No 'Poo Update, 16 Months

Well, my no ‘poo experiment was going great… That is until we ran out of baking soda.  Not only did we run out of baking soda, but  we traveled to a conference in Dallas to screen Sovereign Living and I just had to wash my hair before going up on stage.  I used hotel shampoo and conditioner.  Big mistake.  HUGE mistake.

Not only was it cheap chemical laden product that caused my hair to lose the natural softness that had developed through my No’ Poo experiment,  but it reset the entire process I had gone through when transitioning away from shampoo.  Suddenly I found myself sneaking a bar soap from the shower to wash my bangs, using Dr. Bronner’s hemp oil soap or other products to wash the grease out of my hair before an event or party.  The grease phase had started all over again and I had lost my dedication to the cause.
For four months I jump back and forth between soap based products and baking soda until John asked me if I had changed something with my hair.  I told him yes, I had fallen off the No ‘Poo band wagon and he suggested I start back up!  About two weeks ago I began the No ‘Poo journey
My hair had become dry and tangly from the soaps, so here I am 16 months later and I’m in about week two of the grease phase.  The truth is, I should have stuck with it.