Austin-based reality show hosts WORLD PREMIERE of Episode 3 at Native South Farmer’s Market

Austin-based reality show hosts WORLD PREMIERE of Episode 3 at Native South Food Park

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There’s nothing more hip than being the FIRST to do, see or experience something. Austinites are known for being the first at many things -especially in Texas- and to add to their hip-ness an exclusive screening of the Sovereign Living reality show will be happening on July 27th at the Native South Food Park at 10106 Manchaca Rd. This event is family friendly, so pack up a blanket, but don’t worry there will be organic food and snacks available for purchase, and join us for an outdoor screening of Sovereign Living, Episodes 1 & 2, along with the world premiere of Episode 3!

Sovereign Living is an Austin-based reality show illuminating the journey of a family of four as they leave centralized institutions and create a sustainable life for themselves on the 2.4-acre “Blush Family Farm” in Central Texas. Follow the Blush Family (John Bush, Catherine Bleish, and their two children) as they work to create their own food, shelter, water and energy systems, as well as build communal defense and healthcare. This show will create a new wave of education in the reality TV genre, and wait until you see the cinematography!!!

The event will kick off at 7pm starting with speeches, music, and then Episode 1, which introduces you to the family while joining them on a visit to NH to check out the 100% off the grid, Bardo Farm. Episode 2 involves the underestimated issue of neighborly relationships and property protection: If you’re not relying on centralized institutions what would you do in the times you would typically call the police? The world premiere of Episode 3 takes you into the Blush home during the natural birth of their second child.

Who: Sovereign Living: The Show
Where: Native South Food Park Manchaca Rd
When: July 27th from 7pm-10pm

A crowd-supported fundraiser, much like Kickstarter, has launched so help us ensure this unique, educational show will be seen by the world. Visit to learn more, and if you can, become a supporter and learn about the awesome prizes that come along with helping out!

Check out the sizzle reel here to learn what Sovereign Living all about:


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