Preparing our bounty – in the kitchen, post freeze harvest

Well, after much research on each of the peppers and tomatoes we harvested early due to the freeze (see post here), we have decided what we are going to make with each.

Cayenne Peppers

The cayenne peppers were grown for medicinal uses and culinary. All the freeze harvest peppers are green and did not have the opportunity to vine ripen. We decided to use these peppers for culinary purposes only. Half of them we will pickle green and the other half we will attempt to ripen and dry for cooking spice.

These are the cayenne peppers we will allow to ripen then dry out for cooking spices!

I do have 3 red cayennes that I harvested last week, they are drying out nicely. I will save some of the seeds from each pepper to plant in the spring and save the rest for medicinal purposes.

Tip:when drying peppers, slice  the blade of a knife through to allow air circulation to the core. This will help prevent mold and  decrease dry time.

Jalapeño Peppers

The jalapeño peppers we are going to use fresh in the kitchen. Tonight we had delicious appetizers – nut thin crackers with goat cheese, local peach jam, and a slice of fresh jalapeño. Amazing!

Jalapenos for cooking!

Tonight we are also adding them pasta and in the morning I will add them to eggs!  They are hot hot hot! Yum yum yum!

Green Bell Peppers and Green Chile Peppers

The green bell peppers and green chilies are currently in the process of becoming mini goat cheese stuffed peppers. YUM!

Here are the peppers on the left (pasta sauce ingredients on left).

You can find therecipe here. I’ll post an update on the results!

update: DELICIOUS!

Here is a picture of the yum!!!

Green Tomatoes

The green tomatoes are going to be used in three ways. Some will be left to ripen, some will be pickled (I have not decided on a recipe, but I know at least one jar of spicy by adding cayenne), and the final use is green tomato pasta sauce, currently in progress.  The recipe for the sauce canbe found here. I’ll post an update with pics and reviews of each 🙂


Here are the tomatoes for canning (and the peppers).

Here is the sauce in progress.

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