Making healthier decisions this Halloween

The Blush Family Farm is striving to provide a unique and sustainable lifestyle for Aliana and Bill. They are eating organic whole foods, playing outside, learning with hands-on experience, and over all having a unique and productive upbringing. There’s still laughter, games, sleep overs, play dates, field trips, and yummy goodies…but yummy goodies don’t have to mean unhealthy.

This Halloween take the time to go the extra mile and provide your child with a rewarding experience, inside and out!

Here’s a few ways dressing up and Trick or Treating can be healthy for your kids:

  1. Replace some of the goodies you give away to other children and your own with healthy “candy” without the fructose syrup, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. Try bags of dried fruit dipped in organic chocolate (dark chocolate preferrably), candy apples with a healthy twist (homemade organic caramel sauce), or buy candy from companies who pride themselves in providing organic treats.
  2. Another idea is skip the candy altogether! There are tons of other options for “goodies”: yo-yo’s, finger puppets, bouncy balls, stickers. All of these are still affordable, especially in bulk and you’ll end up being the cool parent giving out toys ūüėČ
  3. It’s also important to note costumes and added decorations can be harmful. You never know what you’re applying onto your child’s skin unless you read. So check out the package for the face paint, the glitter, etc.
  4. If you know your neighbors will only have CRAP for candy, create little goodie bags and deliver them to your neighbors prior to hitting the hood. Have your child receive that when they stop. (might sound high maintenance, but if you’re going to be high-maintenance about anything it should be the health of you and your family!)

Have a very healthy and Happy Halloween! We’d love for you to show us costumes and recipes from this year, so feel free to leave us a message on our Facebook Page!¬†


[NEW] Kid's Day coming soon to the Blush Family Farm!

This past Thursday the farm invited a pack of kids, who are on the unschooling path, to enjoy a day at the farm meeting the animals, exploring the plants, and hanging out with each other. This successful kid’s day made it certain the farm needed an official “Kid’s Day” in the coming weeks.

Our Head Volunteer, Paul Davis, will be helping to put on another event, and children from the area are all invited to attend. The next kid’s day will be announced soon, but we can say it will fall on a Thursday – we’ll share more later this week! If you’d like to learn more please contact Paul at:

At the most recent meet-up here at the farm, our friend Michelle brought her son Carl to check things out. Michelle told us that she didn’t realize the impact of the hands-on learning at the farm until she got home to reflect on the day with her son. She had him prepare his daily journal and this is what Carl had to say about the experience:

homeschool book

What a beautiful response from this young man. We are so eager to touch more children’s lives through Kid’s Day at the Blush Family Farm. Next playdate TBA! Thanks again for everyone who made it last week and safe Trick or Treating to all!

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Is Having Kids Taboo?

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.50.17 PM

Here is a really interesting article I recently came across about the anti-children culture that seems to be prevalent in society:

Do you think there is something wrong with having “too many kids”? Or maybe even having kids in general? If not something wrong, is it something you want to do, or do you have objections to having children? What do you feel about having children overall?

I know that my public school experience and the culture I grew up in made it seem like a negative thing for me to have children. The sentiment seemed to tend towards being anti-having kids as opposed to showing having children as a wonderful thing to strive towards. From sex-ed which preached abstention, showed pictures of STDS, and played videos showing the struggles of teen parents, to the promiscuity laden Brittany Spears videos (and the rest of the Disney bunch), MTV, and mainstream television, it seemed everywhere I turned having babies and settling down seemed like a bad idea. There was also ridicule and ostracism that came with being young and pregnant, which I suspect is a product of the sex ed and mainstream media. It’s no wonder so many seem to be uninterested or even opposed to the notion of having children. The emphasis on promiscuity in modern culture, coupled with the programming against having kids, and it makes sense there’s such a high prevalence of abortion these days, something the article gets in to as well.

