Alex Knight of celebrates Coast to Coast coverage saying "my, how times do change"…

“One of the very first pieces I wrote for STR dealt with the appearance of a well-noted Voluntaryist on one of the most listened-to talk radio programs around.

Marc Stevens’s 2006 appearance on Coast to Coast Live – at the time, a subsidiary show of the famed Coast to Coast AM, with a much earlier broadcasting slot on Saturday nights and about 70% of the listenership, hosted by the now-retired Ian Punnett – was, as you can tell from my previously published article, not very well received by the Coast cast (though it universally was by every one of that evening’s callers). Marc himself gave me some of the less-than-admirable behind the scenes details, which I won’t repeat here, but I will tell you that both Punnett and George Noory read my article at the time, and were not at all pleased. In fact, Noory was so perturbed by even the mild constructive criticism present in my write-up that he blocked me from ever e-mailing him again. So much for truth in media.

But my, how times do change. And radio hosts, too. As of last night, at the time of this writing, John B. Wells had voluntaryists John Bush and Catherine Bleish on the program for a full four hours, to discuss strategies for sovereign living – in essence, the transition to a zero-government voluntary society…”       …CONTINUE READING! 

Thanks again Alex for covering this amazing experience and exposure for our project!

Path to Freedom, Catherine Bleish. A History Lesson in Liberty Restoration Project and Catherine's Evolution.


Here is our very first Sovereign Living presentation!  This is a special addition in that it gives the history of the Liberty Restoration Project and its founder Catherine Bleish’s evolution from political activist to green thumb.

Learn about her experience with the Ron Paul 2008 machine, state legislative activism, Operation Defuse, and the two arrests that served as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The video cuts off some of the conversation about the solution, but I hope you enjoy this special depiction of the journey 😀

John Bush – The Consitution = Slavery, Agorism = Freedom

In this lecture John Bush discusses his thesis that government with its geographic monopoly on force never has been and never will be about protecting the liberty and property of the people. His controversial opinion is that the Constitution actually created less freedom through a massive expansion of a central government. He argues that this piece of paper does not grant you rights, you have rights inherently as a human being. His vision is to transition to mutually beneficial voluntary societies.

The political is personal when it comes to growing food!

Tonight as I work on a few projects I am watching this speech on farming by Joel Salatin.  John and I are always trying to learn about the different techniques that can be utilized in gardening, chicken rearing and living more independently over all.   I have not been following the food legislation and corresponding grassroots movements since I stepped away from politics.  This speech is quite enlightening.  Enjoy 😀