Sugar Addiction… What Sugar Addiction? My New Lifestyle.

I am so inspired when people I know take ownership of their lives and bodies and decide to change the way they live and how they eat.  My friend Reagen decided to see a nutritionist who helped her find the right supplements and food choices for her body.

Her big issue was sugar, something many of us struggle with.  John used to crave sweets all the time.  After seeing our Natural Path, Dr. Buckley, he realized his body was full of yeast and his cravings were feeding the yeast what they like to eat, sugar!  He went cold turkey and in a month had more energy and fewer cravings.  Since then (1.5 years ago) he has healed his chronic tooth decay issues, as well!

Reagen also reported near immediate results.  Read this blog post where she discusses her progress at one month.  In just a few weeks the following things had changed:

  • Improved Energy
  • Instinctual Better Eating Habits
  • Better Sleep and Rest
  • More Energy

What changes did she make to get these great results so fast?  She cut out sugar, soda, and cut down to one cup of coffee in the am with her high protein breakfast.  She started taking supplements and eating real food.  She made it easy on herself by changing one meal at a time, starting with breakfast.

Read more here.

I hope her story inspires you to make the health changes you need in your life!

Congrats on your success, and THANK YOU for documenting it for the world!!!!

Using Essential Oils

In an effort to take responsibility for our own health, our family has explored many ways to heal and aid our bodies naturally.  One of the natural resources we’ve explored are essential oils.

Here are a few of the uses we have found in our household:

  • Peppermint oil on temple and behind ears for headaches
  • Tea Tree Oil for topical acne relief
  • Lavender Oil for relaxation
  • Eucalyptus Oil in humidifier for sinus congestion
  • Rose oil as a body freshener
  • Calendula oil in a salve for baby diaper cream

I found a great website that lists all sots of uses for essential oils, including specific recipes (

Here is their lists, the hyperlinks take you to their website.

The topic I am interested in exploring is how to make my own infused oils.  I don’t totally understand the different uses, but we can learn together!  Check out this great post by my friend Reagen that describes the difference between infused and essential oils: Not all herbal oils are the same!

And if you’re into trying things on your own, here is a great youtube video Reagen linked to about distilling your own oils at home!

How do you utilize essential oils in your life?

Happy learning!

Bates Method Restored Dr. Mercola's Eyesight

I have been working to cure my eye site with this Bates Method.  His theory is that most eyesite issues are caused by tension in the muscles in our face, head neck, shoulders, back, and chest.  Our high stress society literally affects our vision!

He suggested relaxing your face and body to restore your site.

I’ve had mixed results over the past month using this method, but the truth is I have been slacking on the eye relaxation exercises, but I’ve only had to wear my glasses about four times.  I am thinking about going to acupuncture to help my body, face and eyes relax. founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola wants you to learn how he accidentally learn “Bates method” which led to a series of events that allowed him to improve his eye vision.

The Power of Coconut Oil

Over the past few years I have grown to know and love the power of coconut oil in personal health and hygiene.  Here are a few of the uses we have found in our family:

1. Moisturizer for acne prone skin
Not only does coconut oil keep my face soft and breakout free, but it helps heal any scars I have from my epic acne days.
(Read about how I changed my life to rid my acne here).

2. Super conditioner for damaged and brittle hair
After three summers in the garden without a hat, the Texas sun did some serious damage to my hair.  I have been working diligently to heal it and coconut oil has played a large part.  Leave it on your tips overnight for split end relief.  Fair warning, this will make your hair greasy the next day, so do not do this the day before a big event! (Read about my experience going shampoo free here).

3. Stretch mark prevention and healing
I applied coconut oil diligently during my first pregnancy.  I made it until the due date without stretch marks, but my skin just could not handle the sheer size of my gut any longer and I ended up with purple stretch marks on my hips and lower abdomen.  I have continued to apply coconut oil to these areas after I shower and have watched these stretch marks slowly fade away.  Now, just one year later, my stretch marks are small colorless indentions on my skin that you have to really look to see.  We’ll see how this pregnancy goes!

4. Rash relief for baby
When Aliana broke out in a red, dry, itchy rash after eating a particular brand of strawberry yogurt ( ) we applied coconut oil and witnessed her immediate relief. She stopped itching and the rash faded quickly after application.

5. Diaper cream for baby
In an effort to use more and more raw ingredients and fewer and fewer store bought processed goods, we decided to test the healing powers of coconut oil on Aliana’s rear instead of diaper cream.  The results were astounding.  First of all, the Burt’s Bee’s diaper cream we use creates a potent foul smell when combined with urine, the coconut oil left her smelling fresh all day long.  Additionally, the coconut oil heals any rash she might develop on her tush with only one application!  The Burt’s Bee’s usually took more than one!

6. Lip gloss for parched lips
Sick of eating chemicals all day through your lip gloss?  Have chapped lips?  Coconut oil has you covered!  Not only does coconut oil assist my lips in healing major dryness or sunburn, but it leaves them glossy and shiny without the need to apply lip gloss!  Because of coconut oil’s fast transition from solid to liquid, this may not be possible in the summer as it would make a mess!

7. All over body lotion
Coconut oil leaves you smelling nice and feeling smooth.  Why apply chemicals to your body when mother nature has you covered?  Use mid-day as a refresher oil to stay smelling sweet into the evening!

8. Cuticle Relief
If you garden like me, your fingernails are always seeking special treatment.  Give your cuticles and instant boost by rubbing coconut oil on the base of your nails.  You’ll find dry, cracking skin quickly restores to natural soft beauty!!!

