100 Things I Love About (My) Life

1. We Make Our Own Daily Schedule
2. We Work for Ourselves
3. San Marcos, TX has a Huge Unschool Community
4. Daily Walks
5. Living with Animals
6. Strong Family Ties (this took effort and was so worth it!)
7. Our Vintage 3 Piece Sectional Couch
8. Lots of annual Slow Travel Across the Country
10. Friends Who Accept and Love Us
11. Yoga
12. Vision Boards
13. Organic Food
14. Farmers Market (when we can get up in time!)
15. Gardening at our apartment and with friends
16. Chickens
17. Living Near the River
18. Two Parks in Walking Distance
19. Like Minded, Loving Husband
20. Family Bed
21. Journals
22. Daily Art
23. Natural Medicine
24. Coconut Oil
25. Essential Oils
26. Making Juice at Home
27. Our Food Dehydrator
28. Watching Toddlers Play Chase
29. Following Our Dreams
30. Watching the Sun Set (Back Windows)
31. Catching the Sun Rise (Front Porch)
32. Camping with my Family
33. Getting Paid to Write
34. RedBox Movie Night
35. Stove Top Popcorn in Coconut Oil
36. Amazon Subscribe and Save
37. Kombucha
38. Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking Mix
39. Maintaining Life Long Friends in my Hometown
40. Live Music
41. San Marcos Community Events
42. Handmade Jewelry
43. Thrift Store Shopping
44. Living in Abundance
45. Inspirational Friends
46. Brave New Books
47. Barter
48. Lots of Sunshine
49. My Freckles
50. My Children’s Freckles
51. Snail Mail
52. Photography
53. Dumpster Diving
54. Podcasting
55. Long Hot Baths
56. Double Stroller
57. Whole Foods
58. Scented Candles
59. PorcFest
60. Rethinking Everything Conference
61. Listening to Podcasts
62. Spending Time With John’s Family
63. Bare Feet
64. Apple Cider Vinegar
65. Crafts with my Kids
66. Incubating Eggs
67. Grandma’s Kitchen Aid Mixer
68. Glitter! (To John’s Dismay LOL)
69. Gluten Free
70. Coconut Water
71. DIY Lifestyle
72. Magnetic Spice Rack
73. Home Grown Spices
74. Tethered Wifi
75. Fluoride Water Filters
76. Buddy Bucks
77. Searching for Shells in the River
78. Collecting Rocks
79. Bird Watching with the Family
80. State Parks Pass
81. Texas Wildflowers
82. Rain Storms
83. Buddhism
84. Custom Wedding Rings
85. Homemade Hummus
86. Bush Family Salsa
87. Hand-Me-Downs
88. Paying it Forward
89. Unschooling
90. Splash Pads
91. Confidence
92. Okra, I am so in Love with Okra!
93. Reshi Infused Organic Coffee, Daily
94. Keeping a Dream Journal
95. Refining my Writing and Speaking Skills
96. Hushmail
97. Tap Shoes for the Kids
98. John, Aliana, Bill, Murray, Muno and Mousey Mouse
99. Me, I love Me <3
100. Living the Blessed Life

2 Replies to “100 Things I Love About (My) Life”

  1. Hey Kat good to see you again. Email me at the above or at friendof757@gmail.com. I am interested in moving to Brownsville or near there early next year. I’m back in Annapolis again and really tired of the system. I know you and John got tired of the rat race and I want to take you advice “Don’t get a Job, Make a Job), I want to do that early next year. I would like to know how you and John came up with the money to start what you are doing. No matter how tight I budget whether I make $3500 a month or 5 k a month it get sucked up in operating costs so I want off the crazy train so I can raise my son. hope all is well.

    1. Hey! We honestly just hustle, we try to keep things lean, and we tell the world what we need. It could be a fundraising campaign or linking up with people who have resources and want a win-win situation. But most importantly, we keep it LEAN.

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