My Wedding Vows to Catherine Inspired by the Eightfold Path of Buddhism

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My vows are inspired by the eightfold path, a Buddhist teaching described as the path that leads to the cessation of suffering and the achievement of self awakening. For my vows I am drawing draw insights from these eight areas of guidance in order to create a lasting marriage full of happiness and free of suffering.

I. Wisdom

1. Right understanding

Four noble truths of a happy marriage:

1. Happy marriages exist
2. There are causal factors that lead to an unhappy relationship
3. There are ways to avoid those factors, and have a happy marriage
4. This is the path to a happy marriage

2. Right intention – I vow to live my life from a place of love and compassion with an informed heart and feeling mind, enabling me to practice letting go of that which causes me suffering.

II. Ethics

3. Right speech – I vow to be truthful and forthright. I vow to be kind and loving in all the words i share with you. When communicating my grievances, i will use Curiosity and compassion, rather than complaining and condemnation.

4. Right action – I vow to always act in a manner that will bring about the most happiness for us as a couple and we as a family. I will always strive to ensure you are never left with an undue burden and you always have help, and help with a smile.

5. Right livelihood – i vow to be a good financial steward for our family, producing enough wealth for us to fulfill our needs and pursue happiness as we see fit, while saving enough to plan for our future and deal with emergencies.

III. Awakening

6. Right effort – I vow to consciously rid my self of those actions and thoughts which take away from our pursuit of a happy marriage and act only in a way that furthers happiness for both of us and our family. I commit myself to fulfilling this path.

7. Right mindfulness – When one is constantly living in the future or the past, they are missing out on the present. I vow to be wholly present during every moment we spend together, what better place to be than enjoying life with my favorite person in the world.

8. Right concentration – Is the goal of the eight fold path. In the individual spiritual sense, right concentration means that through meditation or concentration, one can bring about the cessation of all suffering and ill will and continuously exist in a state of inner tranquility.

The original Sanskrit word for this part of the path is Samma-Samadhi. Samma means right, prefect, or thorough. And samadhi literally means absorption.

Catherine, I vow to give myself to you, to let go of anything and everything that takes away from our tranquility and peace. In fulfilling this path, i will literally cease to be me, and become fully absorbed as part of you, and as you a part of me.

I love you cat. I am grateful the universe has brought us together and we have shared in our love for one another by creating this wonderful family. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Indie Gogo Update #7 in front of the church we got married in!

Behind us stands the historical Texana Church where we exchanged vows this past weekend. We enjoyed a stateless wedding with family and friends. It was perfect! Now it’s time to move and shake on our last 9 days of our Indie Gogo Campaign! Help us raise funds for the next batch of Sovereign Living episodes! We need you…donate on our Indie Gogo page or send us a Bitcoin donation.

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The Blush Family Wedding: Send a wedding gift to the Indie Gogo Campaign!

If you’ve been following the project, I’m sure you saw the adorable proposal that star of Sovereign Living, John Bush, put together! At PorcFest 2012, John took to the stage with the help of some friends to play a little “gameshow” where Cat had to guess the letters. It was soon after John came up to Cat on one knee. The entire crowd erupted – as a witness I can say it was a truly beautiful, love-filled day!


Well it’s been over a year since that lovely night and since the family has welcomed little William Lysander into their lives as well as produced half of their documentary, reality show “Sovereign Living”. Life has been fast paced, but these dedicated activists are taking the weekend to exchange vows with their friends and family…but of course not the state!

Join the entire crew of Sovereign Living in congratulating these two committed hearts on their wedding day. May their loyalty to the cause of liberty also show in their relationship with eachother, and may their family blossom with opportunity! Aliana and William have some wonderful role models for their own personal journeys in the future, and this ceremony will be a wonderful way to honor that!

