Rethinking Everything Days Three and Four – Playing, Learning and Growing

I am so far behind updating about my experience about Rethinking Everything, that I decided to post the final two days in one post.

Our third day was great, we opened with a family intention circle, something I learned about from Nova, a road schooler who I have a lot of respect for. The intention model we utilized was sitting in a circle, each person saying what they are grateful for, then saying what we want or hope for the day.  After each person has gone, you take 3 deep breathes as a group, then do 3 “oms” as a group. This is something we have tried to do on a daily basis since discovering the process.  It helps you to set your day off right, so you can support each other’s goals.

This day we had ZERO presentations, so we took a slow relaxing day.  There was a really fun bizarre bizarre where kids and adults sold items they had created. I got some knit wrist warmers (gloves with no fingers) and got Aliana an awesome green tape bag with a painted Rock Lobster inside.  Watching the kids create art so they could run a micro business was adorable and really exciting to see.

The kids raced through the hall, cruising around on the riding toys from Kids’ Village. When Aliana got rug burn on her tow, some kind mothers helped supply her with bandaids.  She completely forgot about the boo-boo when she heard the teen dance taking place in the cafeteria.  Of course, we busted in and danced our little hearts out.  Bill had a blow out all over our friend, Ellen, which I felt bad about but still found funny :p

It was a great day!  John attended the dad’s circle (SUDs – Society of Unschooling Dads).  He said it was great connecting to the group of dad’s on a similar journey.

The last full day we had two presentations – one was Bitcoin and Unschooling, John presented that and the crowd LOVED it.  We introduced the idea of the “uncoin”, a crypto currency for unschoolers, build on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain.  The second presentation was DIY Advocacy, I presented this one.  It wasn’t as well attended as the other 3 presentations we did, but it was dynamic none-the-less.  See a pic of my marker board in the gallery below.

We went swimming as a family and watched the boat making competition from the pool.  Check out the pics of kiddos making cardboard boats!  Several actually floated with kids in them!!!!


That evening was the family dance.  Aliana was the first one on the dance floor, cutting it up.  She exhausted herself and was asleep by 9pm.  Something that is rare in this family!!!  Before the dance she hung out in the sewing room with some pre-teen girls who made her a fancy skirt.  There is a pic of her getting “measured” by her dress maker, Ruby.

We woke up sad to leave – others were staying for a retreat, but we had to get home.  This Rethinking Everything was yet again life changing.  We came home with a new practice (morning Intention Circles), new and closer friendships, and my daughter learned to beat box.  How cool 😀

Enjoy the photos, we are already excited for next year.




Rethinking Everything, Day Two: Presentations and Reflections

Today our family had two presentations. The first was about unschooling and anarchism. John presented this one solo as miss Aliana was sleeping in after several days of travel. He said the 2 hour talk and interactive conversation went really well, I will post a link to the audio once it is online.

After the first talk we got set up for our Sovereign Living speech and show screening ( Since we had screened episodes 1 and 2 last year, we decided to screen episode 3, all about homebirth and conflict resolution. We are saving episode 4 about alternative currencies for our talk tomorrow, all about Bitcoin.

The Sovereign Living speech went great. We discussed our goal of getting out of all centralized grids, be they food systems, government systems, the electric grids, etc…  The show was recieved very well, and the conversation after was very deep. We talked about taxation and government documents such as Birth Certificates and Drivers Licenses.

After our presentation we took a trip to town for a much needed bite to eat. That resulted in a tired bunch so we retired to our room for a break from all of the RE comotion. Our good friend Antonio was here as aker and he joined us for a few hours of awesome conversation.

The best part of the day was again the last part of the day; A candle lit hike through the woods to a labryinth.  We walked as a family, me holding Aliana and John holding Bill. On our way toward the center Aliana and I talked about some things we both wanted to let go. We discussed the stresses our family has experienced since losing the farm.

Here are the picutres from the day, including the dead bug board! A collection of dead bugs found by kiddos at the event! I love the random jam sessions (yellow submarine was awesome!) And the agorist ventures of hair wraps and massages set up in the lobby!

The Blush Family Wedding: Send a wedding gift to the Indie Gogo Campaign!

If you’ve been following the project, I’m sure you saw the adorable proposal that star of Sovereign Living, John Bush, put together! At PorcFest 2012, John took to the stage with the help of some friends to play a little “gameshow” where Cat had to guess the letters. It was soon after John came up to Cat on one knee. The entire crowd erupted – as a witness I can say it was a truly beautiful, love-filled day!


Well it’s been over a year since that lovely night and since the family has welcomed little William Lysander into their lives as well as produced half of their documentary, reality show “Sovereign Living”. Life has been fast paced, but these dedicated activists are taking the weekend to exchange vows with their friends and family…but of course not the state!

Join the entire crew of Sovereign Living in congratulating these two committed hearts on their wedding day. May their loyalty to the cause of liberty also show in their relationship with eachother, and may their family blossom with opportunity! Aliana and William have some wonderful role models for their own personal journeys in the future, and this ceremony will be a wonderful way to honor that!

