Fun activities for the kids: Flower Power Craft!

Yesterday was Aliana’s birthday and she was so was blessed to receive a massive amount of craft supplies at her party.  Today she was too worn out to attend our weekly unschool meetup (they made hula hoops today), so we had a DIY craft time at home!

 pom pom flowers

What you are looking at is a Flower Power Centerpiece made with tie died pom poms hot glued to craft sticks that we painted green (the flowers are glued together). We added small poms to embellish the glass jar and wa-la, you have a perfect hand eye coordination activity that results in a display ready craft! What a great way to get those toddlers working on fine motor skills at home! [Remember to always help your wee ones with the hot glue gun]

Unschooling on a Rainy day

Although we are now back to sunshine and upper 80’s and 90’s, rainy days are an excellent opportunity for the whole family to learn about water! The kids particularly like it as an opportunity to learn and play!

During our morning trip out to the front yard garden we saw gray thunder clouds and began talking about rain and where it comes from. Miss Ali danced and played while the first sprinkles hit us, then they took turns with mom running through the downpour from the front porch to the carport.

 Ali in the rain

She learned the way water affects different walking surfaces and where she could run or only walk. She learned about mud, clouds, temperature, how plants need water, how water gathers into streams or puddles, how fabric reacts to rain and how to collect water running off the house.  It was awesome, she was truly alive and loving the experience.

When we came in we warmed up with a hot bath and continued talking about water in the tub.  We then made popcorn and piled pillows from all over the house in the living room to watch a cartoon about the water cycle. We then followed our short film with a dance party to songs we found on youtube with water cycle lyrics. The day isn’t over and we still have plenty of opportunities to discuss water. Making tea, washing our dinner dishes, and changing the laundry are a few opportunities we will have in the next few hours!

Now that I’ve been introduced to unschooling, I look at our day to day lives differently. Today has been truly sensational. Thanks for the rain, Mother Nature! And thanks for the new outlook on life, Rethinking Everything conference!