Rethinking Everything – A Conference That Changed My Life!

This past weekend I was introduced to the most joyful, free-living and centered people I have ever met.  In fact, I am still coming down from the high I felt at the Rethinking Everything Conference in Irving, Texas.  This event took place for the 17th time and brought together entire families dedicated to raising free, creative, and curious children.Some of the adult attendees have come every year since early childhood and now attend with their parents and their own children! The history and community ran deep with these people, and I couldn’t help but simply sit back and watch in awe as they introduced me to revolutionary ideas about raising children and becoming better people.

I have worked the libertarian/liberty speaking circuits for years, while that movement seemed huge to me once I found myself emmersed, I have now been made aware of another movement of like-minded people who are kinder, gentler, and more happy than most of the people I meet at liberty events.

Our family was invited to speak on anarchy and unschooling, entrepreneurship and alternative currencies, and Sovereign Living, our efforts to get off centralized institutions such as government and corporate food chains. We were also able to screen the first three episodes of the reality show about our efforts, also called Sovereign Living (

Our talks were well attended with about 40 people in each session.  The conversations we had after each speech were powerful and dynamic and full of curiosity.  Not everyone agreed with our philosophy, especially on self defense/gun ownership, but the conversations were incredibly positive despite the differing views.

I have jumped across the country to camping festivals, hotel conferences,  and rallies to talk about the philosophy of freedom.  This was the first time I truly felt I was surrounded by people LIVING this philosophy. Watching hundreds of children interact with each other through their various interests was absolutely fascinating to me.At most liberty events, children are few and far between.   Its very hard on me as a new mother practicing attachment parenting because events are held at non-child friendly places and I have to exert massive amount of energy to ensure the safety of my kids while still participating in the meeting while not disturbing those also attending.This event was designed around entire families.  No one even noticed kids interrupting lectures or discussions or workshops, they were simply part of the event and something everyone seemed to expect and enjoy.  The event was designed around fun and learning for EVERYONE, not just the kids.

There were yoga classes, belly dancing, nerf gun wars, a room full of legos, a room full of dress up clothes, gaming rooms, a visit from the zoo, a talent show, a hypnotist, q&as daily about unschooling and more. I know my attendance at this event is just the tip of the iceberg and I am so excited to create my life around unshooling.
The most powerful lesson I learned was letting kids work out conflict on their own.  The first few days I was there I would get in the middle of my daughter and other kids interacting, especially if someone was toy hogging or being a bully.  After watching the other attendees’ let the children work it out and look on at me with a knowing smile, I decided to back off.
It was AMAZING watching my daughter remove herself from situations that weren’t going well, or seeing other kids decide to play with something else after Aliana took their toy.  No parental intervention, no tears.  They may only be a few years old, but they are capable of working out these situations on their own.  How empowering!!!!  It took only a few days and Aliana quit turning to me for help, and simply interacted at her own pace with the other kids.  This simple idea has profoundly changed the way I see my role as a parent.
Are you an unschooling family?    I have questions as a mother of young children I’d like to get answered as I walk further down this path:
Is alone time a possibility for mothers who unschool?
Do most unschooled toddlers go through the “terrible twos” or extreme mood swings that you traditionally hear about?
How do radical unschool families deal with food freedom?  I am a strong believer in eating fabulous food (organic, nongmo, etc….) and right now I have toddler who only has access to the food I provide.  Soon enough she may go to a friends, or another place that has food I don’t “approve” of, how do I deal with this?Thanks for reading!

The West Coast-Liberty Event of the Year Hosts Sovereign Living!

Libertopia’s theme this year is “Living free in an unfreeworld”, and he Blush Family is putting this theme to the test with the reality program Sovereign Living. One of Libertopia’s main events this year will be a sneak peek screening of the first three episodes of Sovereign Living – a glimpse into a real family’s journey to a voluntary lifestyle!