These are just the topical applications of coconut oil that we use in our lives!  Later I will post bout other uses!!

Here is my favorite brand of coconut oil!

PS: None of this is medical advice, just observations and conclusions we’ve drawn from our personal experiences!


Nutritional Solution to Acne Problems.

My acne problems began in high school and became worse into my adulthood. Over the course of a decade I tried every method of solving this problem I could think of.  I took birth control, antibiotics, put on creams that made my face peel off, and makeup that made my skin look way gross.  I tried facial scrubs and washes and toners and creams and essential oils and masks.  Nothing made a difference, I was perpetually broken out and perpetually ashamed of my skin.  Then, I met Dr. Buckley.

Dr. Buckley taught me about my body chemistry and suggested I cut out gluten (wheat, barley and rye) and casein (hormone found in cows milk). It took a year and a half for me to finally stop craving cheese, but the struggle to change my diet was worth the effort.  For the first time in my adult life I have clear skin more often than not.  When I breakout its because of what I eat, plain and simple.

After thousands of dollars on products and a decade of feeling insecure about my skin, I never would have expected the answer to be so simple.  If acne is plaguing your life, try cutting out gluten and/or casein!  You’ll find gluten free cookies are waaaay better than the bad-for-you ones.  I can still eat goat cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese without breaking out – one bite of pizza and everyone I see for a week will know by the welts on my face.

Stop pumping your body with pharmaceuticals and bad food!  Instead, cut out/decrease those food items that negatively effect your body  (casein, gluten, sugar) and pump yourself full of delicious fruits and veggies for lifelong vibrancy and health!  And, of course, don’t forget your vitamins!  Today’s food supply doesn’t provide us with enough nutrients!

(If you try this method and it works, please send before and after photos – if you try and fail, please leave a testimonial in the comments!)

Here are some photos of what my skin looks like when I eat cheese:


Going no-poo.

After hearing the buzz amongst my peers about a shampoo-less method of washing and conditioning your hair, I decided to see if the no-poo method could heal my damaged hair. Today is day thirty and I can honestly say I have never been happier when I look in the mirror or run my fingers through my hair!

I customized a hair treatment plan for myself based on this no-poo method.  Baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil are the only ingredients I have used to care for my hair over the course of one month.  I dilute the baking soda with filtered water, this serves as my shampoo.  I also dilute apple cider vinegar in filtered water, this serves as my conditioner.  Finally, and most rarely,  coconut oil serves as my deep moisturizing treatment.

Here is my testimonial and first blog update.  I will try to let you all know how it goes as time passes along!

The problem: growing up my hair was fine, flat and sometimes greasy. I stopped using conditioner, which helped some, but never solved the problem.  To make matters worse, as an adult I failed to take measures to protect my hair from the Texas sun.  I spent hours unknowingly destroying my hair while i gardened, never considering a hat. This resulted in hair that was not only  fine and  flat, but split and breaking. No matter how frequently it was trimmed, I could not win the battle against split ends.
Attempted Solutions: For a long while I used Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hemp Oil soap to wash my hair.  Even though it is oil based, I found my hair increasingly dry (mostly due to sun exposure). I eventually switched to a coconut oil based shampoo by Cal Ben Soap company that worked great, but could not quench the thirst of my brittle hair.  I used expensive conditioners despite how unstyleable it made my hair.  I stopped using hair ties that caused weak points that later resulted in breakages.  I even stopped using the blow dryer and straightener, but my hair could not find health.

The Solution:  Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Coconut Oil. The first day I tried the no-poo method I trimmed off all the split ends I could find and put coconut oil on the damaged tips of my hair.  I let that soak while I prepared my baking soda/water (replacement shampoo) and my apple cider vinegar/water (replacement conditioner).  I washed my hair with the solutions then blew my hair dry.  I was astonished by how soft my hair suddenly felt.  It also appeared and felt more full.  I still had visible damage so I decided to do an overnight treatment of coconut oil.

The next day my hair was, of course, quite greasy.  Even after another wash and blow dry it remained stringy, but the tips looked much healthier.  I didn’t fret because I was prepared to deal with transitional bad hair days.  In fact, many testimonials I read before trying this method indicated a very greasy hair period as their scalp acclimated to not having the oils stripped daily by commercial shampoos. In my case, I created this by loading it up with oil!

By day three my hair was really starting to look good.  I was already receiving comments from friends and family, asking if I had it cut, or simply telling me it looked nice. The transition has progressed quit smoothly and I truly feel my hair looks better after every wash.  Its day thirty and I have not trimmed my hair since day one, but my ends do not look damaged as they did thirty one days ago. I also find my hair easier to style and manage.  I’m excited to see how it is working out six months from now!

I do plan to do the coconut oil treatment every month, so I will be sleeping with it in my hair tonight.  Hopefully this method of shampooing / conditioning combined with outdoor hat use and plenty of vitamins / minerals will allow me to experience healthy hair for the first time in my adult life!

Here is the photo proof!  The first picture is a dramatization in that I had it zombie-ed out for Halloween.  This style would not have been possible without five months of daily garden work.  Notice how dull it is and how scraggly the ends are (they are literally breaking off).  The second photo is on day three of the no-poo method.  Wait until I take one after all this time!
“Ron Paul Zombies” for Halloween. Dry breaking hair makes great zombie locks!
Day Three of no-poo. Already shiny and healthy looking!