Tip of the Week #8 – "Free on Craigslist"

So excited about this week’s Tip. It’s so important to stress that when getting off the grid you need to maximize your potential by reusing and recycling. It will not only save you money, but it helps our environment. It’s so easy and rewarding to find furniture and other household items for free online through Craigslist or by the dumpster after a big move-out. People are usually thrilled to get the “junk” off their hands. I know I’ve been that person before!

I know it’s so cliche and over-used but there’s no doubt that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure. Treasure this Tip of the Week and share with friends, encouraging a day-out to find some awesome additions to your household or farm through Craigslist and garage sales! Some people find it as tacky…but we at the farm find it savvy and resourceful so dumpster dive on!

Anyone have any awesome finds from Craigslist? Share on our Faecbook.com/SovereignLivingTV page!

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  1. There’s also a Yahoo Group called Freecycle. They’re in all 50 states and in some areas such as my own they have county and even municipal groups too. Once you join the group, you get emails as soon as someone posts they have something available they want to get rid of. Everything offered is for free. I live in a fairly active area so I get updates regularly, meaning several times an hour. Others may find it more sporadic.

    Even so, it’s not junk that people are trying to keep out of the landfills, but often quite good quality stuff. Among the more high quality items I’ve gotten from Freecycle are an antique barrister’s bookcase, a grandfather clock, numerous sheets of wallboard that I was able to finish my basement with, and more.

    As one might expect many of the items area related to infants since they outgrow clothes, toys, and gear so quickly, but there’s also tons of useful and practical items for the home and yard. It’s another resource for people beyond Craigslist who want to reduce waste in the landfills.


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