“You need not ask permission”: SovereignLiving.TV Launches!

The latest video and blog tool coming out of the Austin-based liberty activist community is SovereignLiving.TV, a place to learn about living self-sufficiently. Learn to grow your our groceries, educate your children at home, and even clean your hair without using shampoo, all are apart of the vast amount of subjects eloquently populated to this site everyday via blogposts and podcasts.

Starting this Saturday SovereignLiving.TV will be sharing a snippet from its first educational episode at the Center for Natural Living Launch Party! At the event a teaser of the show will be released for the first time ever in public, and those who are accessing the event online will also have a chance to see this, don’t worry!

As multiple venues surface to provide alternative media across the country, SovereignLiving.TV will bring to the table the sustainability and health-focused commentary you all have grown to love from the Center for Natural Living and Blush Family Farm operators. Once again, voluntary connections making the world a better place.

I hope you all follow the show at SovereignLiving.TV and catch the first glimpse of the show at the launch party this Saturday! This is so important for those of you looking for a way to “practice what you preach”. The founders of this new venture wanted to share this:

“Those seeking freedom all too often find their lives consumed by the need and desire to fight against what they see as intrusive and overreaching threats to their individual liberty.  It is in this reaction that we are giving up our freedom – for when the enemies of liberty are able to dictate our actions, we are not living freely according to our own path.” – From John Bush and Cat Bleish

Join the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/SovereignLivingTV and tune in!



We are officially raising meal worms! How exciting! These little guys are living in a bed of oatmeal with yummy carrots, celery, potatoes and leaves from our yard! Soon they will turn into beetles and the cycle will continue! These are for our chickens to eat!