If you would like to send a gift to the couple on their special day, they have selflessly requested you send a donation to the show’s Indie Gogo Campaign. It’s so easy to contribute and would warm John and Cat’s heart. Since we like to avoid the state as much as possible, consider donating in Bitcoin. It’s simple and we with today’s price almost hitting $900 – share some stateless love towards the bride and groom!¬†¬†Donations go straight to the post-production of the next three episodes! If you haven’t seen Episode One, it’s public and you shouldn’t wait any longer:¬† (second video down on the page!)

The cast and crew will be busy celebrating, camping and exchanging vows, so make sure you tune in to for updates! We’ll have pictures from the ceremony soon! Donate to Sovereign Living and help us reach our goal – dedicate your donation to the newlyweds!

Is Having Kids Taboo?

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Here is a really interesting article I recently came across about the anti-children culture that seems to be prevalent in society:

Do you think there is something wrong with having “too many kids”? Or maybe even having kids in general? If not something wrong, is it something you want to do, or do you have objections to having children? What do you feel about having children overall?

I know that my public school experience and the culture I grew up in made it seem like a negative thing for me to have children. The sentiment seemed to tend towards being anti-having kids as opposed to showing having children as a wonderful thing to strive towards. From sex-ed which preached abstention, showed pictures of STDS, and played videos showing the struggles of teen parents, to the promiscuity laden Brittany Spears videos (and the rest of the Disney bunch), MTV, and mainstream television, it seemed everywhere I turned having babies and settling down seemed like a bad idea. There was also ridicule and ostracism that came with being young and pregnant, which I suspect is a product of the sex ed and mainstream media. It’s no wonder so many seem to be uninterested or even opposed to the notion of having children. The emphasis on promiscuity in modern culture, coupled with the programming against having kids, and it makes sense there’s such a high prevalence of abortion these days, something the article gets in to as well.

To be honest, when Catherine and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, Aliana, we were pretty much clueless as to what to expect. Thankfully we had a strong network of family and friends, the internet, and of course we hooked up with most kick-ass midwife around, Marimikel Potter. But seriously, they don’t really teach you the ins and outs of child rearing in public school or through mainstream media and art. In school, the only class remotely dealing with childbirth and child rearing is home economics and some health classes. But even then, the health class is focussed is on STDs not the process of pregnancy and the home economics involved carrying around a sack of flower or a dummy baby that cries and pees, leaving out all the great stuff that comes with babies like snuggles and coos. Where is the instruction on birthing options or breast feeding, or what it really takes economically to raise a child. Nothing.

Cat put it best when she said the emphasis these days is on protecting people from getting pregnant or catching STDs so they can safely be promiscuous rather than creating a culture where people are intimate with only those they feel are capable of raising their children or at least with those they know for certain will not share an infectious disease with them. Why is that not the direction things are going? I know in my life, promiscuity and “getting laid” was seen as virtuous and the thing to do when my buddies and I would head downtown to party. Why is it cooler to have sex with random people than to focus on growing one’s self and finding a life partner whom you can truly connect with and trust to be a good parent?

These are some of my thoughts on the subject. What are yours?

Maybe next time, we’ll go deeper down the rabbit hole and explore the role the UN and the social engineering elite play in furthering the anti-child culture. But for now, I’ll leave you to read the article posted above……..


Please leave your comments below and we can have a conversation.

A Message to Our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt, From

448509-egypt-protestsMessage to Egyptian protestors – give self-governance a try! It is likely that the next ruler will be just like the rest of them. It may take a while but as Lord Acton said, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You may not be able to have total liberty all across the country, but at least take a couple million of you and create a sustainable and autonomous region or two. What better opportunity than now do you have a chance at experimenting with a radical new way to organize society. Give mutually beneficial voluntary association a try and abandon the old way of coercion, hierarchy, and despair. If democracy is what you desire, explore direct democracy, where the individual chooses if he or she wishes to participate. You may not get another shot at it in a while. Why not try something new? We’ll be watching. Good luck. Peace and Freedom for ALL.