Detox Smoothies For Eye Health

I was talking to a friend about how he improved his vision, he decided to do a write up and share it with the world.  Many of you know I have struggled with my eyesight for years….  I hope to jump into full eye health in this coming year. Our naturalpath wants me to consume 10 raw eggs a day…. not sure I am ready for that, but these smoothies I can start right away!


Last year, as I went through my 70 lb weight loss journey, my eyesight improved greatly. I went from -425 to -250, and now my glasses are blurry again.

I credit the eye health to my detox smoothies have been drinking consistently.  Five days a week of a big smoothie boost, then 2 days off.

My detox smoothies started with a cheap $20 blender from Target. For ay health smoothie I do, I make sure fresh fruit & vegetables (organic when available). Herbs from a local herb store work in conjunction with smoothies. Pick up your herbs by the ounce, and many useful herbs are well under $2.00/oz. An ounce will last quite a bit of time.

For eye health, I use apricots quite a bit. Also, I prefer black grapes. Anything with high Vitamin A & Vitamin D I use. For vegetables, I use quite a bit of kale, cucumbers, and cilantro. Red, orange, or yellow bell peppers I mix in as well. These peppers have more vitamins than a standard green pepper.

People have been requesting a smoothie recipe from me. Here is what a sample Proof Eye Health Smoothie would have:


1 handful of kale

1/2 red or yellow bell pepper

5-7 strands of cilantro

1/2 cucumber

1 carrot

1/2 lemon

1/2 mango

1 orange

2 apricots

1 plum, any color

1/2 pear

1/2 apple

1 handful, dried cranberries

15 (roughly) black grapes

4-6 oz of organic cherry juice

pinch each of eyebright, bee pollen, & bilberry.

Handful of ice

Fill to the top with filtered water – NO FLUORIDE!

* Add in Sugar in the raw, Stevia, or raw organic honey to taste!

This will make about 60 ounces. You can make the 2nd batch with the remaining fruit & give to a friend or drink tomorrow.


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Sneak Peak of Sovereign Living Episode 4 on Alternative Currencies

Sovereign Living is a reality based educational program about the Blush Family (John Bush and Cat Bleish) and their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.

When complete, the first season will include twelve episodes, each of which covering a different aspect of Sovereign Living. From gardening and community defense to natural health and alternative currencies, Sovereign Living aims to educate, entertain, and inspire people to take responsibility for their lives.

Episode Four of Season One takes place at PorcFeat 2013 and is all about alternative currencies, paying special attention to Bitcoin.  At Porcfest, I link up with Erik Voorheess who explains the basics of bitcoin and sets me up with a Bitcoin wallet.  I then use the Bitcoin ATM, talk to people about BTC, inflation, and subjective value, and use BTC at vendor booths.

Here is a sneak peek of a clip we shot for Episode 4:

See Episode One here:

See our Indigogo Campaign here:

We currently have three episodes produced and are raising funds to produce the next three.  Check out the IndieGogo campaign to help make this vision a reality, pun intended.  BTC donations welcome.

Donate Bitcoin to Sovereign Living: 1Q6UNy7vFNS35sGgGUFJatm51cSa2wFcUn

Peace and Freedom,

John Bush

Co-Star and Executive Producer
John Bush

Thanks to Erik Voorhees for his support of Sovereign Living!
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My Wedding Vows to Catherine Inspired by the Eightfold Path of Buddhism

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.02.01 PM

My vows are inspired by the eightfold path, a Buddhist teaching described as the path that leads to the cessation of suffering and the achievement of self awakening. For my vows I am drawing draw insights from these eight areas of guidance in order to create a lasting marriage full of happiness and free of suffering.

I. Wisdom

1. Right understanding

Four noble truths of a happy marriage:

1. Happy marriages exist
2. There are causal factors that lead to an unhappy relationship
3. There are ways to avoid those factors, and have a happy marriage
4. This is the path to a happy marriage

2. Right intention – I vow to live my life from a place of love and compassion with an informed heart and feeling mind, enabling me to practice letting go of that which causes me suffering.

