“Battling past the ego to get to the truth has been at the heart of countless spiritual teachings in countless countries for countless centuries. 

Ego-death as a means to no-self is what this journey is all about.  That’s the reason behind the devotion, the prayer, the meditation, the teachings, the renunciation. 

Anyone headed for truth is going to get there over the ego’s dead body or not at all.  There’s no shortcut or easy way, no going under or around.  The only way past ego is through it, and the only way through it is with laser-like intent and a heart of stone. 

The caterpillar doesn’t become a butterfly, it enters a death process that becomes the birth process of the butterfly.  The appearance of transformation is an illusion.  One thing ends and another begins.”

From ‘Spiritual Enlightenment – The Damndest Thing

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