An update for all our fans!

Episode 1 is in the can and Episodes 2-5 are in the works!!!
Some of you lucky supporters have had the chance to see Episodes 1-3 at various events around the country – Porcupine Freedom Fest, Rethinking Everything Conference, and a handfull of local events here in Austin! Thank you for the support, feedback and contributions. Our sneak-peeks are a special time to connect with all of you. There are more opportunities around the corner and loads of ways to help the show!
C4NL has been growing rapidly as well. Right now we need your help in spreading the word about our philanthropy project (you’ll find more info about it below) and growing our social media presence, so please “Like” our Facebook page today . C4NL will also be exploring other autonomous communities to learn, share and grow the sustainability movement.
In other news we’ve added a new way to contribute to the project: Bitcoins! This announcement came soon after a generous donor pitched in $10K worth of Bitcoin to the show. If you haven’t learned about Bitcoin, Episode 4 will help (but until that Episode is out, watch this)!
Our non-profit and show have loads of events around the corner. To find out more, check out the rest of this newsletter update and visit C4NL’s website as well as the show’s blog.
Continue reading and thanks again for all your support!
Your friend in liberty,
John Bush
Founder of Center for Natural Living

Philanthropy Program

Our 2013 Philanthropy Program is focused on educating and assisting underserved communities in understanding and accessing natural healthcare. Our next step in our flouride project is a research study where we will examine the effects of flouride in water and its overall availability. 

Additionally, we are purchasing at least 100 fluoride water filters and donating them to new mothers so they may provide their newborns with non-fluoridated water, as recommended by the Center for Disease Control.  Join us as we bring the magic of natural health to families in need.

Just one $50 donation ensures a new baby will enjoy fluoride free water!  So far we have raised enough to provide 50 filters, help us hit our goal of 100. Donate now by clicking HERE.

Sovereign Living: The show!

Since the last time we chatted, the show’s support and progress has exceeded our expectations. Episode 1 is now officially completed and Episode 2’s completion is right around the corner.
We’ve been hosting sneak peek screenings around the country of Episodes 1-3 and have received support ranging from influentials like Jeff Berwick who recently endorsed the show and a $10K Bitcoin donation from Bitcoin entreprenuer, Erik Voorhees! We have more endorsements that will be announced soon. First, we want to tell you about Episodes 4 and 5 that are revving up:
Episode 4 of Sovereign Living will follow the Blush Family to events as they interact with the alternative currency pioneers of the liberty movement. You may see some familiar faces! Episode 5 will return the family back to the farm to cover the topic of alternative health and medicine. It’s obvious that both of these episodes will provide enormous amounts of education, so please help us get them produced in a timely fashion.
All contributions to Sovereign Living: the show are tax-deductible and as said earlier in this newsletter, we now accept Bitcoins! Check out our donate page!! You’ll see some awesome ways to get involved and cool rewards we’d like to thank you with. Even a small contribution of $30 will get you special access to Episode 1 online AND a shirt! If you’re feeling extra generous – $200 will get you the same incentives PLUS you get to name three rabbits that will be featured on the show! There are also ways to promote your organization or business through our ad spots, also explained in full detail on the donate page.
Thanks to the over 50 people who have already contributed from $5-$10,000 at a time. We appreciate you and will have news on the delivery of your rewards soon!

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