The swimming yogi in me

A few weeks ago John and I went to the YMCA to get a membership.  In part due to the encouragement of our midwife and in part because my body simply needs the exercise right now. I have been participating in yoga once a week and swimming once or twice a week.

The truth is, I thought I was about to die after swimming my first three laps.  My arms were tingling and my chest on fire from the workout. I pushed through the burn and was able to accomplish a total of 10 laps in their Olympic sized pool.  This is now my minimum each time I go and I look forward to raising the bar once my body gets used to the work out.

This week I decided to spend one of my pool session with Aliana, our 14 month old, in the 4 foot pool.  This proved a totally different but totally intense workout.  I moved her from side to side, up and down as I paced back and forth in the pool.  I walked forward, backward, side ways and marched.

By the time I was reaching exhaustion she still wanted to swim!  Ali leaned to kick her feet and splash her hands as if she were swimming.  It was a great bonding experience and workout at the same time!

Now, I do try to do yoga stretches on a daily bases at home, but there is nothing better than being child free and zoned into your own body for an hour.  I have participated in the “gentle yoga” and “prenatal yoga” classes and feel great after each.  Next week I am taking Aliana to a mommy and me yoga class to see how she does.

So far she has not taken well to the childcare facility.  We’ve never left her anywhere and the one time John tried to leave her so he could work in the lobby she panicked.  With that being said, my yoga classes are a family affair and John is spending time with the baby in the daycare to get her used to it.  Hopefully she’ll start to see it as a fun safe place and won’t mind an hour to enjoy other toddlers!

I can already see and feel a difference in my body.  My pregnant belly feels more firm and fit, my chronic pregnancy back aches are starting to wane, and I have been sleeping much more soundly at night.

Its has been a really long time since I’ve engaged in any sort of regular physical activity , so I wanted to share my so-far-so-good experience with you and keep you posted as I journey toward true physical health.

What do you do to get exercise every week?

Much love,


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