The Blush Family Wedding: Send a wedding gift to the Indie Gogo Campaign!

If you’ve been following the project, I’m sure you saw the adorable proposal that star of Sovereign Living, John Bush, put together! At PorcFest 2012, John took to the stage with the help of some friends to play a little “gameshow” where Cat had to guess the letters. It was soon after John came up to Cat on one knee. The entire crowd erupted – as a witness I can say it was a truly beautiful, love-filled day!


Well it’s been over a year since that lovely night and since the family has welcomed little William Lysander into their lives as well as produced half of their documentary, reality show “Sovereign Living”. Life has been fast paced, but these dedicated activists are taking the weekend to exchange vows with their friends and family…but of course not the state!

Join the entire crew of Sovereign Living in congratulating these two committed hearts on their wedding day. May their loyalty to the cause of liberty also show in their relationship with eachother, and may their family blossom with opportunity! Aliana and William have some wonderful role models for their own personal journeys in the future, and this ceremony will be a wonderful way to honor that!

If you would like to send a gift to the couple on their special day, they have selflessly requested you send a donation to the show’s Indie Gogo Campaign. It’s so easy to contribute and would warm John and Cat’s heart. Since we like to avoid the state as much as possible, consider donating in Bitcoin. It’s simple and we with today’s price almost hitting $900 – share some stateless love towards the bride and groom!  Donations go straight to the post-production of the next three episodes! If you haven’t seen Episode One, it’s public and you shouldn’t wait any longer: (second video down on the page!)

The cast and crew will be busy celebrating, camping and exchanging vows, so make sure you tune in to for updates! We’ll have pictures from the ceremony soon! Donate to Sovereign Living and help us reach our goal – dedicate your donation to the newlyweds!

Beginner Bitcoin Dictionary!

It’s here to stay, you’re learning about its functionalities, but some of this jargon is flying over your head. No worries, Sovereign Living is honoring Bitcoin all week with educational videos and posts. Today we’ll share with you some common words, abbreviations and get you ready for the virtual currency future that lies ahead!

Here’s an intro to Bitcoin video that concisely explains the virtual currency:

And here are some words to know as you read and learn more about Bitcoin:

BTC – Stock ticker abbreviation for Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATM – The first automatic teller machine to exchange Bitcoins for Dollars (or Canadian Dollars). The first of its kind in North America is located in Vancouver, BC but was created in Las Vegas, NV.

BitPay – The leader in Bitcoin transactions.

Blockchain – Is one of the popular wallets used to store and transact Bitcoins.

Litecoin – Is the second most popular form of virtual currency. It’s main difference from Bitcoin is the faster mining and transaction time. Some skeptics are weary of its privacy protocols, alas it is the second most profitable virtual currency.

Miner – A person who solves the complicated algorithms and equations to surface more Bitcoins into circulation also refers to the computer that the individual uses.

MtGox – A popular trading site that many view to see the current price of Bitcoin vs. USD. It is recommended not to use MtGox within the US.

Private Key – This long code, made up of numbers and letters, is only seen by the owner of the Bitcoins within their wallet.

Public Key – This long code, made up of numbers and letters, is used for purchases from a wallet and is seen publicly by all parties involved with the transaction.

Satoshi Nakamoto – This pseudonym represents the creator of the Bitcoin system.

Wallet – A application to store your Bitcoins whether online on your phone or physically.

Bitcoin-friendly retailers for the holiday season!

Sovereign Living is happily accepting Bitcoin donations all week long to celebrate this exciting virtual currency. We’ve also released a Bitcoin PSA, that will be aired within Season One of the show thanks to some awesome Bitcoin supporters at Coinapult!

Here are some awesome liberty-minded organizations to add to your list of giving this year:

SovereignLiving.TV (of course)
The Free State Project
Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio
Bitcoins not Bombs
Peaceful Streets Project
Austin SAFEWATER initiative

Bitcoin Celebration Week – Bitcoin donations welcome!

