While the rest of the country is worried about the "shut-down"…

…we here on the farm are happy to say an event like this has minimal effects on us. Especially as we continue to grow more food, create our own water supply, and harvest our own energy, we are finding out the true beauty from disconnecting from centralized institutions. When they mess up, which is inevitable, we don’t have to suffer too. Many Americans are dependent on the system, so when the system makes a detrimental move, others must also pay for their poor decisions.


I hope we at the farm can serve as an example of the hope that lies ahead, and while wars are still being faught overseas and children are still here in our country starving…remember to look around you. There are so many natural resources and communities that can help you detach from this destructive system called “government”. It takes courage, but nothing is more rewarding than eating your home grown vegetables and opening the mailbox to few bills.

Stay educated. Learn to grow a plant. It’s a great start! Learn how to capture water, learn about alternative currencies, and make friends who like to do the same. Next thing you know, you might be changing the world. ¬†At the farm we took a big step to start disconnecting from day-to-day providers, but we couldn’t be happier from what we’ve learned so far!

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