John's Starter Seeds!

We are starting our third fall here on the Blush Family farm. We’ve had two and a half years of learning hard lessons on this property and we are ready to step things up!

john starter seeds 2

This year our summer garden of tomatoes, okra, watermelon, and herbs is still producing! Half our strawberry bed from spring was able to over-summer and our asparagus is about to hit its two year birthday!  Not to mention our growing chicken flock has reached over 100 happy free-range birds!

Every growing season we have struggled to keep the chickens out of the garden, to harvest fast enough, and to fight off the crab grass. But things are different this fall. Our slow summer is ending with a bang. A real solution to the chicken/garden gate issue was found, holes in the fencing were permanently fixed and John has put nearly a thousand seeds in the ground.

Our goal is abundance for ourselves, our family, our friends and our community. To have a lot you must create a lot, and this year…abundance will be found. I feel the bonds of dedication growing, the passion and drive returning and a common vision rebirthing. The Blush Family Farm is going to do it right this fall! At least, we’ll try!

2 Replies to “John's Starter Seeds!”

  1. How can you be sure they didn’t slip GMO seeds into your collection? I’ll have garden space available after my septic field put in and on my roof after I build an in ground home (if I get the $$ needed to build it)

    1. Honestly, because of cross pollination, you really can’t be sure these days. Its usually things like corn and soy that have the hardcore GMO so we try to get those from people we know who have their own heirloom strands. But I’ve heard with corn if there is GMO within 5 miles it can contaminate! I guess in the end we’d have to use a lab and grow in a protected greenhouse!

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