Indie Gogo Update #7 in front of the church we got married in!

Behind us stands the historical Texana Church where we exchanged vows this past weekend. We enjoyed a stateless wedding with family and friends. It was perfect! Now it’s time to move and shake on our last 9 days of our Indie Gogo Campaign! Help us raise funds for the next batch of Sovereign Living episodes! We need you…donate on our Indie Gogo page or send us a Bitcoin donation.

Special note: today for every $20 donated, Indie Gogo will donate a dollar! #givingTuesday

The Blush Family Wedding: Send a wedding gift to the Indie Gogo Campaign!

If you’ve been following the project, I’m sure you saw the adorable proposal that star of Sovereign Living, John Bush, put together! At PorcFest 2012, John took to the stage with the help of some friends to play a little “gameshow” where Cat had to guess the letters. It was soon after John came up to Cat on one knee. The entire crowd erupted – as a witness I can say it was a truly beautiful, love-filled day!


Well it’s been over a year since that lovely night and since the family has welcomed little William Lysander into their lives as well as produced half of their documentary, reality show “Sovereign Living”. Life has been fast paced, but these dedicated activists are taking the weekend to exchange vows with their friends and family…but of course not the state!

Join the entire crew of Sovereign Living in congratulating these two committed hearts on their wedding day. May their loyalty to the cause of liberty also show in their relationship with eachother, and may their family blossom with opportunity! Aliana and William have some wonderful role models for their own personal journeys in the future, and this ceremony will be a wonderful way to honor that!

If you would like to send a gift to the couple on their special day, they have selflessly requested you send a donation to the show’s Indie Gogo Campaign. It’s so easy to contribute and would warm John and Cat’s heart. Since we like to avoid the state as much as possible, consider donating in Bitcoin. It’s simple and we with today’s price almost hitting $900 – share some stateless love towards the bride and groom!  Donations go straight to the post-production of the next three episodes! If you haven’t seen Episode One, it’s public and you shouldn’t wait any longer: (second video down on the page!)

The cast and crew will be busy celebrating, camping and exchanging vows, so make sure you tune in to for updates! We’ll have pictures from the ceremony soon! Donate to Sovereign Living and help us reach our goal – dedicate your donation to the newlyweds!

Bitcoin Celebration Week – Bitcoin donations welcome!

This week, Sovereign Living celebrates Bitcoin!

For immediate release 11/17/13



It’s no secret that Bitcoin is a force to be reckoned with. Join us this week as we celebrate one of the best ways to transcend centralized institutions.

This week only, Bitcoin donations made to Sovereign Living will receive a sneak peek of never before seen footage from Episode 4 (all about alternative currency), plus a special shout out on social media and our blog (we’d love to highlight your Bit businesses as well).  Here’s a special video for everyone to enjoy this week; welcome our first Bitcoin PSA that will be featured in Episodes throughout the season:

We’ve added a new perk to help others get educated on BTC. Donations of $100 get an hour-long consultation about Bitcoin with co-star John Bush. He’ll help you set up your wallet and get you going!

Why Bitcoin?

Sovereign Living’s goal is to detach from centralized institutions and find a plausible way to lead a voluntary and natural life. Bitcoin by definition is a crypto-currency that is completely decentralized. It functions free from government intervention (not saying it’s counter parts are immune to the man) and allows for voluntary exchange across borders, towns, and various businesses. It’s also a wonderful way for us to grow our farm. So help out by donating to our Indie Gogo Campaign.

How can you donate?

It’s a simple process – yet another perk of Bitcoin. We ask that you visit our Bitcoin Donation Page, fill out the form and send along your donation. You’ll be contacted shortly after to confirm your donation. The following week you’ll see a special message from us in your inbox containing TOP SECRET footage of Episode 4. Please keep it to yourself…guard it like it’s the password to your BlockChain Wallet.

Make sure to fill out every part of the form so we can ensure you receive the correct perk from Indie Gogo.

