The Agora at PorcFest 2011

One of the most exciting aspects of the Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) is the Agorism that takes place between those attending (Agorism is where all exchanges amongst individuals are done on a voluntary basis, without force). People from all over attend this liberty event each summer and more and more are coming to turn a profit – while providing a great example of a truly free market, almost by accident. This year there were people selling shirts, glass pipes, cigarettes, food and offering several other services/goods.

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Agorist Business Directory

Are you interested in transitioning to the counter economy?  Are you looking for vendors that will accept silver or barter?  If so, check out black and yellow pages for a list of like-minded entrepreneurs!

Accept responsibility, take charge of your life, & make freedom happen

This is a speech I gave last January in Odessa, Texas (heart of oil country) during an event called Liberty Fest West. These are the conclusions I have drawn after years of successful political activism and community organizing. I do not claim to know the “way” to live, but I do know most of us are doing it wrong. I have begun the journey toward self-sovereignty. This means I am taking the steps necessary to live independent of centralized institutions. I welcome all feedback, comments critiques, questions, etc… Happy trails!