin donations or USD donations on our Indie Gogo page. If you can’t swing it, it’s ok, sharing our project on your Facebook page and/or Twitter is just as valuable to us.

We’ll have some pictures from the wedding up soon. It was beautiful and filled with love from our family and friends. Aliana looked like a princess and little Bill enjoyed himself, of course!

Thanks for staying with us during the holidays and giving us your support. Your motivation and encouragement through Facebook messages and via email are fuel to our self-sufficient fire! 🙂

Still to come this week…Tip of the Week #11, surprise perks for our last week of our Indie Gogo campaign, and more!

The Blush Family Wedding: Send a wedding gift to the Indie Gogo Campaign!

If you’ve been following the project, I’m sure you saw the adorable proposal that star of Sovereign Living, John Bush, put together! At PorcFest 2012, John took to the stage with the help of some friends to play a little “gameshow” where Cat had to guess the letters. It was soon after John came up to Cat on one knee. The entire crowd erupted – as a witness I can say it was a truly beautiful, love-filled day!


Well it’s been over a year since that lovely night and since the family has welcomed little William Lysander into their lives as well as produced half of their documentary, reality show “Sovereign Living”. Life has been fast paced, but these dedicated activists are taking the weekend to exchange vows with their friends and family…but of course not the state!

Join the entire crew of Sovereign Living in congratulating these two committed hearts on their wedding day. May their loyalty to the cause of liberty also show in their relationship with eachother, and may their family blossom with opportunity! Aliana and William have some wonderful role models for their own personal journeys in the future, and this ceremony will be a wonderful way to honor that!

If you would like to send a gift to the couple on their special day, they have selflessly requested you send a donation to the show’s Indie Gogo Campaign. It’s so easy to contribute and would warm John and Cat’s heart. Since we like to avoid the state as much as possible, consider donating in Bitcoin. It’s simple and we with today’s price almost hitting $900 – share some stateless love towards the bride and groom!  Donations go straight to the post-production of the next three episodes! If you haven’t seen Episode One, it’s public and you shouldn’t wait any longer: http://igg.me/at/sovereignliving/x/310959 (second video down on the page!)

The cast and crew will be busy celebrating, camping and exchanging vows, so make sure you tune in to SovereignLiving.com for updates! We’ll have pictures from the ceremony soon! Donate to Sovereign Living and help us reach our goal – dedicate your donation to the newlyweds!

Bitcoin Celebration Week – Bitcoin donations welcome!

This week, Sovereign Living celebrates Bitcoin!

For immediate release 11/17/13

Contact: johnbush@centerfornaturalliving.org


It’s no secret that Bitcoin is a force to be reckoned with. Join us this week as we celebrate one of the best ways to transcend centralized institutions.

This week only, Bitcoin donations made to Sovereign Living will receive a sneak peek of never before seen footage from Episode 4 (all about alternative currency), plus a special shout out on social media and our blog (we’d love to highlight your Bit businesses as well).  Here’s a special video for everyone to enjoy this week; welcome our first Bitcoin PSA that will be featured in Episodes throughout the season:

We’ve added a new perk to help others get educated on BTC. Donations of $100 get an hour-long consultation about Bitcoin with co-star John Bush. He’ll help you set up your wallet and get you going!

Why Bitcoin?

Sovereign Living’s goal is to detach from centralized institutions and find a plausible way to lead a voluntary and natural life. Bitcoin by definition is a crypto-currency that is completely decentralized. It functions free from government intervention (not saying it’s counter parts are immune to the man) and allows for voluntary exchange across borders, towns, and various businesses. It’s also a wonderful way for us to grow our farm. So help out by donating to our Indie Gogo Campaign.

How can you donate?

It’s a simple process – yet another perk of Bitcoin. We ask that you visit our Bitcoin Donation Page, fill out the form and send along your donation. You’ll be contacted shortly after to confirm your donation. The following week you’ll see a special message from us in your inbox containing TOP SECRET footage of Episode 4. Please keep it to yourself…guard it like it’s the password to your BlockChain Wallet.