II. Ethics

3. Right speech – I vow to be truthful and forthright. I vow to be kind and loving in all the words i share with you. When communicating my grievances, i will use Curiosity and compassion, rather than complaining and condemnation.

4. Right action – I vow to always act in a manner that will bring about the most happiness for us as a couple and we as a family. I will always strive to ensure you are never left with an undue burden and you always have help, and help with a smile.

5. Right livelihood – i vow to be a good financial steward for our family, producing enough wealth for us to fulfill our needs and pursue happiness as we see fit, while saving enough to plan for our future and deal with emergencies.

III. Awakening

6. Right effort – I vow to consciously rid my self of those actions and thoughts which take away from our pursuit of a happy marriage and act only in a way that furthers happiness for both of us and our family. I commit myself to fulfilling this path.

7. Right mindfulness – When one is constantly living in the future or the past, they are missing out on the present. I vow to be wholly present during every moment we spend together, what better place to be than enjoying life with my favorite person in the world.

8. Right concentration – Is the goal of the eight fold path. In the individual spiritual sense, right concentration means that through meditation or concentration, one can bring about the cessation of all suffering and ill will and continuously exist in a state of inner tranquility.

The original Sanskrit word for this part of the path is Samma-Samadhi. Samma means right, prefect, or thorough. And samadhi literally means absorption.

Catherine, I vow to give myself to you, to let go of anything and everything that takes away from our tranquility and peace. In fulfilling this path, i will literally cease to be me, and become fully absorbed as part of you, and as you a part of me.

I love you cat. I am grateful the universe has brought us together and we have shared in our love for one another by creating this wonderful family. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Is Having Kids Taboo?

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.50.17 PM

Here is a really interesting article I recently came across about the anti-children culture that seems to be prevalent in society:

Do you think there is something wrong with having “too many kids”? Or maybe even having kids in general? If not something wrong, is it something you want to do, or do you have objections to having children? What do you feel about having children overall?

I know that my public school experience and the culture I grew up in made it seem like a negative thing for me to have children. The sentiment seemed to tend towards being anti-having kids as opposed to showing having children as a wonderful thing to strive towards. From sex-ed which preached abstention, showed pictures of STDS, and played videos showing the struggles of teen parents, to the promiscuity laden Brittany Spears videos (and the rest of the Disney bunch), MTV, and mainstream television, it seemed everywhere I turned having babies and settling down seemed like a bad idea. There was also ridicule and ostracism that came with being young and pregnant, which I suspect is a product of the sex ed and mainstream media. It’s no wonder so many seem to be uninterested or even opposed to the notion of having children. The emphasis on promiscuity in modern culture, coupled with the programming against having kids, and it makes sense there’s such a high prevalence of abortion these days, something the article gets in to as well.

To be honest, when Catherine and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, Aliana, we were pretty much clueless as to what to expect. Thankfully we had a strong network of family and friends, the internet, and of course we hooked up with most kick-ass midwife around, Marimikel Potter. But seriously, they don’t really teach you the ins and outs of child rearing in public school or through mainstream media and art. In school, the only class remotely dealing with childbirth and child rearing is home economics and some health classes. But even then, the health class is focussed is on STDs not the process of pregnancy and the home economics involved carrying around a sack of flower or a dummy baby that cries and pees, leaving out all the great stuff that comes with babies like snuggles and coos. Where is the instruction on birthing options or breast feeding, or what it really takes economically to raise a child. Nothing.

Cat put it best when she said the emphasis these days is on protecting people from getting pregnant or catching STDs so they can safely be promiscuous rather than creating a culture where people are intimate with only those they feel are capable of raising their children or at least with those they know for certain will not share an infectious disease with them. Why is that not the direction things are going? I know in my life, promiscuity and “getting laid” was seen as virtuous and the thing to do when my buddies and I would head downtown to party. Why is it cooler to have sex with random people than to focus on growing one’s self and finding a life partner whom you can truly connect with and trust to be a good parent?

