Tip of the Week #4 – "No Poo Shampooing"

Wow, what a weekend for Sovereign Living! I was so excited to create this week’s Tip of the Week after seeing last week’s video receive over 2,000 views! Our movement of Sovereign Living is growing, so keep sharing our videos and visit SovereignLiving.TV to watch Episode 1 of the show.

This week we tackle a new, easy way to wash your hair that doesn’t require a ton of money or time! Check out the wonders you can do for your hair with just baking soda and apple cider vinegar in this week’s Tip of the Week!

Once again don’t be afraid to use a little extra baking soda and cleanse that hair! Don’t be afraid of the vinegar smell either, it fades quickly and almost smells a bit fruity from the apples! Thanks for watching…until next week…

Make Your Own Laundry Powder by Lea Harris of Nourishing Treasures

This is an article republished from www.nourishingtreasures.com with permission!

I’ve been making my own laundry powder since my daughter was a baby almost eight years ago. Since I was washing cloth diapers, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t washing them in chemical-laden laundrydetergent. This method was so successful, I began using it on our clothes as well, and haven’t looked back since!

It is really easy to make your own laundry powder, and it isn’t expensive at all. You can find all the supplies you need right at Wal*Mart (washing soda, tea tree oil)- so they aren’t hard to locate, either!

So first, grab your supplies:

Since I no longer store my food in plastic containers, I used a Tupperware Bagel Keeper for my laundry powder. It is nice and square and deep with an easy flip-top lid. I am not sure if they still sell them, but you can use just about anything. Although I like using mason jars for so many things, glass in the laundry room isn’t something I want to risk.

Lea’s Laundry Powder Recipe

1. Dump a whole box of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda in your container:

2. Next, add 20 drops of tea tree oil, and 15 drops lavender oil if you’re using.

3. Add the second box of washing soda. Mix well. I like to close the lid, flip upside-down and and shake to mix well. The oils may clump, so you’ll want to open it when you’re done mixing and check for lumps – if you find any, smash them with a spoon to break them down.

That’s it!

I use 1 TBSP Lea’s Laundry Powder per load of laundry. That’s it! I do have a front-loading washing machine, so you may need to double it for top-loaders.

View original article here!

Organizing Our Lives

Since having Aliana just over a year ago our lives have become rather chaotic.  Our dishes are rarely done, our clean clothes lay piled on the couch in our room and our dirty clothes piled on the floor in front of the washer.  With cloth diapers I feel like I am drowning in laundry and I know we have to figure out a good routine before baby number two arrives, or we are doomed!

I’ve been spending some time reading up on the FlyLady.net method of home organization.  My only issue with *really* getting started has been a few months of morning sickness that really set me behind every morning.   I am getting sick fewer and fewer days each week and I am excited to get back into a morning routine!!!

Believe it or not, at one point I maintained a really fabulous morning routine that began around 7am and included time outside in the garden, breakfast, coffee, meditation, yoga, and feeding the chickens.  Then I had a baby and I lost track of anything but her.  I am craving routine again and craving time to be creative and productive, so I have decided I WILL change the way we live before the next baby arrives.

For me, this means several things.

1. Hiring Help.  We went ahead and hired a company to come detail our house every two weeks.  Trying to maintain a small chicken farm, a thriving garden, raising children and pursuing personal goals is just not possible if I’m also the sole person responsible for household chores.  What I LOVE about expecting them every other Wednesday is that every other Tuesday is my deadline for having all surfaces clutter-free (ie: laundry put away, dishes done, table cleared, all toys picked up, etc…).

I have also set the goal of having the house more organized every-time they show up, this means the Tuesdays I am not prepping for their impending arrival, I spend weeding out closets, sorting through piles, setting up new furniture and getting our house in order.  Trust me, its a huge task.  We have piles of boxes and bags to sort through in every room!  This leads to item number two.

2. De-Cluttering the house.  John had boxes and boxes of stuff that he moved from apartment to house to house and never unpacked before moving here.  Combing his massive amount of stuff with with I already had and what we’ve acquired since moving in together has resulted in a massive amount of stuff and no where to put it all. I realize, and FlyLady.net, affirms that this is the main source of our household chaos.

I have been tackling one room at a time and systematically weeding things out.  I’m keeping things that are high in quality, things we USE regularly, and getting rid of everything else.  It feels great to hand of no longer needed baby items to friends that are expecting and clothes to thrift stores and toys to children’s charities.  It also feels great to see a pile of trash bags waiting to be hauled away.  Yesterday and today I have been tackling the kitchen.  I am so excited bout my new cupboard organization that I just may post pictures when I’m done 😀

3. Developing routine.  This means daily, weekly and monthly routines that help ensure everyone in the household has the time and energy to do the things that make them feel fulfilled while also doing the things that have to be done to maintain a household. FlyLady.net discusses in detail her routine that works for her.  I’m taking her model and tweaking it for our family.

She suggests developing a morning and evening routine that you do every day.  The evening is for cleaning up the day and preparing for the next, the morning is for gearing up for the day and getting everything started on a good foot.  To do this I found a daily checklist that I printed out.  Tonight I’m going to hand write what I’d like to try as my routine and make copies to use the next week.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Daily checklist morning/evening: http://organizedhome.com/printable/household-notebook/daily-do-it-checklist

Next I wanted a place to organize my long term tasks that I don’t want to slip between the cracks.  For this I printed out several copies of a “Master Checklist”.  I hope to spend one day every other week dedicated to knocking items off my Master To Do List 😀  (Some of this might become inspiration for an updated vision board!)

Master checklist: http://organizedhome.com/printable/household-notebook/master-do-list

So there is my strategy, I hope it helps you develop yours!