Chicken Jerky

One of the greatest blessings that comes with living on a chicken farm is the ability to experiment with new recipes.  Now, I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat everything we make, but I sure enjoy making it, smelling it, and watching the reaction of my friends and family when they try it!

This past weekend we had a rooster slaughter and we made a trial run batch of chicken jerky.  It was  a HUGE hit, so today we’re making more!  This time the entire dehydrator (all 6 shelves) is full, and we tried a new recipe in addition to the previous one we tried.

The first recipe can be found here.

The second recipe is a total experiment and I look forward to telling you how it goes.  On Sunday we bbqed a whole bird for four hours on the smoker.  Yesterday we cut off the left over meat into strips and placed them in a bag of barbeque sauce to marinate overnight. Today I added the trail version to the top shelf of the incubator.  Since the meat is already cooked, I imagine this will take a much shorter time than the 5-7 hours the raw meat with take.

I’ll be sure to post an update with reviews soon!

Be sure to read the safety warning at the bottom of our first recipe if you decide to use it – there is always a risk of salmonella when using raw meat!


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