These are some of my thoughts on the subject. What are yours?

Maybe next time, we’ll go deeper down the rabbit hole and explore the role the UN and the social engineering elite play in furthering the anti-child culture. But for now, I’ll leave you to read the article posted above……..


Please leave your comments below and we can have a conversation.

John Bush and Cat Bleish talk Sovereign Living and Voluntaryism on Coast to Coast AM

On October 12th, 2013, John Bush and Catherine Bleish of Sovereign Living the Reality Show were on Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells. Topics discussed included sovereign living, self-sufficiency, prepping, alternative institutions, natural health, alternative currencies, and the ills of the U.S. Constitution.

They also chat about Sovereign Living the Reality show which is being produced by the Center for Natural Living.

Sovereign Living Episode One and Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

Sovereign Living IndieGogo Campaign Kicks off with Release of Episode One and Coast to Coast Interview!





Austin, TX – It’s hard to believe that Episodes 1-3 of Sovereign Living the Reality Show are complete and the show is now onto the next leg of the 12 episode season. Sovereign Living: The Show is a reality based educational program following the Blush Family (Austinites John Bush, Catherine Bleish, and their two children) in their quest to become self sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.  The next few episodes will cover alternative economies (barter, silver, Bitcoin), natural health, and the Blush Family’s trip to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH – something our fans MUST be excited to see. To ensure our progress swiftly moves ahead, the stars of the show are kicking off an Indie Gogo campaign to raise $50,000 for the next three episodes. An ambitious goal that will help the production team move at an efficient pace.


The campaign kicked off today, October 11th, the day before their interview on Coast to Coast AM, the largest talk radio show in the world! Co-stars, John Bush and Cat Bleish, will join John B. Wells from Midnight to 3:00 am CST this Saturday to discuss the show, the successes and hardships of getting off the grid and they’ll share with listeners how to contribute to the program. We hope you all tune in and call in! You can find the local affiliate in your area here.  Share our Facebook event with friends to encourage an even bigger audience!

Much like our kick-off campaign back in June, we are providing some awesome perks for supporters. Downloads of the show’s soundtrack, sneak peek downloads of unreleased episodes, Producer credits, and even an exclusive screening in your hometown are just a few! Donation levels range from $10-$25,000 and we welcome all levels of support. We also accept Bitcoin!

We’re thrilled to have such an amazing fan base and can’t wait to bring the world Sovereign Living. Our show will be used as a tool and provide hope for everyone who watches, that one day we can all achieve a sovereign life!

Visit: SovereignLiving.TV to contribute starting Oct. 11th!

Indiegogo Campaign:
Sovereign Living Episode One:

Max Borders, editor of The Freeman, says "I sure couldn't do it…unless I had to."

Meet the Blush family. They represent a growing faction of libertarians that mix the rugged individualism of Spooner with the self-reliance of Thoreau. And they’re making a reality show.

You might think they’re crazy. After all, they’re weaning themselves from the grid in order to opt out of the structures they believe have been corrupted by state control and corporate cronyism. That means giving up plentiful energy, convenient food, and economies of scale.

But is it crazy?

I sure couldn’t do it—not unless I had to. I’m totally dependent, as most of us are, on regulated monopolies to feed our appliances and big boxes stocked full of cheap goods. I like economies of scale. I also like manufactured pharmaceuticals, wireless gadgets, and air travel—despite the fact that all of these industries are corrupted to varying degrees.

But people who engage in sovereign living are often happy people. They have tight communities and are not worried for a second about brownouts or the crash of the dollar. If the zombie apocalypse comes, they’ve already practiced being truly free. They are more resilient. And most importantly, they are participating in the construction of the counter-economy.

Keep reading at – and thanks Max for covering the project!