To be honest, when Catherine and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, Aliana, we were pretty much clueless as to what to expect. Thankfully we had a strong network of family and friends, the internet, and of course we hooked up with most kick-ass midwife around, Marimikel Potter. But seriously, they don’t really teach you the ins and outs of child rearing in public school or through mainstream media and art. In school, the only class remotely dealing with childbirth and child rearing is home economics and some health classes. But even then, the health class is focussed is on STDs not the process of pregnancy and the home economics involved carrying around a sack of flower or a dummy baby that cries and pees, leaving out all the great stuff that comes with babies like snuggles and coos. Where is the instruction on birthing options or breast feeding, or what it really takes economically to raise a child. Nothing.

Cat put it best when she said the emphasis these days is on protecting people from getting pregnant or catching STDs so they can safely be promiscuous rather than creating a culture where people are intimate with only those they feel are capable of raising their children or at least with those they know for certain will not share an infectious disease with them. Why is that not the direction things are going? I know in my life, promiscuity and “getting laid” was seen as virtuous and the thing to do when my buddies and I would head downtown to party. Why is it cooler to have sex with random people than to focus on growing one’s self and finding a life partner whom you can truly connect with and trust to be a good parent?

These are some of my thoughts on the subject. What are yours?

Maybe next time, we’ll go deeper down the rabbit hole and explore the role the UN and the social engineering elite play in furthering the anti-child culture. But for now, I’ll leave you to read the article posted above……..


Please leave your comments below and we can have a conversation.

Tip of the Week #5 – Composting Basics

There’s nothing like paying NOTHING for some fertile soil. Let’s get you started…check out our Tip of the Week video and get your starter kit together!

And here’s a list of things you can compost:

Celebrating Bitcoin as it empowers small farms!

Bitcoin is empowering small farmers and there is no limit or boundary that can stop this currency revolution. Smaller farmers can now sell their products without bureaucracy getting in the way and eating their profits through fees by using Bitcoin. It’s a beautiful step for gardeners around the world. The decentralized nature of farming goes hand in hand with Bitcoin. Watch this short-documentary about an entrepreneur and farmer in Argentina building up business through Bitcoin:

This is just one of the many reasons why currency competition will drive us into a revolution. You are transcending the powers that be, that have always been. This business doesn’t need the government and more and more will uncover this as time goes on.

John Bush on The Peter Schiff Show!

Peter asked if this was for people who want reality show entertainment or if this is for those seriously interested in learning how to pull off this lifestyle. The best part about Sovereign Living is…IT’S BOTH! Check out the full interview with New York Times Best Selling Author, Peter Shiff:

Want to host a member of the cast on your radio program? Contact us today – we’d love to share with your audience the wonderful strides we are making!

Alex Knight of celebrates Coast to Coast coverage saying "my, how times do change"…

“One of the¬†very first pieces I wrote for STR¬†dealt with the appearance of a well-noted¬†Voluntaryist¬†on one of the most listened-to talk radio programs around.

Marc¬†Stevens‚Äôs¬†2006 appearance on¬†Coast to Coast Live ‚Ästat the time, a subsidiary show of the famed¬†Coast to Coast AM,¬†with a much earlier broadcasting slot on Saturday nights and about 70% of the listenership, hosted by the now-retired Ian Punnett ‚Äď was, as you can tell from my previously published article, not very well received by the¬†Coast¬†cast (though it universally¬†was¬†by every one of that evening‚Äôs callers). Marc himself gave me some of the less-than-admirable behind the scenes details, which I won‚Äôt repeat here, but I will tell you that both Punnett and George Noory read my article at the time, and were not at all pleased. In fact, Noory was so perturbed by even the mild constructive criticism present in my write-up that he blocked me from ever e-mailing him again. So much for truth in media.

But my, how times do change. And radio hosts, too. As of last night, at the time of this writing,¬†John B. Wells¬†had voluntaryists¬†John Bush¬†and¬†Catherine Bleish¬†on the program for a¬†full four hours, to discuss strategies for sovereign living ‚Äď in essence, the transition to a zero-government voluntary society…” ¬† ¬† ¬† …CONTINUE READING!¬†

Thanks again Alex for covering this amazing experience and exposure for our project!