Learn Nothing Day

Learn Nothing Day is a holiday for unschoolers, who spend every day learning! Obviously this is impossible and the reviews of those celebrating the day are hilarious!

Tonight we will be joining the Austin Unschoolers at the park and splashpad for our Learn Nothing Day Celebration.finalllll-3

Visit SandraDodd.com for all the details, here are some excerpts:


Unschoolers need a holiday.
When people ask if they homeschool in the summer, they say yes. When people ask when they have a break from learning, they say never.

with art and videos
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2008 art (link at bottom for more)

A 2012 report:

We failed.

2010 citations and comments:

Learn Nothing Day, Home Education Resources, UK

Today is Learn Nothing Day, by Rebecca, at Victoria Advocate.com


The Quirks of Unschooling (Ronnie Maier on her blog, and another one later that same day: Tiny tidbits: Learn Nothing Day, Part Trois)


“I just kept on learning just like it was a normal day. No matter how I tried, I just Kept On Learning!” —Annalise, age 6

Learn Nothing Day, Volume Three, Susan Gaissert at The Expanding Life

(two parts of a long list:)~ Tinky learned how to use the dishwasher today. I tried to stop her, but it couldn’t be helped. They just are not cooperating with me today.

~ Techi was playing his “Guy Game” online and was listening to some really cool funk music. I asked him where he got it from. He told me to check out Pandora.com. So now I have learned how to find all my favorite music on Pandora. I’m listening to Frank Morgan he is an Awesome jazz musician. Oops! Now you learned something new. Sorry! —Rana


It was our first time participating in Learn Nothing Day, and I am afraid to say we failed miserably!We started out okay…
we got out of our beds, said good morning to each other and we were peacefully eating our breakfast together… when before I could really even realize what was happening, the girls began explaining tornadoes to Little Buddy! It was not his fault really, he’s only 3 and he just didn’t know better than to be curious about, as he says it, “toynadoes”! At any rate, as you can most likely imagine, it was all downhill from there, learning stalked us all day long, and we never even left the house today!

Oh well… there’s always next year! —Anne Dye, in Italy


“It’s only one day—surely we can slow down for just one day to take it easy and learn absolutely nothing.” 

“Well, we had a plan to stay at home and do nothing for Learn Nothing Day, but by 11am our plan was foiled. My 6yr old son put in a History Channel DVD on the history of steam trains and my 6yr old daughter Wiki’d Annie Oakley and was researching guns, so unfortunately we are all learning something today. They even looked at me like I was a complete reject last night when we discussed the concept of learning nothing today. My daughter said, ‘But mommy, how are we going to learn nothing? That’s just silly!'” —Nina Lee


Parental Intelligence wrote: PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS WEBSITE ON JULY 24!!
Any other day of the year is just fine. 



The Unschooled Toddler, Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a big part of unschooling our children. We try to do a creative project daily for our daughter who loves to draw, paint, glue and be crafty. Sometimes our son joins in, but he frequently find more active things to engage in while she doodles or paints.


We have found that stimulating her desire for creativity has brought her confidence and joy. She loves showing off her work and giving gifts that she has made to others.

The frequent craft projects have not only stimulated her creativity, but her mind. She has learned about texture, color, temperature, time, numbers, and more. The crafts have helped her to develop her fine motor skills amd progress her ability to communicate.

Sovereign Living Uncoinventional Tour

The Sovereign Living team went on a three week Bitcoin-only tour this past month!


Check out the liveblog on Bitcoin Magazine by directing your browser to uncoinventional.com.

We received great media attention onthe journey, including this Yahoo News piece:

Keep your eye on Bitcoin Magazine for the soon to publish trip review!

No Poo Update, 23 Months Later

I had a four month break around the one year mark and my hair did awful on shampoo. I have been back on baking soda plus apple cider vinegar since February and do not see myself ever turning back. My hair is soft, shiny and happy.

Few tips I have learned in these 2 years….

1. If your hair is super greasy, apply the baking soda dry to dry hair while you get ready to shower, then wash and vinegar rinse as you normally would.