“The Sovereign Living reality TV series is perhaps the most important and  first serious attempt to reach a mainstream audience with the ideals of Voluntaryism, peace, and empowerment from government institutions. We are proud to screen the first 3 episodes at Libertopia” – Libertopia organizer, Sky Conway

Libertopia is taking place this year in San Diego, CA at the Town and Country Resort August 30th to September 2nd. What better way to enjoy your long weekend than with like-minded friends and incredible educational opportunities?! On Saturday and Sunday join John Bush, Cat Bleish (and their adorable kiddos) for screenings of the show during lunch! It will be the first time that Episode 1 will be seen in its final stage.

This twelve-episode series is a project of The Center for Natural Living 501c3 and produced by Karmakaze Productions. This project requires around the clock dedication to the philosophy of liberty, whether it be gardening, peaceful parenting, community defense, outreach, and more. Attendees are encouraged to look into ways they can help the show garner the support it needs to touch lives across the world. Consider contributing to the project. There are several ways you can help and some rewarding gifts the cast and crew would like to offer in return!

So join the Blush Family on Saturday and Sunday during lunch at Libertopia to check out the show and engage in a Q&A afterwards. The aspirations are set high and for good reason, this project has already proven to be an absolute success! Any questions about the event? Visit!




Check out Sovereign Living at Rethinking Everything this weekend! (In Irving, TX)

For immediate release 08/25/13

A veteran to the idea of “free-living”, Rethinking Everything has become a pivotal organization in the unschooling movement. Since 1991 these education reformists have strived to help families reach their full “freedom-potential”, from birth to death, with focus on education, self-design, gentle-parenting and so much more. It’s no wonder Sovereign Living was invited to participate in this year’s conference! As John Bush, co-star of the show said, in regards to the show’s mission:

“We’re trying to lead by example and live in a manner that’s consistent with the ideal [free] society we envision.”

Sovereign Living follows The Blush Family as they detach from central institutions and live as far off the grid as possible – in a reality-style show all can enjoy. Their children, though young, are being brought up in a liberty-filled environment and are, essentially, this conference’s message put into practice. Co-star of the show, John Bush, will be holding four sessions at the conference, one being the airing of Episode 1-3! Other awesome sessions to catch:

  • Anarchism and Radical Unschooling: Two Peas in a Peaceful Pod
  • Sovereign Living: Becoming Self Sufficient and Leading a Voluntary and Natural Life (Friday – 3:30pm)
  • Building Value in a Down Economy: A Family Guide to Alternative Currencies, Entrepeneurship and Voluntary Exchange (Saturday – 3:30pm)

The conference starts August 22nd and runs until the 26th in Irving, TX. To learn more about panel start times, lodging, etc. visit The options are endless on what you can learn and bring home from this event, so do your best to make it all weekend long!

The homeschooling and alternative education network is growing. People want to guide their children away from the downward spiraling school systems in America, give them a chance to achieve goals that are unthinkable in most mainstream classrooms. Sovereign Living plans to play their part in this evolution of education by producing a fun, informative show that walks the walk. If you haven’t checked out the sizzle reel, now’s your chance. If you “rethink everything” you’ll love the opening of the trailer! 😉
Join the exclusive opportunity to see Episodes 1-3 at the Rethinking Everything Conference this weekend in Dallas. The screening begins at 3:30pm on Sunday in the Napa I room. All are welcome to attend. Following the show, the cast will be taking questions from the audience, so stick around for all three episodes.

The Rise of "Mesh Networks" May be the Answer to the NSA

Much like Diasapora took on the challenge of making social media free of corporate overreach, communities across the country are building small pockets of government-free internet. This small but promising effort in cities like Athens, Ciaro, Capetown and more, is providing a means of communication for those who can not afford internet services and those who want to keep their communication private.

The biggest roadblock in the way is the FCC, because they control all the most efficient frequencies. Building the back end and apparatus for a free network is more than a reasonable goal (though timely goal) for those who want to communicate freely.

Read more on the development and reality of having a truly free internet.