50 Ways to Leave Leviathen [re-post from The Freeman]

As always Max Borders and Jeffrey Tucker bring some incredible wisdom and commentary to those of us looking for ways to escape this ugly rule of government. This time they bring it into a simplified list that’s easy to read, understand, and well…just start going down the list and checking items off. I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s a sneak-peek. Follow the link at the end to keep learning more ways to “Leace Leviathen”:

1. Airbnb: This service allows people to rent out their homes for a couple of days. It offers competitive prices compared to hotels and gets around the whole of the regulatory apparatus, zoning control, union monopolies, and other barriers to entry. Of course, in some states, hotel cartels aren’t happy.

2. Uber: Taxis have their licenses, which drive up fares. It’s a cozy and well-protected cartel. Uber lets you get around this system, finding great rides in clean cars for better fares—all while checking (gasp! unlicensed) chauffeurs with reputation ratings.

3. Bitcoin: Government ruined money long ago. The market has made an end-to-end crypto currency. It could mean death for the euro, the dollar, and other fiat currencies. The implications are awesome and inspiring.

4. Private power generation: Big companies like Google are tired of dealing with regulated utilities. They fear outages and need more reliable power. They’re generating their own power. There are only a few, but then again there used to be only a few rich guys using cellphones. That’s where innovation happens. Then, the price goes down and the quality goes up. Moore’s Law kicks in. Someday this trend could challenge the grid.
Keep reading the list at: http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/fifty-ways-to-leave-leviathan#ixzz2gsRExP91

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