Austin-based reality show hosts WORLD PREMIERE of Episode 3 at Native South Farmer’s Market

Austin-based reality show hosts WORLD PREMIERE of Episode 3 at Native South Food Park

Contact | 512-773-6102

There’s nothing more hip than being the FIRST to do, see or experience something. Austinites are known for being the first at many things -especially in Texas- and to add to their hip-ness an exclusive screening of the Sovereign Living reality show will be happening on July 27th at the Native South Food Park at 10106 Manchaca Rd. This event is family friendly, so pack up a blanket, but don’t worry there will be organic food and snacks available for purchase, and join us for an outdoor screening of Sovereign Living, Episodes 1 & 2, along with the world premiere of Episode 3!

Sovereign Living is an Austin-based reality show illuminating the journey of a family of four as they leave centralized institutions and create a sustainable life for themselves on the 2.4-acre “Blush Family Farm” in Central Texas. Follow the Blush Family (John Bush, Catherine Bleish, and their two children) as they work to create their own food, shelter, water and energy systems, as well as build communal defense and healthcare. This show will create a new wave of education in the reality TV genre, and wait until you see the cinematography!!!

The event will kick off at 7pm starting with speeches, music, and then Episode 1, which introduces you to the family while joining them on a visit to NH to check out the 100% off the grid, Bardo Farm. Episode 2 involves the underestimated issue of neighborly relationships and property protection: If you’re not relying on centralized institutions what would you do in the times you would typically call the police? The world premiere of Episode 3 takes you into the Blush home during the natural birth of their second child.

Who: Sovereign Living: The Show
Where: Native South Food Park Manchaca Rd
When: July 27th from 7pm-10pm

A crowd-supported fundraiser, much like Kickstarter, has launched so help us ensure this unique, educational show will be seen by the world. Visit to learn more, and if you can, become a supporter and learn about the awesome prizes that come along with helping out!

Check out the sizzle reel here to learn what Sovereign Living all about:


World Premiere of Sovereign Living Episode Three in Austin, TX on July 27th!

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 7.00.46 PM

Join the stars and crew of Sovereign Living: The Show and those who support self-sufficiency and natural living for an outdoor screening of Episodes 1 and 2, and the world premiere of Episode 3!

The event takes place Saturday July 27th from 7 – 10 PM at the Native South Food Park, located at 10106 Manchaca rd.

Sovereign Living: The Show is a reality based 12 episode series that follows the Blush Family in their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.

Episode 1 introduces the Blush Family and explores the importance of self sufficiency while visiting Bardo Farms in Croyden, NH.  In Episode 2, John and Cat search for stateless solutions for the continual conflict occurring with the neighbors across the street.  Episode 3, never before seen by the public, continues the Blush Family’s journey towards self-sufficiency and follows along as they give birth to their second child at home with the help of a midwife.

The event will feature speeches, live music, organic foods, and a fully functional farmers market!

Bring the family and your friends for this fun filled educational, inspirational, and entertaining event.

This will be the first time the Austin audience has seen Episode 1 in it’s final form, first time Episode 2 has been aired in Austin, and the first time Episode 3 has been seen publicly, EVER!

Here’s a preview of what the show is all about:

Facebook Event:

Download the Event Flyer and Poster here:

Neither Bullets Nor Ballots by: Wendy McElroy


Check out this classic essay on voluntaryist strategy by philosopher and liberty advocate, Wendy McElroy.

My favorite line – “It is ironic that a movement which uses the free market as a solution for everything from roads to national defense declares that political means, the antithesis of the free market, are necessary to achieve freedom.”

Neither Bullets Nor Ballots

by Wendy McElroy
Number 1



The Voluntaryist seeks to reclaim the anti-political heritage of libertarianism. It seeks to reestablish the clear, clean difference between the economic and the political means of changing society. This difference was well perceived by the forerunners of contemporary libertarianism who tore the veil of legitimacy away from government to reveal a criminal institution which claimed a monopoly of force in a given area. Accordingly, early libertarians such as Benjamin Tucker maintained that one could no more attack government by electing politicians than one could prevent crime by becoming a criminal. Although he did not question the sincerity of political anarchists, he described them as enemies of liberty: “those who distrust her as a means of progress, believing in her only as an end to be obtained by first trampling upon, violating, and outraging her.” This rejection of the political process (by which I mean electoral politics) was a moral one based on the insight that no one has the right to a position of power over others and that any man who seeks such an office, however honorable his intentions, is seeking to join a criminal band.