2. I have tried mixing with water and pouring, spraying, and a variety of application methods. My favorite now, and the fastest, is get your hair wet, dump a handul of baking soda in your hand, and smear all over, working it into your scalp with your fingers. Add more handfuls until your hair is totally saturated. Quantity is king.

3. I just pour straight apple cider vinegar on my hair, splash splash, work in with fingers, let it sit while I wash my face, then rinse.

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Sneak Peak of Sovereign Living Episode 4 on Alternative Currencies

Sovereign Living is a reality based educational program about the Blush Family (John Bush and Cat Bleish) and their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.

When complete, the first season will include twelve episodes, each of which covering a different aspect of Sovereign Living. From gardening and community defense to natural health and alternative currencies, Sovereign Living aims to educate, entertain, and inspire people to take responsibility for their lives.

Episode Four of Season One takes place at PorcFeat 2013 and is all about alternative currencies, paying special attention to Bitcoin.  At Porcfest, I link up with Erik Voorheess who explains the basics of bitcoin and sets me up with a Bitcoin wallet.  I then use the Bitcoin ATM, talk to people about BTC, inflation, and subjective value, and use BTC at vendor booths.

Here is a sneak peek of a clip we shot for Episode 4:

See Episode One here: http://youtu.be/TZjmcBGsrAs

See our Indigogo Campaign here: http://igg.me/at/sovereignliving/x/4953071

We currently have three episodes produced and are raising funds to produce the next three.  Check out the IndieGogo campaign to help make this vision a reality, pun intended.  BTC donations welcome.

Donate Bitcoin to Sovereign Living: 1Q6UNy7vFNS35sGgGUFJatm51cSa2wFcUn

Peace and Freedom,

John Bush

Co-Star and Executive Producer
John Bush

Thanks to Erik Voorhees for his support of Sovereign Living!
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Tip of the Week #8 – "Free on Craigslist"

So excited about this week’s Tip. It’s so important to stress that when getting off the grid you need to maximize your potential by reusing and recycling. It will not only save you money, but it helps our environment. It’s so easy and rewarding to find furniture and other household items for free online through Craigslist or by the dumpster after a big move-out. People are usually thrilled to get the “junk” off their hands. I know I’ve been that person before!

I know it’s so cliche and over-used but there’s no doubt that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure. Treasure this Tip of the Week and share with friends, encouraging a day-out to find some awesome additions to your household or farm through Craigslist and garage sales! Some people find it as tacky…but we at the farm find it savvy and resourceful so dumpster dive on!

Anyone have any awesome finds from Craigslist? Share on our Faecbook.com/SovereignLivingTV page!

[NEW] Kid's Day coming soon to the Blush Family Farm!

This past Thursday the farm invited a pack of kids, who are on the unschooling path, to enjoy a day at the farm meeting the animals, exploring the plants, and hanging out with each other. This successful kid’s day made it certain the farm needed an official “Kid’s Day” in the coming weeks.

Our Head Volunteer, Paul Davis, will be helping to put on another event, and children from the area are all invited to attend. The next kid’s day will be announced soon, but we can say it will fall on a Thursday – we’ll share more later this week! If you’d like to learn more please contact Paul at: sifu78704@gmail.com

At the most recent meet-up here at the farm, our friend Michelle brought her son Carl to check things out. Michelle told us that she didn’t realize the impact of the hands-on learning at the farm until she got home to reflect on the day with her son. She had him prepare his daily journal and this is what Carl had to say about the experience:

homeschool book

What a beautiful response from this young man. We are so eager to touch more children’s lives through Kid’s Day at the Blush Family Farm. Next playdate TBA! Thanks again for everyone who made it last week and safe Trick or Treating to all!

Don’t forget to visit our Indie Gogo page to watch Episode 1 and donate to our project!

Is Having Kids Taboo?

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.50.17 PM

Here is a really interesting article I recently came across about the anti-children culture that seems to be prevalent in society:


Do you think there is something wrong with having “too many kids”? Or maybe even having kids in general? If not something wrong, is it something you want to do, or do you have objections to having children? What do you feel about having children overall?

