Our First Kombucha – Continuous Brew

A friend of ours gave me some scoobys to start our own kombucha!!!

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is loaded with beneficial probiotics.  Our children LOVE it and we are spending too much of our food budget on large jugs and single serving bottles.  We decided to add a new skill set to our Sovereign Living Journey – the home brew!

We used the WellnesMama’s How-To guide to start our own Continuous Brew Kombucha.

First we made a gallon of tea and mixed in 1 cup of sugar.


We let it cool to room temperature.

We added it to our large glass jug with a spiggot and mixed in 2 cups of sotre bought kombucha (For acid).


We then dropped in our first scooby!

Now, we wait 😀



I will update as we progress!

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  1. I think its awesome that your kids are so excited about kombucha! I love drinking kombucha and our house hold goes through roughly 1.5 gallons of kombucha per week. Here is a tip: The next time you buy a 6 pack of beer look for a brand that sells flip top bottles. You can reuse the bottles for a secondary fermentation stage that will make the ‘bucha more bubbly. Good luck! I’m looking forward to reading about your progress 🙂

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