Getting Back to Reality

In 2009 my good friend Brooke Kelley began working on a reality show about our activist movement.  Tonight I was feeling sentimental and watched the whole series again.  I realized that this series documents some of my craziest activist years, ending with the evolution of thought that brought both myself and Brooke back to nature after years of exhausting political activism. I’ve embedded the season finale below and encourage you to at least watch this episode.  If you have the time, start at the beginning and watch the story unfold, I’ve pasted links to each episode below the final episode.

The Liberty Kids move towards a self-sustaining lifestyle. Cat Bleish and John Bush move to a farm. Brooke Kelley finds a temp place off the grid, and makes a special trip to spend time with Cindy Sheehan and starts her venture into the Native American Movement. the Liberty Kids are joined by Liberty on Tour, and it’s a Bitter Sweet ending to a life cycle of politics, and a new start, wherein they begin to actually … live free.

PUZZLED 1: Meet the Liberty Kids

PUZZLED 2: Liberty Kids Formulate a Plan of Action

PUZZLED 3: Liberty Kids Take it to tha Streets

PUZZLED 4: Liberty Kids VS the NeoCons

PUZZLED 5: Liberty Kids Go Mainstream

PUZZLED 6: Liberty Kids Take New York

PUZZLED 7: the Inevitable Evolution of the Liberty Kids

Interview About Natural and Sovereign Parenting

Ernie Handcock of Declare Your Independence Radio Show interviews John Bush and Catherine Bleish about natural and sovereign parenting.  Topics include naturalpathy, breast feeding, midwives, vaccines,voluntary society, etc.


John Bush and Catherine Bleish
Revolution Activists
Texans For Accountable Government (
Foundation for a Free Society (

Accept responsibility, take charge of your life, & make freedom happen

This is a speech I gave last January in Odessa, Texas (heart of oil country) during an event called Liberty Fest West. These are the conclusions I have drawn after years of successful political activism and community organizing. I do not claim to know the “way” to live, but I do know most of us are doing it wrong. I have begun the journey toward self-sovereignty. This means I am taking the steps necessary to live independent of centralized institutions. I welcome all feedback, comments critiques, questions, etc… Happy trails!

Soverign Babies: Sign Language

When our daughter Aliana was born one of my very intelligent aunts sent us a book called “baby signs“. This book shows about ten basic signs for babies to learn. I had never thought about how children communicate before becoming a parent, but it seemed like a neat idea, so I decided to try it out.

From about three months of age I made the sign for “diaper” when I changed her, I showed her the sign for “more” when I was feeding her, and basically repeated about four signs over and over. As time went on I read articles about sign language helping prevent toddler tantrums and creating stronger communication bonds between children and parents. This inspired me to keep trying despite her lack of hand-signal response.

At around 10 months Aliana started using the sign for “more” while eating (and to ask for milk when she wanted to nurse.. She still does not use the sign for “milk” now at age twelve months). Suddenly at eleven months of age, Aliana walked up to me and without prompting signed “diaper” when she was finished with one of her epic poopoos. This was the beginning of truly interactive communication with our daughter.

Now when Aliana is upset about something I ask her to communicate with her hands. Sometimes she’s hungry, sometimes she wants her bottle that she threw down from the highchair and other times she wants her diaper changed. In most circumstances, she stops vocally fussing and uses her hands to show me the problem, which I immediately attend to.

Today at the dinner table she was demanding bites of my meal very loudly. I asked her if she could ask me in a more polite manner and showed her the sign for “please”, a sign she had never used before. Suddenly she began rubbing her chest after pointing at my bowl (this is the sign for “please”). John and I were elated and praised her while giving her bites of my meal. She then used the sign about ten more times as the meal progressed.

Her use of the new sign tonight made me realize I only knew one more sign to teach her (“thank you”), which inspired me to get on youtube and learn a few more! Tonight I learned the sign for “you’re welcome”, “tired”, and “sleep”. I chose to learn these three immediately based on Aliana’s needs. She learned how to say “please”, so naturally while I’m teaching her “thank you”, I should respond with “you’re welcome”! Additionally, when she becomes tired she will sign “more”, “diaper”, “bye-bye” or “all done” in any random order as she fusses vocally and tries to express her self without the knowledge of the “tired” sign. Now I know how to teach her to communicate her exhaustion to me in a more constructive way, which will greatly reduce our evening fusses.

