Tip of the Week #4 – "No Poo Shampooing"

Wow, what a weekend for Sovereign Living! I was so excited to create this week’s Tip of the Week after seeing last week’s video receive over 2,000 views! Our movement of Sovereign Living is growing, so keep sharing our videos and visit SovereignLiving.TV to watch Episode 1 of the show.

This week we tackle a new, easy way to wash your hair that doesn’t require a ton of money or time! Check out the wonders you can do for your hair with just baking soda and apple cider vinegar in this week’s Tip of the Week!

Once again don’t be afraid to use a little extra baking soda and cleanse that hair! Don’t be afraid of the vinegar smell either, it fades quickly and almost smells a bit fruity from the apples! Thanks for watching…until next week…

A listener of our Coast to Coast interview weighs in on the education system…

We were contacted by many new fans and intrigued listeners after our interview on Coast to Coast. Craig Williams took the time to reach out and put into words, what many people can’t when it comes to the education system in America. Thanks for reaching out Craig and we’re happy we found an awesome new supporter like you!

“We live in a world today that clingsto and enforces an obsolete education system severely outgrown by our infinitely-unfolding consciousness. This is an unfortunate hindrance not only on the basis of individual growth, but also on the contingent evolution of mankind, itself. 

Observing this system, we can recognize the system is robbing children of being taught the fundamentals of human life and the unlimited potential to create and experience. The system has been cleverly cloaked in a disguise as the most beneficial approach to collectively instilling knowledge; while obtaining a blind acceptance of the “necessary” tools and attitudes. All the while using tools such as: instilling fear, abusing authority, misinformation, separatism and competitiveness.  

Placing each individual into a generalized mold that feeds an archaic system has proven time and again to fall short for the human race.”

Feel free to copy and paste Craig’s quote, but be sure to link back to our Sovereign Living Blog. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the interview on Coast to Coast, check it out here. 

John Bush and Cat Bleish talk Sovereign Living and Voluntaryism on Coast to Coast AM

On October 12th, 2013, John Bush and Catherine Bleish of Sovereign Living the Reality Show were on Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells. Topics discussed included sovereign living, self-sufficiency, prepping, alternative institutions, natural health, alternative currencies, and the ills of the U.S. Constitution.

They also chat about Sovereign Living the Reality show which is being produced by the Center for Natural Living.

Sovereign Living Episode One and Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

Sovereign Living IndieGogo Campaign Kicks off with Release of Episode One and Coast to Coast Interview!



Contact: johnbush@centerfornaturalliving.org


Austin, TX – It’s hard to believe that Episodes 1-3 of Sovereign Living the Reality Show are complete and the show is now onto the next leg of the 12 episode season. Sovereign Living: The Show is a reality based educational program following the Blush Family (Austinites John Bush, Catherine Bleish, and their two children) in their quest to become self sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.  The next few episodes will cover alternative economies (barter, silver, Bitcoin), natural health, and the Blush Family’s trip to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH – something our fans MUST be excited to see. To ensure our progress swiftly moves ahead, the stars of the show are kicking off an Indie Gogo campaign to raise $50,000 for the next three episodes. An ambitious goal that will help the production team move at an efficient pace.


The campaign kicked off today, October 11th, the day before their interview on Coast to Coast AM, the largest talk radio show in the world! Co-stars, John Bush and Cat Bleish, will join John B. Wells from Midnight to 3:00 am CST this Saturday to discuss the show, the successes and hardships of getting off the grid and they’ll share with listeners how to contribute to the program. We hope you all tune in and call in! You can find the local affiliate in your area here.  Share our Facebook event with friends to encourage an even bigger audience!

Much like our kick-off campaign back in June, we are providing some awesome perks for supporters. Downloads of the show’s soundtrack, sneak peek downloads of unreleased episodes, Producer credits, and even an exclusive screening in your hometown are just a few! Donation levels range from $10-$25,000 and we welcome all levels of support. We also accept Bitcoin!

We’re thrilled to have such an amazing fan base and can’t wait to bring the world Sovereign Living. Our show will be used as a tool and provide hope for everyone who watches, that one day we can all achieve a sovereign life!

Visit: SovereignLiving.TV to contribute starting Oct. 11th!

Indiegogo Campaign: http://igg.me/at/sovereignliving
Sovereign Living Episode One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZjmcBGsrAs

Tip of the Week: "Coconut Oil" and all the wonderful things you can do with it…

So by now a lot of people know about coconut oil when it comes to baking and cooking. It’s a wonderful substitute for vegetable oil and olive oil. But wouldn’t ya know, there are TONS of ways you can use coconut oil around the house and our Tip of the Week video addresses just a handful, but it will get you started on the transition to using coconut oil for just about anything!


