Larkin Rose: We Shouldn't Initiate Violence Against Each-Other



“We are the beginning of humanity.  The group of people who dares to say, ‘we shouldn’t initiate violence against each-other’.  How painfully obvious is that?  But it needs to be said because most people have been taught that there’s a giant exception called government.  Future generations are gonna be really glad we talked about this.”

– Larken Rose

Dayna Martin Hosts the Freedomain Radio Sunday Call In Show!

By dayna I had a fabulous experience hosting the Free Domain Radio Sunday Call In Show this week!  I answered questions pertaining to Unschooling and Parenting. I hope you find great inspiration from the show! Here are just some of the topics that I covered. 2:20 – Internal Worlds 9:20 – Communicating Parents Preferences 15:05 – Making Mistakes 19:25 – Rules […]
Via: Dayna Martin – Radical Unschooling  

Rise Up Radio Show, Kirby Fry Discusses permaculture, earthen homes, and natural living!

This might be my favorite episode to date on the Rise Up Radio Show! John Bush rocking the mic on

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On the March 12th, 2013 edition of Rise Up Radio, John Bush chats with Kirby Fry about permaculture, earthen homes, and natural living.

Blush Family Farm Hatches More Chicks!

The Blush Family Farm hatched another batch of chicks! This time it was 16 out of 20 eggs that hatched. 80% hatch rate! The second incubator we used this time had a 0% success rate. This is likely due to a power outage that took place a couple weeks ago due to a windstorm. From this we took two lessons – 1. Brinsea makes excellent incubators that hold their temperatures well and 2. It is important to have at least one source of alternative energy (generator/solar/methane from animal waste/etc.) available for down grid situations.

Chickens are an excellent simple step towards food self sufficiency. Consider getting a small flock of 6 chickens and learn the basics.