4 Replies to “Dresser Converted to Eight Laying Boxes on the Blush Family Farm!”

  1. Listeded to Coast to Coast AM this AM . You said sinmething about downloading information regarding raising chikens. It was to be good for 24 hours. Can not find it anywhere on your site. Please advise.

  2. I enjoyed you both on Coast to Coast last night, you are inspirational. I just began raising chickens, and would like to accept your very kind offer of the free e-book, but was unable to locate it on your website. Perhaps you could help me with that. I myself have been making a fertilizer tea from the droppings that I like to call “Chicken poop soup”…the garden loves it…I’m also looking for your recipe…I bet it’s in that book of yours! Namaste!…and thanks. Nels

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