This is only the beginning here are some more uses for coconut oil not listed in the video:

  • drop a teaspoon into your coffee to add some flavor and some healthy fats to your morning drink
  • easily use it on your eyes to remove make-up
  • or just add it to your eyes as a moisturizer and revitalizer!
  • got a bun in the oven? rub some of that coconut oil where your skin is stretching to prevent marks
  • in the cold weather use coconut oil to relieve chapped lips

This list goes on and on! If it’s meant to be moisturized, protected, or soothed…chances are coconut oil can do the job! Tell us in the comment section if you have any uses for coconut oil that weren’t mentioned!

Fun activities for the kids: Flower Power Craft!

Yesterday was Aliana’s birthday and she was so was blessed to receive a massive amount of craft supplies at her party.  Today she was too worn out to attend our weekly unschool meetup (they made hula hoops today), so we had a DIY craft time at home!

 pom pom flowers

What you are looking at is a Flower Power Centerpiece made with tie died pom poms hot glued to craft sticks that we painted green (the flowers are glued together). We added small poms to embellish the glass jar and wa-la, you have a perfect hand eye coordination activity that results in a display ready craft! What a great way to get those toddlers working on fine motor skills at home! [Remember to always help your wee ones with the hot glue gun]

50 Ways to Leave Leviathen [re-post from The Freeman]

As always Max Borders and Jeffrey Tucker bring some incredible wisdom and commentary to those of us looking for ways to escape this ugly rule of government. This time they bring it into a simplified list that’s easy to read, understand, and well…just start going down the list and checking items off. I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s a sneak-peek. Follow the link at the end to keep learning more ways to “Leace Leviathen”:

1. Airbnb: This service allows people to rent out their homes for a couple of days. It offers competitive prices compared to hotels and gets around the whole of the regulatory apparatus, zoning control, union monopolies, and other barriers to entry. Of course, in some states, hotel cartels aren’t happy.

2. Uber: Taxis have their licenses, which drive up fares. It’s a cozy and well-protected cartel. Uber lets you get around this system, finding great rides in clean cars for better fares—all while checking (gasp! unlicensed) chauffeurs with reputation ratings.

3. Bitcoin: Government ruined money long ago. The market has made an end-to-end crypto currency. It could mean death for the euro, the dollar, and other fiat currencies. The implications are awesome and inspiring.

4. Private power generation: Big companies like Google are tired of dealing with regulated utilities. They fear outages and need more reliable power. They’re generating their own power. There are only a few, but then again there used to be only a few rich guys using cellphones. That’s where innovation happens. Then, the price goes down and the quality goes up. Moore’s Law kicks in. Someday this trend could challenge the grid.
Keep reading the list at: http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/fifty-ways-to-leave-leviathan#ixzz2gsRExP91

Tip of the Week #2 – "Water Storage"

This week’s tip is one EVERYONE can do. No farm or abundant supplies needed. Crap happens, your water company has issues, there’s been no rain, either way, water shortages are real and can be dangerous. To save yourself from the effects of a water shortage just follow these simple tips in this video!

Every week we will be sharing a new “Tip” to continue sharing our experience at the Blush Family Farm and helping our followers build their own self-sufficient future. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get updates first!

While the rest of the country is worried about the "shut-down"…

…we here on the farm are happy to say an event like this has minimal effects on us. Especially as we continue to grow more food, create our own water supply, and harvest our own energy, we are finding out the true beauty from disconnecting from centralized institutions. When they mess up, which is inevitable, we don’t have to suffer too. Many Americans are dependent on the system, so when the system makes a detrimental move, others must also pay for their poor decisions.


I hope we at the farm can serve as an example of the hope that lies ahead, and while wars are still being faught overseas and children are still here in our country starving…remember to look around you. There are so many natural resources and communities that can help you detach from this destructive system called “government”. It takes courage, but nothing is more rewarding than eating your home grown vegetables and opening the mailbox to few bills.

Stay educated. Learn to grow a plant. It’s a great start! Learn how to capture water, learn about alternative currencies, and make friends who like to do the same. Next thing you know, you might be changing the world.  At the farm we took a big step to start disconnecting from day-to-day providers, but we couldn’t be happier from what we’ve learned so far!