I know that my public school experience and the culture I grew up in made it seem like a negative thing for me to have children. The sentiment seemed to tend towards being anti-having kids as opposed to showing having children as a wonderful thing to strive towards. From sex-ed which preached abstention, showed pictures of STDS, and played videos showing the struggles of teen parents, to the promiscuity laden Brittany Spears videos (and the rest of the Disney bunch), MTV, and mainstream television, it seemed everywhere I turned having babies and settling down seemed like a bad idea. There was also ridicule and ostracism that came with being young and pregnant, which I suspect is a product of the sex ed and mainstream media. It’s no wonder so many seem to be uninterested or even opposed to the notion of having children. The emphasis on promiscuity in modern culture, coupled with the programming against having kids, and it makes sense there’s such a high prevalence of abortion these days, something the article gets in to as well.

To be honest, when Catherine and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, Aliana, we were pretty much clueless as to what to expect. Thankfully we had a strong network of family and friends, the internet, and of course we hooked up with most kick-ass midwife around, Marimikel Potter. But seriously, they don’t really teach you the ins and outs of child rearing in public school or through mainstream media and art. In school, the only class remotely dealing with childbirth and child rearing is home economics and some health classes. But even then, the health class is focussed is on STDs not the process of pregnancy and the home economics involved carrying around a sack of flower or a dummy baby that cries and pees, leaving out all the great stuff that comes with babies like snuggles and coos. Where is the instruction on birthing options or breast feeding, or what it really takes economically to raise a child. Nothing.

Cat put it best when she said the emphasis these days is on protecting people from getting pregnant or catching STDs so they can safely be promiscuous rather than creating a culture where people are intimate with only those they feel are capable of raising their children or at least with those they know for certain will not share an infectious disease with them. Why is that not the direction things are going? I know in my life, promiscuity and “getting laid” was seen as virtuous and the thing to do when my buddies and I would head downtown to party. Why is it cooler to have sex with random people than to focus on growing one’s self and finding a life partner whom you can truly connect with and trust to be a good parent?

These are some of my thoughts on the subject. What are yours?

Maybe next time, we’ll go deeper down the rabbit hole and explore the role the UN and the social engineering elite play in furthering the anti-child culture. But for now, I’ll leave you to read the article posted above……..


Please leave your comments below and we can have a conversation.

Alex Knight of Strike-the-root.com celebrates Coast to Coast coverage saying "my, how times do change"…

“One of the very first pieces I wrote for STR dealt with the appearance of a well-noted Voluntaryist on one of the most listened-to talk radio programs around.

Marc Stevens’s 2006 appearance on Coast to Coast Live – at the time, a subsidiary show of the famed Coast to Coast AM, with a much earlier broadcasting slot on Saturday nights and about 70% of the listenership, hosted by the now-retired Ian Punnett – was, as you can tell from my previously published article, not very well received by the Coast cast (though it universally was by every one of that evening’s callers). Marc himself gave me some of the less-than-admirable behind the scenes details, which I won’t repeat here, but I will tell you that both Punnett and George Noory read my article at the time, and were not at all pleased. In fact, Noory was so perturbed by even the mild constructive criticism present in my write-up that he blocked me from ever e-mailing him again. So much for truth in media.

But my, how times do change. And radio hosts, too. As of last night, at the time of this writing, John B. Wells had voluntaryists John Bush and Catherine Bleish on the program for a full four hours, to discuss strategies for sovereign living – in essence, the transition to a zero-government voluntary society…”       …CONTINUE READING! 

Thanks again Alex for covering this amazing experience and exposure for our project!

John Bush and Cat Bleish talk Sovereign Living and Voluntaryism on Coast to Coast AM

On October 12th, 2013, John Bush and Catherine Bleish of Sovereign Living the Reality Show were on Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells. Topics discussed included sovereign living, self-sufficiency, prepping, alternative institutions, natural health, alternative currencies, and the ills of the U.S. Constitution.

They also chat about Sovereign Living the Reality show which is being produced by the Center for Natural Living.