I think it is important that pre-speaking babies are able to communicate their needs and desires to us, especially if we are raising them as sovereign individuals. If you’re interested in learning baby sign language I encourage you to buy a few books on amazon and watch LOTS of youtube videos! My favorites are the baby sign sing along groups that sign and sign at the same time to help both momma and baby remember the signs. I also like the channels that simply show the sign and say the word and nothing else. I’ve posted examples of each below:

This is a song called “Please Change Me”:

This is a woman signing “Please”:

Stop Asking for Freedom and Start Living Free!

Since this weekend John is off in New York speaking at Liberty Fest NYC 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video.  This is an interview I gave two years ago at Liberty Fest NYC 2010.  I was asked to give a message to the Tea Party, so I called on them to stop asking for freedom and to start living free.  Now that is what I call Sovereign Living!


Marriage and Sovereignty.

Marriage means different things to different people and now that I have agreed to marry John, I am exploring what marriage means to me.

Part of living as a sovereign individual means taking responsibility for your personal relationships. In the world of marriage this means removing third parties such as government from your union with your spouse, despite the government benefits a state marriage involves.

Today I listened to the most recent episode of Sex Lies and Anarchy which covers the tradition of marriage and it’s roots. They brought up the fact that traditions such as the father “giving away the bride” stem from the idea of male ownership of women. The father is literally giving the groom ownership of the woman, at least it was seen that way at one time.

John and I have already decided we will not involve the state in our marriage in anyway. We do not want a third party involved in our relationship, but we do plan to sign a contract with each othercommitting to a life long partnership.

I can’t decide if I should wear a white dress or not, since I will have two children and white traditionally symbolizes virginity. I also question my ability to change my name, it seems like I would be losing my identity.

I know our wedding will be fun and unique, but I still have lots to explore.

Check out the podcast here and let me know what you think.

What is marriage to you? Is it a celebration of love? A spiritual bond? A contract with your spouse? A license from the state?all of the above?

Here is John proposing ( more family photos at www,



The Power of Coconut Oil

Over the past few years I have grown to know and love the power of coconut oil in personal health and hygiene.  Here are a few of the uses we have found in our family:

1. Moisturizer for acne prone skin
Not only does coconut oil keep my face soft and breakout free, but it helps heal any scars I have from my epic acne days.
(Read about how I changed my life to rid my acne here).

2. Super conditioner for damaged and brittle hair
After three summers in the garden without a hat, the Texas sun did some serious damage to my hair.  I have been working diligently to heal it and coconut oil has played a large part.  Leave it on your tips overnight for split end relief.  Fair warning, this will make your hair greasy the next day, so do not do this the day before a big event! (Read about my experience going shampoo free here).

3. Stretch mark prevention and healing
I applied coconut oil diligently during my first pregnancy.  I made it until the due date without stretch marks, but my skin just could not handle the sheer size of my gut any longer and I ended up with purple stretch marks on my hips and lower abdomen.  I have continued to apply coconut oil to these areas after I shower and have watched these stretch marks slowly fade away.  Now, just one year later, my stretch marks are small colorless indentions on my skin that you have to really look to see.  We’ll see how this pregnancy goes!

4. Rash relief for baby
When Aliana broke out in a red, dry, itchy rash after eating a particular brand of strawberry yogurt ( ) we applied coconut oil and witnessed her immediate relief. She stopped itching and the rash faded quickly after application.

5. Diaper cream for baby
In an effort to use more and more raw ingredients and fewer and fewer store bought processed goods, we decided to test the healing powers of coconut oil on Aliana’s rear instead of diaper cream.  The results were astounding.  First of all, the Burt’s Bee’s diaper cream we use creates a potent foul smell when combined with urine, the coconut oil left her smelling fresh all day long.  Additionally, the coconut oil heals any rash she might develop on her tush with only one application!  The Burt’s Bee’s usually took more than one!

