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For immediate release 11/13/13
Contact: johnbush@centerfornaturalliving.org

Austin, TX – The Blush Family has taken on the serious task of building a sustainable home and future, separating themselves from centralized institutions and building a sovereign community. Through the new non-profit, The Center for Natural Living comes Sovereign Living: The show. They have set out with the ambitious goal of 50% food, energy and water “freedom” by the end of the first season. They have a long way to go, but their recent batch of eggs from their 20 or so odd chickens helped them move forward.

Most people look at the “homesteading” and “off the grid” movements with a weary eye. They think it’s people who want to be cut off from society to be left to their own devices out in the middle of the woods. This reality series proves this myth wrong. Co-Star, John Bush expressed:

“Community is the most important part of this project. Finding volunteers, other farms to barter with and social gatherings to constantly learn and enjoy ourselves has been the most rewarding part”

Sovereign Living is working with a new production company called Karmakaze Productions, located in Austin. A common review of the show is that it is “TV ready”. As an indie show, within such a niche audience, you don’t expect to see the amazing lighting, the cinematography and really unique editing. It’s a full package with meaningful content and great visuals.

The series recently released its pilot episode to the public on Youtube and the reactions so far are favorable and followers are asking for more. Episodes 2 and 3 are available, but the catch is you have to donate to their Indie Gogo campaign to unlock the private link. It’s a worthy cause to contribute to. The money goes towards post-production costs for Episodes 4-6.

This reality series is one of a kind. Not only is the family living sustainably and not relying on centralized institutions to provide for themselves, they are also not depending on Hollywood to carry their torch. Their plans are to go totally independent with distribution. John Bush has commented on being approached by production companies, but nothing has matured yet.

It’s important to the cast, crew and followers to salvage the message in the series, which revolves around voluntary exchange and peaceful lifestyles. In one episode they even refuse to call the police over a neighborhood dispute over their possessions being stolen, instead attempt to handle it with peaceful conversation.

It’s an admirable goal and the production quality of this show is what is turning heads. The cast and crew are holding the first ever Center for Natural Living meeting on November 23rd where they hope to gather more local support in Austin and also screen Episodes 1-3 after the meeting has closed. All are encouraged to attend.


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