Somewhere in the history of libertarianism, this rejection of the State has been eroded to the point that anarchists are now aspiring politicians and can hear the words “anarchist Senator” without flinching. No longer is libertarianism directed against the positions of power, against the offices through which the State is manifested; the modern message — complete with straw hats, campaign rhetoric and strategic evasion — is “elect my man to office” as if it were the man disgracing the office and not the other way around. Those who point out that no one has the right to such a position, that such power is anathema to the concept of rights itself, are dismissed as negative, reactionary or crackpot. They are subject to ad hominem attacks which divert attention from the substantive issues being raised, the issues which will be discussed in The Voluntaryist.

The Voluntaryist is unique in that it reflects both the several centuries of libertarian tradition and the current cutting edge of libertarian theory. The tradition of American libertarianism Is so inextricably linked with anarchism that, during the Nineteenth Century, Individualist-anarchism was a synonym for libertarianism. But anarchism is more than simply the non-initiation of force by which libertarianism is commonly defined. It is a view of the State as the major violator of rights, as the main enemy. Anarchism analyzes the State as an institution whose purpose is to violate rights in order to secure benefits to a privileged class. For those who believe in the propriety of a limited government it makes sense to pursue political office, but for an anarchist who views the State as a fundamentally evil institution such a pursuit flies in the face of the theory and the tradition which he claims to share. Thus, the political anarchist must explain why he aspires to an office he proclaims inherently unjust. Perhaps one reason for the erosion of anarchism within the libertarian movement is that many of the questions necessary to a libertarian institutional analysis of the State have never been seriously addressed. A goal of The Voluntaryist is to construct a cohesive theory of anti-political libertarianism, of Voluntaryism, which will investigate such issues as whether moral or legal liabilities adhere to the act of voting someone into power over another’s life. Perhaps by working out the basics of this theory the unhappy spectacle of “the anarchist as politician” can be avoided.

Another major goal is to examine non-political strategies. In constructing anti-political theory and strategy — which was assumed by early libertarians without being well defined — we will be labeled as merely counter Libertarian Party by those who innocently or with malice are unable to perceive the wider context which leads to a rejection of the political means itself. The myriad of non-political strategies available to libertarians will be dismissed or will be accepted only as useful adjuncts to electoral politics. It is ironic that a movement which uses the free market as a solution for everything from roads to national defense declares that political means, the antithesis of the free market, are necessary to achieve freedom.

As Voluntaryists we reject the Libertarian Party on the same level and for the same reason we reject any other political party. The rejection is not based on incidental evasions or corruption of principle which inevitably occur within politics. It is based on the conviction that to oppose the State one must oppose the specific instances of the State or else one’s opposition is toward a vague, floating abstraction and never has practical application. Political offices are the State. By becoming politicians libertarians legitimize and perpetuate the office. They legitimize and perpetuate the State.

If libertarianism has a future, it is as the movement which takes a principled, resounding stance against the State. Those who embrace political office hinder the efforts of Voluntaryists who are attempting to throw off this institution of force. It is common for libertarians to view anarchism and minarchism as two trains going down the same track; minarchism simply stops a little before anarchism’s destination. This is a mistaken notion. The destination of anarchism is different from and antagonistic to the destination minarchism. The theory and the emotional commitment are different. Murray Rothbard captured the emotional difference by asking his famous question in Libertarian Forum, “Do you Hate the State?” Voluntaryists respond with an immediate, heartfelt “yes”. Minarchists give reserved, qualified agreement all the while explaining the alleged distinction between a government and a state. Political anarchists are in the gray realm of agreeing heartily in words to principles which their actions contradict. It is time to have the differences between Voluntaryism and political libertarianism clearly expressed and for non-political alternatives to be pursued.

It is time for The Voluntaryist.