John Bush and Cat Bleish talk Sovereign Living and Voluntaryism on Coast to Coast AM

On October 12th, 2013, John Bush and Catherine Bleish of Sovereign Living the Reality Show were on Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells. Topics discussed included sovereign living, self-sufficiency, prepping, alternative institutions, natural health, alternative currencies, and the ills of the U.S. Constitution.

They also chat about Sovereign Living the Reality show which is being produced by the Center for Natural Living.

3 Replies to “John Bush and Cat Bleish talk Sovereign Living and Voluntaryism on Coast to Coast AM”

  1. That “free” book you guys were pushing on Coast to Coast, wasn’t free, requires at least $69.99 Amazon Kindle to view….. Oh, they’ll open it to you in their “cloud”, provided you have a Kindle, but short of buying more garbage made by slaves in China, derived from CONFLICT MINERALS in Africa, you gets no book…..

    So idkwtf? Trying to sell Kindles and get everyones hands bloody? Because that’s certainly not free, not to your audience, not to the slaves in China or Africa, and frankly it’s a disturbing bit of marketing for Amazon Kindle. And the kind of “honesty” in advertisement we come to expect from a corporation, not a nice group of “sovereigns”…..

    Hope Amazon pays well.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for the “Blushes” and for listeners as well. I agree wholeheartedly about the lifestyle, the right to live free unencumbered, and with the community attitude. You are in my prayers for your continued good fortune and in hopes the “powers” leave you alone. K

  3. Hi Folks!
    Nice job on C2C. While viewing your Episode 1 it appears you will be expanding into the energy sector for your farm.
    Living off-grid less than 30ft from the utility line for about 12 years now, roughly 100 visitors stop here to see what can be done by anyone, and, it doesn’t mean sitting in the dark with a candle.
    The typical solar setup will cost a small fortune and misses several key issues. Before you spend a nickel on anything on your energy venture, maybe we could exchange a few ideas.
    Your website contact form is currently down hence the blog post. If you’re bored, my website link is included – I’m pretty easy to find.
    Best wishes John, Cat & Family,
    CrazyJerry (Google me!) 🙂

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