6. Lip gloss for parched lips
Sick of eating chemicals all day through your lip gloss?  Have chapped lips?  Coconut oil has you covered!  Not only does coconut oil assist my lips in healing major dryness or sunburn, but it leaves them glossy and shiny without the need to apply lip gloss!  Because of coconut oil’s fast transition from solid to liquid, this may not be possible in the summer as it would make a mess!

7. All over body lotion
Coconut oil leaves you smelling nice and feeling smooth.  Why apply chemicals to your body when mother nature has you covered?  Use mid-day as a refresher oil to stay smelling sweet into the evening!

8. Cuticle Relief
If you garden like me, your fingernails are always seeking special treatment.  Give your cuticles and instant boost by rubbing coconut oil on the base of your nails.  You’ll find dry, cracking skin quickly restores to natural soft beauty!!!

These are just the topical applications of coconut oil that we use in our lives!  Later I will post bout other uses!!

Here is my favorite brand of coconut oil!

PS: None of this is medical advice, just observations and conclusions we’ve drawn from our personal experiences!


Hugelkultur For Your Garden

In the late spring of 2011 John and I broke ground on our first raised garden bed.  After researching various methods we decided to utilize the hugelkultur method where you bury rotting wood underneath your soil.  This serves several purposes.  First, it provides nutrients to your garden. Second, it provides water to your garden during times of drought (the soil loses moisture faster than the wood). Third, it provides natural aeration (brings oxygen to your soil). Fourth, it provides beneficial bugs with a reason to dig around in your soil. Fifth, the decomposition of the wood provides warmth to your plants’ roots at during the late fall and early spring, extending your gardening season.

I literally watered our first and best made hugelkultur bed three times this summer.  And it wasn’t just any summer.  Months of 100+ degree heat and little rain for weeks at a time left many gardens suffering.  Not ours.  It flourished with very little maintenance!  Our tomatoes were planted in flower beds that already existed on our property before we arrived (no hugelkultur beds) and I had to water them two to three times a week.  That’s a huge difference in hose-water consumption!

Here our photos from our hugelkulture experiment (more at


Below you see the empty bed.  Two cinder blocks high, with one layer of cinder blocks buried below ground level.


Next you see our cinder block-high layer of wood inside the raised bed.

We then alternated horse manure and soil that originated from the hole where we made the bed.

This has been our most productive bed in the garden!  I believe the fact we cemented the cinder blocks together makes all the difference (our other beds are simply stacked…

Again, for more pics from our home garden please visit!

Here is a photo thread on the Survival Podcast that shows pics of other people building massive hugelkultur beds!

Nutritional Solution to Acne Problems.

My acne problems began in high school and became worse into my adulthood. Over the course of a decade I tried every method of solving this problem I could think of.  I took birth control, antibiotics, put on creams that made my face peel off, and makeup that made my skin look way gross.  I tried facial scrubs and washes and toners and creams and essential oils and masks.  Nothing made a difference, I was perpetually broken out and perpetually ashamed of my skin.  Then, I met Dr. Buckley.

Dr. Buckley taught me about my body chemistry and suggested I cut out gluten (wheat, barley and rye) and casein (hormone found in cows milk). It took a year and a half for me to finally stop craving cheese, but the struggle to change my diet was worth the effort.  For the first time in my adult life I have clear skin more often than not.  When I breakout its because of what I eat, plain and simple.

After thousands of dollars on products and a decade of feeling insecure about my skin, I never would have expected the answer to be so simple.  If acne is plaguing your life, try cutting out gluten and/or casein!  You’ll find gluten free cookies are waaaay better than the bad-for-you ones.  I can still eat goat cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese without breaking out – one bite of pizza and everyone I see for a week will know by the welts on my face.

Stop pumping your body with pharmaceuticals and bad food!  Instead, cut out/decrease those food items that negatively effect your body  (casein, gluten, sugar) and pump yourself full of delicious fruits and veggies for lifelong vibrancy and health!  And, of course, don’t forget your vitamins!  Today’s food supply doesn’t provide us with enough nutrients!

(If you try this method and it works, please send before and after photos – if you try and fail, please leave a testimonial in the comments!)

Here are some photos of what my skin looks like when I eat cheese: