Accept responsibility, take charge of your life, & make freedom happen

This is a speech I gave last January in Odessa, Texas (heart of oil country) during an event called Liberty Fest West. These are the conclusions I have drawn after years of successful political activism and community organizing. I do not claim to know the “way” to live, but I do know most of us are doing it wrong. I have begun the journey toward self-sovereignty. This means I am taking the steps necessary to live independent of centralized institutions. I welcome all feedback, comments critiques, questions, etc… Happy trails!

Stop Asking for Freedom and Start Living Free!

Since this weekend John is off in New York speaking at Liberty Fest NYC 2012, I thought it would be appropriate to post this video.  This is an interview I gave two years ago at Liberty Fest NYC 2010.  I was asked to give a message to the Tea Party, so I called on them to stop asking for freedom and to start living free.  Now that is what I call Sovereign Living!