Wind Storm Chaos

Well, yesterday was an interesting one on the Blush Family Farm.  John has been out of town six days now (five at the time), and I was already feeling pretty pooped.  While Alianan was napping mid-day I noticed the wind picking up and getting louder and more violent.  Our power flickered multiple times before going out completely.

The power outage stressed me because we have 62 eggs incubating and our incubators are very dependent on electricity to maintain temperature! I also had low batteries in both the ipad and the computer and knew my access to communication was limited.

I covered the incubators in blankets and waited out the power outage inside.  A huge branch broke off a tree out front and man medium sized branches are now hanging in the trees. Glass bottles flew from across the street and broke all over the front, our storage shed in progress collapsed, the garden fencing was damaged, and our swim pool for watering the birds was blown across the yard.

I got some footage of the chickens and peafowl trying to brave the wind.  It was nuts. The ONLY reason I took Aliana out there was because there was no one else home and the birds needed to eat.  I asked her not to leave the barn, and she did not.  Thankfully only property was damaged (and lots of trash blown into our yard from the neighbor’s pile).


See more videos at our youtube channel:

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