This week, Sovereign Living celebrates Bitcoin!

For immediate release 11/17/13



It’s no secret that Bitcoin is a force to be reckoned with. Join us this week as we celebrate one of the best ways to transcend centralized institutions.

This week only, Bitcoin donations made to Sovereign Living will receive a sneak peek of never before seen footage from Episode 4 (all about alternative currency), plus a special shout out on social media and our blog (we’d love to highlight your Bit businesses as well).  Here’s a special video for everyone to enjoy this week; welcome our first Bitcoin PSA that will be featured in Episodes throughout the season:

We’ve added a new perk to help others get educated on BTC. Donations of $100 get an hour-long consultation about Bitcoin with co-star John Bush. He’ll help you set up your wallet and get you going!

Why Bitcoin?

Sovereign Living’s goal is to detach from centralized institutions and find a plausible way to lead a voluntary and natural life. Bitcoin by definition is a crypto-currency that is completely decentralized. It functions free from government intervention (not saying it’s counter parts are immune to the man) and allows for voluntary exchange across borders, towns, and various businesses. It’s also a wonderful way for us to grow our farm. So help out by donating to our Indie Gogo Campaign.

How can you donate?

It’s a simple process – yet another perk of Bitcoin. We ask that you visit our Bitcoin Donation Page, fill out the form and send along your donation. You’ll be contacted shortly after to confirm your donation. The following week you’ll see a special message from us in your inbox containing TOP SECRET footage of Episode 4. Please keep it to yourself…guard it like it’s the password to your BlockChain Wallet.

Make sure to fill out every part of the form so we can ensure you receive the correct perk from Indie Gogo.

Bitcoin companies and educators are encouraged to donate and share your business with us so we can highlight you…a great opportunity to gain exposure and help a like-minded project. A special shout out to Erik Voorhees a wonderful supporter and CEO of Coinapult. His Bitcoin donation has earned him a special place in our hearts, and he also has an awesome cameo in the show!

Bring on the Bitcoin this week and help Sovereign Living hit our $50K goal on Indie Gogo: http://SovereignLiving.TV



Have a friend who reviews film? LOVES indie media? Has a blog? Please share Sovereign Living with them.

I’ve attached here a press release you can share with any friends you have in national and local media. If they love independent art and film, I have a feeling they’ll go nuts over the show. It takes nothing but a swift copy & paste to send them the information.

Thanks for your support:

For immediate release 11/13/13

Austin, TX – The Blush Family has taken on the serious task of building a sustainable home and future, separating themselves from centralized institutions and building a sovereign community. Through the new non-profit, The Center for Natural Living comes Sovereign Living: The show. They have set out with the ambitious goal of 50% food, energy and water “freedom” by the end of the first season. They have a long way to go, but their recent batch of eggs from their 20 or so odd chickens helped them move forward.

Most people look at the “homesteading” and “off the grid” movements with a weary eye. They think it’s people who want to be cut off from society to be left to their own devices out in the middle of the woods. This reality series proves this myth wrong. Co-Star, John Bush expressed:

“Community is the most important part of this project. Finding volunteers, other farms to barter with and social gatherings to constantly learn and enjoy ourselves has been the most rewarding part”

Sovereign Living is working with a new production company called Karmakaze Productions, located in Austin. A common review of the show is that it is “TV ready”. As an indie show, within such a niche audience, you don’t expect to see the amazing lighting, the cinematography and really unique editing. It’s a full package with meaningful content and great visuals.

The series recently released its pilot episode to the public on Youtube and the reactions so far are favorable and followers are asking for more. Episodes 2 and 3 are available, but the catch is you have to donate to their Indie Gogo campaign to unlock the private link. It’s a worthy cause to contribute to. The money goes towards post-production costs for Episodes 4-6.