Bitcoin companies and educators are encouraged to donate and share your business with us so we can highlight you…a great opportunity to gain exposure and help a like-minded project. A special shout out to Erik Voorhees a wonderful supporter and CEO of Coinapult. His Bitcoin donation has earned him a special place in our hearts, and he also has an awesome cameo in the show!

Bring on the Bitcoin this week and help Sovereign Living hit our $50K goal on Indie Gogo: http://SovereignLiving.TV



Have a friend who reviews film? LOVES indie media? Has a blog? Please share Sovereign Living with them.

I’ve attached here a press release you can share with any friends you have in national and local media. If they love independent art and film, I have a feeling they’ll go nuts over the show. It takes nothing but a swift copy & paste to send them the information.

Thanks for your support:

For immediate release 11/13/13

Austin, TX – The Blush Family has taken on the serious task of building a sustainable home and future, separating themselves from centralized institutions and building a sovereign community. Through the new non-profit, The Center for Natural Living comes Sovereign Living: The show. They have set out with the ambitious goal of 50% food, energy and water “freedom” by the end of the first season. They have a long way to go, but their recent batch of eggs from their 20 or so odd chickens helped them move forward.

Most people look at the “homesteading” and “off the grid” movements with a weary eye. They think it’s people who want to be cut off from society to be left to their own devices out in the middle of the woods. This reality series proves this myth wrong. Co-Star, John Bush expressed:

“Community is the most important part of this project. Finding volunteers, other farms to barter with and social gatherings to constantly learn and enjoy ourselves has been the most rewarding part”

Sovereign Living is working with a new production company called Karmakaze Productions, located in Austin. A common review of the show is that it is “TV ready”. As an indie show, within such a niche audience, you don’t expect to see the amazing lighting, the cinematography and really unique editing. It’s a full package with meaningful content and great visuals.

The series recently released its pilot episode to the public on Youtube and the reactions so far are favorable and followers are asking for more. Episodes 2 and 3 are available, but the catch is you have to donate to their Indie Gogo campaign to unlock the private link. It’s a worthy cause to contribute to. The money goes towards post-production costs for Episodes 4-6.

This reality series is one of a kind. Not only is the family living sustainably and not relying on centralized institutions to provide for themselves, they are also not depending on Hollywood to carry their torch. Their plans are to go totally independent with distribution. John Bush has commented on being approached by production companies, but nothing has matured yet.

It’s important to the cast, crew and followers to salvage the message in the series, which revolves around voluntary exchange and peaceful lifestyles. In one episode they even refuse to call the police over a neighborhood dispute over their possessions being stolen, instead attempt to handle it with peaceful conversation.

It’s an admirable goal and the production quality of this show is what is turning heads. The cast and crew are holding the first ever Center for Natural Living meeting on November 23rd where they hope to gather more local support in Austin and also screen Episodes 1-3 after the meeting has closed. All are encouraged to attend.


John Bush on The Peter Schiff Show!

Peter asked if this was for people who want reality show entertainment or if this is for those seriously interested in learning how to pull off this lifestyle. The best part about Sovereign Living is…IT’S BOTH! Check out the full interview with New York Times Best Selling Author, Peter Shiff:

Want to host a member of the cast on your radio program? Contact us today – we’d love to share with your audience the wonderful strides we are making!

Alex Knight of celebrates Coast to Coast coverage saying "my, how times do change"…

“One of the very first pieces I wrote for STR dealt with the appearance of a well-noted Voluntaryist on one of the most listened-to talk radio programs around.

Marc Stevens’s 2006 appearance on Coast to Coast Live – at the time, a subsidiary show of the famed Coast to Coast AM, with a much earlier broadcasting slot on Saturday nights and about 70% of the listenership, hosted by the now-retired Ian Punnett – was, as you can tell from my previously published article, not very well received by the Coast cast (though it universally was by every one of that evening’s callers). Marc himself gave me some of the less-than-admirable behind the scenes details, which I won’t repeat here, but I will tell you that both Punnett and George Noory read my article at the time, and were not at all pleased. In fact, Noory was so perturbed by even the mild constructive criticism present in my write-up that he blocked me from ever e-mailing him again. So much for truth in media.