If you would like to send a gift to the couple on their special day, they have selflessly requested you send a donation to the show’s Indie Gogo Campaign. It’s so easy to contribute and would warm John and Cat’s heart. Since we like to avoid the state as much as possible, consider donating in Bitcoin. It’s simple and we with today’s price almost hitting $900 – share some stateless love towards the bride and groom!  Donations go straight to the post-production of the next three episodes! If you haven’t seen Episode One, it’s public and you shouldn’t wait any longer: (second video down on the page!)

The cast and crew will be busy celebrating, camping and exchanging vows, so make sure you tune in to for updates! We’ll have pictures from the ceremony soon! Donate to Sovereign Living and help us reach our goal – dedicate your donation to the newlyweds!

Bitcoin Celebration Week – Bitcoin donations welcome!

This week, Sovereign Living celebrates Bitcoin!

For immediate release 11/17/13



It’s no secret that Bitcoin is a force to be reckoned with. Join us this week as we celebrate one of the best ways to transcend centralized institutions.

This week only, Bitcoin donations made to Sovereign Living will receive a sneak peek of never before seen footage from Episode 4 (all about alternative currency), plus a special shout out on social media and our blog (we’d love to highlight your Bit businesses as well).  Here’s a special video for everyone to enjoy this week; welcome our first Bitcoin PSA that will be featured in Episodes throughout the season:

We’ve added a new perk to help others get educated on BTC. Donations of $100 get an hour-long consultation about Bitcoin with co-star John Bush. He’ll help you set up your wallet and get you going!

Why Bitcoin?

Sovereign Living’s goal is to detach from centralized institutions and find a plausible way to lead a voluntary and natural life. Bitcoin by definition is a crypto-currency that is completely decentralized. It functions free from government intervention (not saying it’s counter parts are immune to the man) and allows for voluntary exchange across borders, towns, and various businesses. It’s also a wonderful way for us to grow our farm. So help out by donating to our Indie Gogo Campaign.

How can you donate?

It’s a simple process – yet another perk of Bitcoin. We ask that you visit our Bitcoin Donation Page, fill out the form and send along your donation. You’ll be contacted shortly after to confirm your donation. The following week you’ll see a special message from us in your inbox containing TOP SECRET footage of Episode 4. Please keep it to yourself…guard it like it’s the password to your BlockChain Wallet.

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Bitcoin companies and educators are encouraged to donate and share your business with us so we can highlight you…a great opportunity to gain exposure and help a like-minded project. A special shout out to Erik Voorhees a wonderful supporter and CEO of Coinapult. His Bitcoin donation has earned him a special place in our hearts, and he also has an awesome cameo in the show!

Bring on the Bitcoin this week and help Sovereign Living hit our $50K goal on Indie Gogo: http://SovereignLiving.TV



[NEW] Kid's Day coming soon to the Blush Family Farm!

This past Thursday the farm invited a pack of kids, who are on the unschooling path, to enjoy a day at the farm meeting the animals, exploring the plants, and hanging out with each other. This successful kid’s day made it certain the farm needed an official “Kid’s Day” in the coming weeks.

Our Head Volunteer, Paul Davis, will be helping to put on another event, and children from the area are all invited to attend. The next kid’s day will be announced soon, but we can say it will fall on a Thursday – we’ll share more later this week! If you’d like to learn more please contact Paul at:

At the most recent meet-up here at the farm, our friend Michelle brought her son Carl to check things out. Michelle told us that she didn’t realize the impact of the hands-on learning at the farm until she got home to reflect on the day with her son. She had him prepare his daily journal and this is what Carl had to say about the experience:

homeschool book

What a beautiful response from this young man. We are so eager to touch more children’s lives through Kid’s Day at the Blush Family Farm. Next playdate TBA! Thanks again for everyone who made it last week and safe Trick or Treating to all!

Don’t forget to visit our Indie Gogo page to watch Episode 1 and donate to our project!

[Video] Peaceful Parenting Event at PorcFest 2013

Check out the latest upload from Sovereign Living and see John Bush discuss his personal journey through peaceful parenting. This event took place at the PorcFest in Lancaster, NH…a summer hub for liberty! A big thanks to Red Pill Recording for recording the event. We had quite the inquisitive crowd! Let the message of peaceful parenting spread far and wide!

Libertopia screening had over 60 attendees including film producer, Foster Gamble!

The highlight of our weekend was having producer of Thrive, Foster Gamble, compliment the show. How awesome is that? We also received numerous uplifting compliments about the quality of the show and how much everyone enjoyed it. Libertopia was another positive event to help our team move forward with high spirits and hunger to bring more to our followers.

Our screening was held in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort at 8pm…it was quickly filled with over 60 people, all filing in to check out the sneak peek of Episodes 1-3. Thank you to everyone who made it and a big thanks to the donors who helped us raise $300 at the screening. We even saw some Bitcoin donations! We are so grateful for the support!


Thanks again to Sky Conway for inviting us to screen and for all the support from our new and current followers. Keep sending your thoughts on our Facebook page and share it with your friends!

