Agenda 21

Donna Holt of Campaign for Liberty makes an excellent presentation about sustainable development, and how through programs like Agenda 21 and ICLEI that private property can and will be confiscated. This is critical information to get to your representatives in local government. These programs have been implemented in nearly every county in Virginia and across the country. Resource conservation is important, but the programs pushed by the U.N. are criminal and go against the private ownership of any property.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

Austin Chief Sustainability Officer Lucia Athens Affirms Global Population Reduction Agenda


On October 26th, 2010, Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates and John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government went to Austin City Hall to meet Austin’s new Chief Sustainability Officer, Lucia Athens. They asked her about global population reduction as it relates to sustainable development.

Shaw: How do you reconcile the idea of unalienable rights with the goals of sustainability including the Global Biodeversity Assessment Report which calls for an 85 percent reduction in the human population?

Athens: You know, the population issue I think is one of those really difficult ones to navigate, it’s a very difficult topic to navigate in the context of sustainability and issues and programs. Its not an issue that I want to take on.

Bush: You don’t want to take on population reduction. That’s a good thing!

Athens: It just doesn’t seem like a place that’s gonna be a very fruitful place for us to go. I’m much more focused on practical things that we can try to implement in the near term future but also looking at the long term, that’s a very divisive topic.

Bush: You are aware of the population reduction aspects of the sustainable development push from the international level?

Athens: You know its one of many topics. I don’t think it’s the most important area by any means.

Bush: They do at the UN!

Athens: I appreciate what you have to say, I think you’ve got an interesting viewpoint.

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The Austin Comprehensive Plan is Local Agenda 21 in Disguise and the Council Defies the Three Es


3/10/11 – John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government delivers a speech to the Austin City Council on how the the Austin Comprehensive Plan is Local Agenda 21 in disguise and how the city council’s Agenda 21 policies are damaging the Austin economy, promoting unsustainable development, and purveying social inequity.

Fight Agenda 21 in your community!

Cities and town across the country are pushing back and winning!

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John Bush Schools Austin City Council on the Free Market and the Three E's of Agenda 21

1/27/11 – John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government speaks to the Austin City Council about the Three E’s of Agenda 21, the Free Market, and how the Council is defying their own Agenda 21 influenced Vision Statement.

The Council item discussed would take 1 million in grant monies to subsidize “job growth” along the smart growth and regional planning inspired Capital Metro Red Line.

Note the use of the “Dale Carnegie Method” whereby John addresses the Council and Community by speaking in terms of their interests. Austin has severely bought in to the principles of Sustainable Development and the three E’s – Environment, Economy, and Equity. You can greatly influence those in favor of sustainable development by pointing out how the city’s own policies are in defiance of the Three E’s that the council purports to support.

ITEM No. 19

“Approval of this action will authorize the Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office to apply for up to $2,000,000 in Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) grant and up to $8,000,000 in Section 108 Loan Guarantee Assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to commence additional economic development within the Plaza Saltillo Transit Oriented Development District. The grants and loans will be used to create 209 jobs from local Saltillo businesses.”

John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government Exposes Agenda 21 to Austin City Council


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