Chicken Attack on the Blush Family Farm!

This is a repost from our family blog

“Last week one of our chickens got attacked by the dog across the street.  In a barefoot and pregnant rage I chased the dog down and despite falling down in the middle of the street and skinning both of my knees and top of my foot, he let go of the bird and ran away.  I banged on the neighbors doors throwing an absolutely fit and have not seen the dog running loose since.  We have a language barrier and have talked to them about their dogs multiple times, this time it stuck.  I was screaming and crying and VERY upset.  Thankfully the bird (named Fire Eyes) survived with a limp, missing feathers and a flesh wound on her back.  She is currently recuperating on our back garden porch away from the other birds so she does not get “picked” on.”

This is an example of one of the many hard lessons learned in chicken ownership.  With free range birds you must be prepared to protect them from predators such as neighbors dogs.  I knew she was in the front yard, but did not force her to go back to our backyard.  This resulted in her being attacked by a dog I knew had been loose several times in recent weeks.  In the future I will be much more vigilant.

Here she is recovering:fire eyes.

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  1. Look – I hope your neighbors dogs are not now chained…for that is animal cruelty. If they do not have a fenced area for the dogs… then I would contact the animal control folk so the dogs have a chance for a decent life by maybe being adopted to another famlly. Are these dogs allowed to live in the home of their owner family? That would be good. Also, do your chickens leave your property? Are the dogs fed properly?

    Do you eat the chickens you raise. Or just the eggs? Dogs like meat and eggs also, as well as other carnivores.

    1. One of the dogs has a new home now, the other is still chained in the back. We don’t believe in using force, but I did call an animal welfare group and they don’t service our area….. He does appear to be fed now.

      We eat the meat when we have too many roosters or a hen gets older. The chickens mostly stay in our middle back yard (they don’t go into the back acre as there is little hawk coverage. They do go in the front and the dog across the street has gone after them in the past, but not lately.

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