Chocolate Hemp Milk – A tasty Sunday treat!

Today I needed coffee, bad. But I’ve been off coffee for about two months so I decided I needed it in a yummy special way. Mixed with homemade chocolate hemp milk! Aliana LOVED this morning treat, and it is jam packed with things your body needs and loves!

Recipe:hemp milk recipe

Half cup of hemp seeds

One cup water

Splash of vanilla extract

Good squeeze of agave

Six heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder (I kept adding more to taste)

Put in blender (I used whole juice setting)








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  1. Listened to you both on Coast to coast Saturday Night .pearls of wisdom.delivered efficient like morning dew,one drop will do ya,simple is brilliant and you both communicate like this, thank you for taking the time. To share your life knowledge and,experience.Epitome of generosity.You both seem like wonderful people.I would like to know what are your favorite personal and family “go to” books.


  2. P.s. I think I commented for Catherine in the wrong place.Regarding chocolate hemp milk
    I copied the recipe,YUM!

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