Unschooling on a Rainy day

Although we are now back to sunshine and upper 80’s and 90’s, rainy days are an excellent opportunity for the whole family to learn about water! The kids particularly like it as an opportunity to learn and play!

During our morning trip out to the front yard garden we saw gray thunder clouds and began talking about rain and where it comes from. Miss Ali danced and played while the first sprinkles hit us, then they took turns with mom running through the downpour from the front porch to the carport.

 Ali in the rain

She learned the way water affects different walking surfaces and where she could run or only walk. She learned about mud, clouds, temperature, how plants need water, how water gathers into streams or puddles, how fabric reacts to rain and how to collect water running off the house.  It was awesome, she was truly alive and loving the experience.

When we came in we warmed up with a hot bath and continued talking about water in the tub.  We then made popcorn and piled pillows from all over the house in the living room to watch a cartoon about the water cycle. We then followed our short film with a dance party to songs we found on youtube with water cycle lyrics. The day isn’t over and we still have plenty of opportunities to discuss water. Making tea, washing our dinner dishes, and changing the laundry are a few opportunities we will have in the next few hours!

Now that I’ve been introduced to unschooling, I look at our day to day lives differently. Today has been truly sensational. Thanks for the rain, Mother Nature! And thanks for the new outlook on life, Rethinking Everything conference!

Introducing an exciting new addition to Sovereign Living: "Sovereign Living's Tip of the Week"!

The show covers the Blush Family’s quest to become self-sufficient, but we want to make sure we are sharing all our tricks of the trade along the way! The blog provides you with great recipes, advice, and stories and insight from other related projects/news, and now every week we will be providing you with a “Tip of the Week” ranging from gardening tips to how to keep your water safe. Celebrate with us by sharing our debut video today!

Here’s some other combinations!

Thanks for watching! We’ll be back next week…

One more summer breakfast from the Blush Garden!

My favorite part of summer in Texas is the amazing and plentiful okra! I love this delicious vegetable with my morning eggs.  Most people seem surprised when I suggest making them with eggs, so I figured I’d share the love here. Slice okra (I like it thick) then simmer in coconut oil briefly, add spices to taste.  You don’t have to scramble the eggs as you might assume, I like mine sunny side up and cook them right on the okra! Serve piping hot and enjoy! It feels good to eat a breakfast of eggs and veggies grown/raised right here at home!


Chocolate Hemp Milk – A tasty Sunday treat!

Today I needed coffee, bad. But I’ve been off coffee for about two months so I decided I needed it in a yummy special way. Mixed with homemade chocolate hemp milk! Aliana LOVED this morning treat, and it is jam packed with things your body needs and loves!

Recipe:hemp milk recipe

Half cup of hemp seeds

One cup water

Splash of vanilla extract

Good squeeze of agave

Six heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder (I kept adding more to taste)

Put in blender (I used whole juice setting)








John's Starter Seeds!

We are starting our third fall here on the Blush Family farm. We’ve had two and a half years of learning hard lessons on this property and we are ready to step things up!

john starter seeds 2

This year our summer garden of tomatoes, okra, watermelon, and herbs is still producing! Half our strawberry bed from spring was able to over-summer and our asparagus is about to hit its two year birthday!  Not to mention our growing chicken flock has reached over 100 happy free-range birds!

Every growing season we have struggled to keep the chickens out of the garden, to harvest fast enough, and to fight off the crab grass. But things are different this fall. Our slow summer is ending with a bang. A real solution to the chicken/garden gate issue was found, holes in the fencing were permanently fixed and John has put nearly a thousand seeds in the ground.

Our goal is abundance for ourselves, our family, our friends and our community. To have a lot you must create a lot, and this year…abundance will be found. I feel the bonds of dedication growing, the passion and drive returning and a common vision rebirthing. The Blush Family Farm is going to do it right this fall! At least, we’ll try!

[Video] Peaceful Parenting Event at PorcFest 2013

Check out the latest upload from Sovereign Living and see John Bush discuss his personal journey through peaceful parenting. This event took place at the PorcFest in Lancaster, NH…a summer hub for liberty! A big thanks to Red Pill Recording for recording the event. We had quite the inquisitive crowd! Let the message of peaceful parenting spread far and wide!

An update for all our fans!

Episode 1 is in the can and Episodes 2-5 are in the works!!!
Some of you lucky supporters have had the chance to see Episodes 1-3 at various events around the country – Porcupine Freedom Fest, Rethinking Everything Conference, and a handfull of local events here in Austin! Thank you for the support, feedback and contributions. Our sneak-peeks are a special time to connect with all of you. There are more opportunities around the corner and loads of ways to help the show!
C4NL has been growing rapidly as well. Right now we need your help in spreading the word about our philanthropy project (you’ll find more info about it below) and growing our social media presence, so please “Like” our Facebook page today . C4NL will also be exploring other autonomous communities to learn, share and grow the sustainability movement.
In other news we’ve added a new way to contribute to the project: Bitcoins! This announcement came soon after a generous donor pitched in $10K worth of Bitcoin to the show. If you haven’t learned about Bitcoin, Episode 4 will help (but until that Episode is out, watch this)!
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John Bush
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Philanthropy Program

Our 2013 Philanthropy Program is focused on educating and assisting underserved communities in understanding and accessing natural healthcare. Our next step in our flouride project is a research study where we will examine the effects of flouride in water and its overall availability.  Continue reading “An update for all our fans!”

Professor from University of Oregon warns of flouride's toxicity

Senate Bill 99 is up for debate as environmentalists question if the cavity fighting action of fluoride outweighs the potential affects on the habitats and ecosystem.

Read more thoughts from other Oregon scientists, fishers, sponsors of the bill in a recently released article. AND don’t forget that The Center for Natural Living will be educating the Central Texas region of the effects of fluoride this year in their 2013 philanthropy program. Learn how you can help provide a fluoride filter to an expecting mother in Texas.


Joel Salatin: Treating Farm Land with Care

If you’ve had the opportunity to see a sneak peek of Episode One, you’ll know Bardo Farm is a great example of resourcefulness when it comes to their land and entire ecosystem. More specifically they are constantly shuffling pigs from one area to another to keep the ground fertile and organic, and while it looks like a mess, this land yields bountiful amounts of food for the farm.

Joel Salatin, a farm activist and excellent farmer himself, covers the topic of taking care of your land and soil. This not only benefits your output, but it also helps your neighbors and the future of your land.

Libertopia screening had over 60 attendees including film producer, Foster Gamble!

The highlight of our weekend was having producer of Thrive, Foster Gamble, compliment the show. How awesome is that? We also received numerous uplifting compliments about the quality of the show and how much everyone enjoyed it. Libertopia was another positive event to help our team move forward with high spirits and hunger to bring more to our followers.

Our screening was held in San Diego at the Town and Country Resort at 8pm…it was quickly filled with over 60 people, all filing in to check out the sneak peek of Episodes 1-3. Thank you to everyone who made it and a big thanks to the donors who helped us raise $300 at the screening. We even saw some Bitcoin donations! We are so grateful for the support!


Thanks again to Sky Conway for inviting us to screen and for all the support from our new and current followers. Keep sending your thoughts on our Facebook page and share it with your friends!