The West Coast-Liberty Event of the Year Hosts Sovereign Living!

Libertopia’s theme this year is “Living free in an unfreeworld”, and he Blush Family is putting this theme to the test with the reality program Sovereign Living. One of Libertopia’s main events this year will be a sneak peek screening of the first three episodes of Sovereign Living – a glimpse into a real family’s journey to a voluntary lifestyle!

“The Sovereign Living reality TV series is perhaps the most important and  first serious attempt to reach a mainstream audience with the ideals of Voluntaryism, peace, and empowerment from government institutions. We are proud to screen the first 3 episodes at Libertopia” – Libertopia organizer, Sky Conway

Libertopia is taking place this year in San Diego, CA at the Town and Country Resort August 30th to September 2nd. What better way to enjoy your long weekend than with like-minded friends and incredible educational opportunities?! On Saturday and Sunday join John Bush, Cat Bleish (and their adorable kiddos) for screenings of the show during lunch! It will be the first time that Episode 1 will be seen in its final stage.

This twelve-episode series is a project of The Center for Natural Living 501c3 and produced by Karmakaze Productions. This project requires around the clock dedication to the philosophy of liberty, whether it be gardening, peaceful parenting, community defense, outreach, and more. Attendees are encouraged to look into ways they can help the show garner the support it needs to touch lives across the world. Consider contributing to the project. There are several ways you can help and some rewarding gifts the cast and crew would like to offer in return!

So join the Blush Family on Saturday and Sunday during lunch at Libertopia to check out the show and engage in a Q&A afterwards. The aspirations are set high and for good reason, this project has already proven to be an absolute success! Any questions about the event? Visit!




Check out Sovereign Living at Rethinking Everything this weekend! (In Irving, TX)

For immediate release 08/25/13

A veteran to the idea of “free-living”, Rethinking Everything has become a pivotal organization in the unschooling movement. Since 1991 these education reformists have strived to help families reach their full “freedom-potential”, from birth to death, with focus on education, self-design, gentle-parenting and so much more. It’s no wonder Sovereign Living was invited to participate in this year’s conference! As John Bush, co-star of the show said, in regards to the show’s mission:

“We’re trying to lead by example and live in a manner that’s consistent with the ideal [free] society we envision.”

Sovereign Living follows The Blush Family as they detach from central institutions and live as far off the grid as possible – in a reality-style show all can enjoy. Their children, though young, are being brought up in a liberty-filled environment and are, essentially, this conference’s message put into practice. Co-star of the show, John Bush, will be holding four sessions at the conference, one being the airing of Episode 1-3! Other awesome sessions to catch:

  • Anarchism and Radical Unschooling: Two Peas in a Peaceful Pod
  • Sovereign Living: Becoming Self Sufficient and Leading a Voluntary and Natural Life (Friday – 3:30pm)
  • Building Value in a Down Economy: A Family Guide to Alternative Currencies, Entrepeneurship and Voluntary Exchange (Saturday – 3:30pm)

The conference starts August 22nd and runs until the 26th in Irving, TX. To learn more about panel start times, lodging, etc. visit The options are endless on what you can learn and bring home from this event, so do your best to make it all weekend long!

The homeschooling and alternative education network is growing. People want to guide their children away from the downward spiraling school systems in America, give them a chance to achieve goals that are unthinkable in most mainstream classrooms. Sovereign Living plans to play their part in this evolution of education by producing a fun, informative show that walks the walk. If you haven’t checked out the sizzle reel, now’s your chance. If you “rethink everything” you’ll love the opening of the trailer! 😉
Join the exclusive opportunity to see Episodes 1-3 at the Rethinking Everything Conference this weekend in Dallas. The screening begins at 3:30pm on Sunday in the Napa I room. All are welcome to attend. Following the show, the cast will be taking questions from the audience, so stick around for all three episodes.

World Premiere of Sovereign Living Episode Three in Austin, TX on July 27th!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 7.00.46 PM

Join the stars and crew of Sovereign Living: The Show and those who support self-sufficiency and natural living for an outdoor screening of Episodes 1 and 2, and the world premiere of Episode 3!

The event takes place Saturday July 27th from 7 – 10 PM at the Native South Food Park, located at 10106 Manchaca rd.

Sovereign Living: The Show is a reality based 12 episode series that follows the Blush Family in their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.

Episode 1 introduces the Blush Family and explores the importance of self sufficiency while visiting Bardo Farms in Croyden, NH.  In Episode 2, John and Cat search for stateless solutions for the continual conflict occurring with the neighbors across the street.  Episode 3, never before seen by the public, continues the Blush Family’s journey towards self-sufficiency and follows along as they give birth to their second child at home with the help of a midwife.

The event will feature speeches, live music, organic foods, and a fully functional farmers market!

Bring the family and your friends for this fun filled educational, inspirational, and entertaining event.

This will be the first time the Austin audience has seen Episode 1 in it’s final form, first time Episode 2 has been aired in Austin, and the first time Episode 3 has been seen publicly, EVER!

Here’s a preview of what the show is all about:

Facebook Event:

Download the Event Flyer and Poster here: