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So, links to a clip of Louis CK talking about cell phones on Conan were floating around a few weeks ago, and I finally took a few minutes to watch. Interesting! And with the topic of mainstream mantras this month, I thought it would be an opportune time to talk about a couple of the ideas he touched on from an unschooling perspective.

First off, in the end, I don’t think it was really about cell phones, though that’s where a lot of the ensuing conversation went, helped along by the title of the youtube clip, Louis CK Hates Cell Phones. As an unschooling parent, my reaction to any parent controlling access to anything, is always going to be, “Oh, be careful with that, it probably won’t work out like you hope.”

Restricting a person’s access to anything makes them all the more curious and intent. It’s human nature to want to explore. His argument is that just because everyone else is mindlessly using cell phones, doesn’t mean his daughters need to as well just to fit in. And I agree, they don’t “have to” have a cell phone just because everyone else seems to have one. But the real and important question is, do they want one? Continue reading “Sharing a great entry from the "Living Joyfully Newsletter" by: Pam Laricchia”

[NEW] Kid's Day coming soon to the Blush Family Farm!

This past Thursday the farm invited a pack of kids, who are on the unschooling path, to enjoy a day at the farm meeting the animals, exploring the plants, and hanging out with each other. This successful kid’s day made it certain the farm needed an official “Kid’s Day” in the coming weeks.

Our Head Volunteer, Paul Davis, will be helping to put on another event, and children from the area are all invited to attend. The next kid’s day will be announced soon, but we can say it will fall on a Thursday – we’ll share more later this week! If you’d like to learn more please contact Paul at:

At the most recent meet-up here at the farm, our friend Michelle brought her son Carl to check things out. Michelle told us that she didn’t realize the impact of the hands-on learning at the farm until she got home to reflect on the day with her son. She had him prepare his daily journal and this is what Carl had to say about the experience:

homeschool book

What a beautiful response from this young man. We are so eager to touch more children’s lives through Kid’s Day at the Blush Family Farm. Next playdate TBA! Thanks again for everyone who made it last week and safe Trick or Treating to all!

Don’t forget to visit our Indie Gogo page to watch Episode 1 and donate to our project!

A listener of our Coast to Coast interview weighs in on the education system…

We were contacted by many new fans and intrigued listeners after our interview on Coast to Coast. Craig Williams took the time to reach out and put into words, what many people can’t when it comes to the education system in America. Thanks for reaching out Craig and we’re happy we found an awesome new supporter like you!

“We live in a world today that clingsto and enforces an obsolete education system severely outgrown by our infinitely-unfolding consciousness. This is an unfortunate hindrance not only on the basis of individual growth, but also on the contingent evolution of mankind, itself. 

Observing this system, we can recognize the system is robbing children of being taught the fundamentals of human life and the unlimited potential to create and experience. The system has been cleverly cloaked in a disguise as the most beneficial approach to collectively instilling knowledge; while obtaining a blind acceptance of the “necessary” tools and attitudes. All the while using tools such as: instilling fear, abusing authority, misinformation, separatism and competitiveness.  

Placing each individual into a generalized mold that feeds an archaic system has proven time and again to fall short for the human race.”

Feel free to copy and paste Craig’s quote, but be sure to link back to our Sovereign Living Blog. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the interview on Coast to Coast, check it out here. 

Unschooling on a Rainy day

Although we are now back to sunshine and upper 80’s and 90’s, rainy days are an excellent opportunity for the whole family to learn about water! The kids particularly like it as an opportunity to learn and play!

During our morning trip out to the front yard garden we saw gray thunder clouds and began talking about rain and where it comes from. Miss Ali danced and played while the first sprinkles hit us, then they took turns with mom running through the downpour from the front porch to the carport.

 Ali in the rain

She learned the way water affects different walking surfaces and where she could run or only walk. She learned about mud, clouds, temperature, how plants need water, how water gathers into streams or puddles, how fabric reacts to rain and how to collect water running off the house.  It was awesome, she was truly alive and loving the experience.

When we came in we warmed up with a hot bath and continued talking about water in the tub.  We then made popcorn and piled pillows from all over the house in the living room to watch a cartoon about the water cycle. We then followed our short film with a dance party to songs we found on youtube with water cycle lyrics. The day isn’t over and we still have plenty of opportunities to discuss water. Making tea, washing our dinner dishes, and changing the laundry are a few opportunities we will have in the next few hours!

Now that I’ve been introduced to unschooling, I look at our day to day lives differently. Today has been truly sensational. Thanks for the rain, Mother Nature! And thanks for the new outlook on life, Rethinking Everything conference!

Joel Salatin: Treating Farm Land with Care

If you’ve had the opportunity to see a sneak peek of Episode One, you’ll know Bardo Farm is a great example of resourcefulness when it comes to their land and entire ecosystem. More specifically they are constantly shuffling pigs from one area to another to keep the ground fertile and organic, and while it looks like a mess, this land yields bountiful amounts of food for the farm.

Joel Salatin, a farm activist and excellent farmer himself, covers the topic of taking care of your land and soil. This not only benefits your output, but it also helps your neighbors and the future of your land.

Dayna Martin is coming to CNY!

By dayna Dayna Martin is coming to Central New York! Dayna Martin will be offering a workshop based on her work as an author, advocate and speaker for Unschooling and peaceful parenting advocate. Dayna has been inspiring others for over a decade with her trust surrounding birth, attachment parenting and Unschooling. Her radical insight into relationships […]

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We found another "fart egg" in the nesting box that has two broody ameraucanas i…

By Frost Homestead

We found another “fart egg” in the nesting box that has two broody ameraucanas in it. We're getting quite a collection! Sometimes pullets lay these tiny eggs. I should have included a quarter for size comparison, they're really small. Come to think of it, for some reason I've never had a marans fart egg. It would be pretty neat to have all different colors. Has anyone else ever found a tiny chicken egg?

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