But my, how times do change. And radio hosts, too. As of last night, at the time of this writing, John B. Wells had voluntaryists John Bush and Catherine Bleish on the program for a full four hours, to discuss strategies for sovereign living – in essence, the transition to a zero-government voluntary society…”       …CONTINUE READING! 

Thanks again Alex for covering this amazing experience and exposure for our project!

A listener of our Coast to Coast interview weighs in on the education system…

We were contacted by many new fans and intrigued listeners after our interview on Coast to Coast. Craig Williams took the time to reach out and put into words, what many people can’t when it comes to the education system in America. Thanks for reaching out Craig and we’re happy we found an awesome new supporter like you!

“We live in a world today that clingsto and enforces an obsolete education system severely outgrown by our infinitely-unfolding consciousness. This is an unfortunate hindrance not only on the basis of individual growth, but also on the contingent evolution of mankind, itself. 

Observing this system, we can recognize the system is robbing children of being taught the fundamentals of human life and the unlimited potential to create and experience. The system has been cleverly cloaked in a disguise as the most beneficial approach to collectively instilling knowledge; while obtaining a blind acceptance of the “necessary” tools and attitudes. All the while using tools such as: instilling fear, abusing authority, misinformation, separatism and competitiveness.  

Placing each individual into a generalized mold that feeds an archaic system has proven time and again to fall short for the human race.”

Feel free to copy and paste Craig’s quote, but be sure to link back to our Sovereign Living Blog. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the interview on Coast to Coast, check it out here. 

Introducing an exciting new addition to Sovereign Living: "Sovereign Living's Tip of the Week"!

The show covers the Blush Family’s quest to become self-sufficient, but we want to make sure we are sharing all our tricks of the trade along the way! The blog provides you with great recipes, advice, and stories and insight from other related projects/news, and now every week we will be providing you with a “Tip of the Week” ranging from gardening tips to how to keep your water safe. Celebrate with us by sharing our debut video today!

Here’s some other combinations!

Thanks for watching! We’ll be back next week…

The West Coast-Liberty Event of the Year Hosts Sovereign Living!

Libertopia’s theme this year is “Living free in an unfreeworld”, and he Blush Family is putting this theme to the test with the reality program Sovereign Living. One of Libertopia’s main events this year will be a sneak peek screening of the first three episodes of Sovereign Living – a glimpse into a real family’s journey to a voluntary lifestyle!

“The Sovereign Living reality TV series is perhaps the most important and  first serious attempt to reach a mainstream audience with the ideals of Voluntaryism, peace, and empowerment from government institutions. We are proud to screen the first 3 episodes at Libertopia” – Libertopia organizer, Sky Conway

Libertopia is taking place this year in San Diego, CA at the Town and Country Resort August 30th to September 2nd. What better way to enjoy your long weekend than with like-minded friends and incredible educational opportunities?! On Saturday and Sunday join John Bush, Cat Bleish (and their adorable kiddos) for screenings of the show during lunch! It will be the first time that Episode 1 will be seen in its final stage.

This twelve-episode series is a project of The Center for Natural Living 501c3 and produced by Karmakaze Productions. This project requires around the clock dedication to the philosophy of liberty, whether it be gardening, peaceful parenting, community defense, outreach, and more. Attendees are encouraged to look into ways they can help the show garner the support it needs to touch lives across the world. Consider contributing to the project. There are several ways you can help and some rewarding gifts the cast and crew would like to offer in return!

So join the Blush Family on Saturday and Sunday during lunch at Libertopia to check out the show and engage in a Q&A afterwards. The aspirations are set high and for good reason, this project has already proven to be an absolute success! Any questions about the event? Visit!