Looking Forward to Twenty Fourteen.

As I stand here in the wake of twenty thirteen I feel both exhausted and empowered. For many of us twenty thirteen was a year of major lifestyle and ideological transformations. The idea that you have to “fight” for freedom is quickly fading away as the realization that you can “create” freedom takes hold in the hearts of liberty lovers across the globe.


Bitcoin exploded onto the scene in 2013, shaking mega corporations and monetary institutions to their core. As Bitcoin becomes a dinner table conversation in the homes of “mainstream” families, so does the realization that we do not need centralized banks and government to provide money to us. We can create our own.


The ramifications of this will be huge in twenty fourteen. Small businesses will open around Bitcoin. Multi-million dollar start ups will launch around Bitcoin. The dollar will become even more irrelevant. The looting of the masses by gangster banksters will become less possible. People will be empowered to just say NO to funding war and oppression because they will be empowered to create and distribute their own money.


Twenty fourteen, in my opinion, will mark the year that the old white haired control freaks in “government” will begin to fade into the background and young lovers of freedom will step into the role of changing the shape of our society as we know it. The power exercised by the “elite” is based on the control of information and money. With the internet and Bitcoin, nothing can hold back the message of freedom. Nothing can stop people from accessing the information and tools they need to make significant changes to their way of life.


Empowered by the success of Bitcoin, I believe that twenty fourteen will be the year that people begin taking large steps to get out of all centralize institutions in which they have found themselves entangled. This means starting their own businesses, growing their own foods, buying local quality products instead of mass produced trinkets. Twenty fourteen will be the year people move from TALKING about freedom to LIVING freedom. I can’t wait!


Catherine Bleish




This article was written for and will be published in the Freedom’s Phoenix E-Zine.

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