Make sure to fill out every part of the form so we can ensure you receive the correct perk from Indie Gogo.

Bitcoin companies and educators are encouraged to donate and share your business with us so we can highlight you…a great opportunity to gain exposure and help a like-minded project. A special shout out to Erik Voorhees a wonderful supporter and CEO of Coinapult. His Bitcoin donation has earned him a special place in our hearts, and he also has an awesome cameo in the show!

Bring on the Bitcoin this week and help Sovereign Living hit our $50K goal on Indie Gogo: http://SovereignLiving.TV



Have a friend who reviews film? LOVES indie media? Has a blog? Please share Sovereign Living with them.

I’ve attached here a press release you can share with any friends you have in national and local media. If they love independent art and film, I have a feeling they’ll go nuts over the show. It takes nothing but a swift copy & paste to send them the information.

Thanks for your support:

For immediate release 11/13/13
Contact: johnbush@centerfornaturalliving.org

Austin, TX – The Blush Family has taken on the serious task of building a sustainable home and future, separating themselves from centralized institutions and building a sovereign community. Through the new non-profit, The Center for Natural Living comes Sovereign Living: The show. They have set out with the ambitious goal of 50% food, energy and water “freedom” by the end of the first season. They have a long way to go, but their recent batch of eggs from their 20 or so odd chickens helped them move forward.

Most people look at the “homesteading” and “off the grid” movements with a weary eye. They think it’s people who want to be cut off from society to be left to their own devices out in the middle of the woods. This reality series proves this myth wrong. Co-Star, John Bush expressed:

“Community is the most important part of this project. Finding volunteers, other farms to barter with and social gatherings to constantly learn and enjoy ourselves has been the most rewarding part”

Sovereign Living is working with a new production company called Karmakaze Productions, located in Austin. A common review of the show is that it is “TV ready”. As an indie show, within such a niche audience, you don’t expect to see the amazing lighting, the cinematography and really unique editing. It’s a full package with meaningful content and great visuals.

The series recently released its pilot episode to the public on Youtube and the reactions so far are favorable and followers are asking for more. Episodes 2 and 3 are available, but the catch is you have to donate to their Indie Gogo campaign to unlock the private link. It’s a worthy cause to contribute to. The money goes towards post-production costs for Episodes 4-6.

This reality series is one of a kind. Not only is the family living sustainably and not relying on centralized institutions to provide for themselves, they are also not depending on Hollywood to carry their torch. Their plans are to go totally independent with distribution. John Bush has commented on being approached by production companies, but nothing has matured yet.

It’s important to the cast, crew and followers to salvage the message in the series, which revolves around voluntary exchange and peaceful lifestyles. In one episode they even refuse to call the police over a neighborhood dispute over their possessions being stolen, instead attempt to handle it with peaceful conversation.

It’s an admirable goal and the production quality of this show is what is turning heads. The cast and crew are holding the first ever Center for Natural Living meeting on November 23rd where they hope to gather more local support in Austin and also screen Episodes 1-3 after the meeting has closed. All are encouraged to attend.


John Bush on The Peter Schiff Show!

Peter asked if this was for people who want reality show entertainment or if this is for those seriously interested in learning how to pull off this lifestyle. The best part about Sovereign Living is…IT’S BOTH! Check out the full interview with New York Times Best Selling Author, Peter Shiff:

Want to host a member of the cast on your radio program? Contact us today marketingPR@SovereignLiving.com – we’d love to share with your audience the wonderful strides we are making!

John Bush and Cat Bleish talk Sovereign Living and Voluntaryism on Coast to Coast AM

On October 12th, 2013, John Bush and Catherine Bleish of Sovereign Living the Reality Show were on Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells. Topics discussed included sovereign living, self-sufficiency, prepping, alternative institutions, natural health, alternative currencies, and the ills of the U.S. Constitution.

They also chat about Sovereign Living the Reality show which is being produced by the Center for Natural Living.