This reality series is one of a kind. Not only is the family living sustainably and not relying on centralized institutions to provide for themselves, they are also not depending on Hollywood to carry their torch. Their plans are to go totally independent with distribution. John Bush has commented on being approached by production companies, but nothing has matured yet.

It’s important to the cast, crew and followers to salvage the message in the series, which revolves around voluntary exchange and peaceful lifestyles. In one episode they even refuse to call the police over a neighborhood dispute over their possessions being stolen, instead attempt to handle it with peaceful conversation.

It’s an admirable goal and the production quality of this show is what is turning heads. The cast and crew are holding the first ever Center for Natural Living meeting on November 23rd where they hope to gather more local support in Austin and also screen Episodes 1-3 after the meeting has closed. All are encouraged to attend.


Tip of the Week #8 – "Free on Craigslist"

So excited about this week’s Tip. It’s so important to stress that when getting off the grid you need to maximize your potential by reusing and recycling. It will not only save you money, but it helps our environment. It’s so easy and rewarding to find furniture and other household items for free online through Craigslist or by the dumpster after a big move-out. People are usually thrilled to get the “junk” off their hands. I know I’ve been that person before!

I know it’s so cliche and over-used but there’s no doubt that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure. Treasure this Tip of the Week and share with friends, encouraging a day-out to find some awesome additions to your household or farm through Craigslist and garage sales! Some people find it as tacky…but we at the farm find it savvy and resourceful so dumpster dive on!

Anyone have any awesome finds from Craigslist? Share on our page!

New shower technology could help further our sustainability goal

I was flipping through some of the latest inventions that will help the planet and our sustainability effort. There’s a new shower system, produced out of Sweden, that will not only save the environment…but also your wallet.

Introducing the Orb Sys Shower system. This bathroom technology uses the water during bath time and swiftly purifies it over and over again.


The designer of this water-saving shower, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi stated his motivations as, “Everybody should save as many resources as possible but obviously these showers would be even more beneficial for people living in areas with water shortages.” I happen to think they’d be beneficial to anyone who is concerned about their monthly water bill. Here at the farm we are working on building our own water system and implementing a water-recycling shower could produce extreme savings in the amount of water used around the house.

Another great thing to note is that the purification happens so quickly that the water that exits the showerhead at a high temperature will remain warm during the purification process. Meaning, less energy will be used to re-heat the water. That means you won’t just be saving on a water bill, but your electric/gas bill will also take a healthy cut. Mahdjoubi proclaims over $1,200 in savings a year from using his Orb Sys Shower system. Once it hits retail market, we’ll be anxious to see the price and other competitors entering the game to provide similar technologies.

Sharing a great entry from the "Living Joyfully Newsletter" by: Pam Laricchia

Read more of Pam’s newsletters:

So, links to a clip of Louis CK talking about cell phones on Conan were floating around a few weeks ago, and I finally took a few minutes to watch. Interesting! And with the topic of mainstream mantras this month, I thought it would be an opportune time to talk about a couple of the ideas he touched on from an unschooling perspective.

First off, in the end, I don’t think it was really about cell phones, though that’s where a lot of the ensuing conversation went, helped along by the title of the youtube clip, Louis CK Hates Cell Phones. As an unschooling parent, my reaction to any parent controlling access to anything, is always going to be, “Oh, be careful with that, it probably won’t work out like you hope.”

Restricting a person’s access to anything makes them all the more curious and intent. It’s human nature to want to explore. His argument is that just because everyone else is mindlessly using cell phones, doesn’t mean his daughters need to as well just to fit in. And I agree, they don’t “have to” have a cell phone just because everyone else seems to have one. But the real and important question is, do they want one? Continue reading “Sharing a great entry from the "Living Joyfully Newsletter" by: Pam Laricchia”

Cure the sore throat blues with some natural remedies!

This week’s Tip of the Week covers a few pointers to help soothe your scratchy throat. Be sure to see the doc if it’s in serious pain. This is just for that annoying sore throat!

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