A Message to Our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt, From SovereignLiving.tv

448509-egypt-protestsMessage to Egyptian protestors – give self-governance a try! It is likely that the next ruler will be just like the rest of them. It may take a while but as Lord Acton said, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You may not be able to have total liberty all across the country, but at least take a couple million of you and create a sustainable and autonomous region or two. What better opportunity than now do you have a chance at experimenting with a radical new way to organize society. Give mutually beneficial voluntary association a try and abandon the old way of coercion, hierarchy, and despair. If democracy is what you desire, explore direct democracy, where the individual chooses if he or she wishes to participate. You may not get another shot at it in a while. Why not try something new? We’ll be watching. Good luck. Peace and Freedom for ALL.

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