Sovereign Living: The Show – Reality TV for the Liberty Minded!




Sovereign Living: THE SHOW

A Reality TV series for the Liberty Minded

Check out the biggest platform for liberty to come out of Texas since Ron Paul!

A new, reality-based program is amidst production at the 2.4 acre Blush Family Farm in Central Texas, and we need your help!

Join the Blush Family (John Bush, Catherine Bleish, and their two children) in their quest to become self sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life.  

Sovereign Living: The Show is an educational project of The Center for Natural Living, a 501c3 working to demonstrate the value of voluntary cooperation and natural living in the areas of sustainability, family, and health.

Watch the brand new sizzle reel to meet the Blush Family and learn about their ambitious goals!

The twelve episode series will educate, entertain, and inspire viewers to take responsibility for their lives. Topics to be covered throughout the season include natural health, alternative education, natural birthing, alternative currencies, community defense, and more!  We’d love to have you become a part of the show! There are many rewards and a lifetime of knowledge to be had.

The quality of education that will be produced through the show is priceless and will greatly serve liberty communities. One thing that isn’t priceless is the production to make this happen.

We’ve explored what it takes to produce this series through mainstream channels and were not pleased with the lack of control present in the arrangements.  We want to be sure we can accurately and boldly convey the radical message that is true Sovereign Living.  That’s why we are sticking to our guns and executing this sovereign fundraising campaign and building a sovereign distribution medium.  It’s also why we need your help to make this happen!  In order to circumvent the normal mainstream channels, we’re appealing to the grassroots to be a part of the action.

Will you consider making a tax-deductible monetary contribution to help further the reach of the show and ensure top notch production quality? We’ve got more than just a tax-deductible receipt for you today, we have put together a Kickstarter-style fundraiser where contributors get recognition and gifts at all different levels!

  • $20 donation gets you a sneak peek link to view Season One before it is public
  • $40 donation gets you a Sovereign Living T- Shirt and a first run DVD of Season One
  • $200 donation and you can name new rabbits featured in Season One
  • $1500 donation gets you a VIP trip to Austin,TX in July for a screening of Episodes 1 – 3
  • Other incentives include: name a goat, screening in your area, conference in your area, Executive Producer credits, and more!

We are also offering thirty second and one minute announcements for your business, cause, or organization to air during breaks on the show.

More information as well as details about the various incentives can be found at

There are multiple ways to give including, Credit Card, PayPal, mail or phone, and even Bitcoin! Click the tomato below to donate today!

Thanks for your support in helping us spread the message of voluntary and natural living!!

In Liberty,

John Bush

Executive Director of The Center for Natural Living

Co-Star of Sovereign Living: The Show

Sovereign Living: The Show is an educational project of The Center for Natural Living, a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit that works to educate the general public on voluntary cooperation and natural living in the areas of sustainability, family, and health. Donations can be made to “The Center for Natural Living.” Donations to The Center for Natural Living are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


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