Check out Sovereign Living at Rethinking Everything this weekend! (In Irving, TX)

For immediate release 08/25/13

A veteran to the idea of “free-living”, Rethinking Everything has become a pivotal organization in the unschooling movement. Since 1991 these education reformists have strived to help families reach their full “freedom-potential”, from birth to death, with focus on education, self-design, gentle-parenting and so much more. It’s no wonder Sovereign Living was invited to participate in this year’s conference! As John Bush, co-star of the show said, in regards to the show’s mission:

“We’re trying to lead by example and live in a manner that’s consistent with the ideal [free] society we envision.”

Sovereign Living follows The Blush Family as they detach from central institutions and live as far off the grid as possible – in a reality-style show all can enjoy. Their children, though young, are being brought up in a liberty-filled environment and are, essentially, this conference’s message put into practice. Co-star of the show, John Bush, will be holding four sessions at the conference, one being the airing of Episode 1-3! Other awesome sessions to catch:

  • Anarchism and Radical Unschooling: Two Peas in a Peaceful Pod
  • Sovereign Living: Becoming Self Sufficient and Leading a Voluntary and Natural Life (Friday – 3:30pm)
  • Building Value in a Down Economy: A Family Guide to Alternative Currencies, Entrepeneurship and Voluntary Exchange (Saturday – 3:30pm)

The conference starts August 22nd and runs until the 26th in Irving, TX. To learn more about panel start times, lodging, etc. visit The options are endless on what you can learn and bring home from this event, so do your best to make it all weekend long!

The homeschooling and alternative education network is growing. People want to guide their children away from the downward spiraling school systems in America, give them a chance to achieve goals that are unthinkable in most mainstream classrooms. Sovereign Living plans to play their part in this evolution of education by producing a fun, informative show that walks the walk. If you haven’t checked out the sizzle reel, now’s your chance. If you “rethink everything” you’ll love the opening of the trailer! 😉
Join the exclusive opportunity to see Episodes 1-3 at the Rethinking Everything Conference this weekend in Dallas. The screening begins at 3:30pm on Sunday in the Napa I room. All are welcome to attend. Following the show, the cast will be taking questions from the audience, so stick around for all three episodes.

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