Update on my no 'poo experience.


In two days I will have gone exactly three months on the no ‘poo method. My hair was washed by the stylist once, but other than that I have only used baking soda as shampoo, apple cider vinegar as conditioner and coconut oil on the tips early on to heal split ends (I need to do this again, and get a trim).

I have never had so many compliments on my hair since I have started this endeavor. It is softer, fuller, shiner and all over much more healthy!

I hit a few road bumps and found a few solutions along the way that I’d liked share.

First, doing the full routine everyday is not necessary, sometimes just a water rinse does the trick. It was probably about two month mark that I instinctually started skipping a day or two and found my hair to appreciate the break from washing in general. This is after my hair settled into its new routine, I would not recommend skipping days early on when your hair is going through the natural oily phase. I don’t know how i knew it was time to start skipping washes, but I I instinctually cut back at the right time. The initial grease phase did not hit me hard as I used all natural shampoo before starting this method. After two months my hair just simply didn’t need to be washed as frequently.

Second, I was having trouble around the two month mark with the back of my head being greasy the days I did wash it. I think this was from pouring the liquid solution on my hair and it simply not soaking in enough, despite me massaging it in. The solution? Pour baking soda on your hair in the problem areas while your hair is dry. Pour it straight on in the powder form and work in with your fingers. As you get in the shower, damp your hair slowly and continue to work I the baking soda. THEN pour in your baking soda/water solution as you normally would with the no ‘poo method. This should stop the grease factor.

Warning, if your scalp dries out easily, this could irritate your skin, so don’t leave on too long or do this on days your hair has not over greased. My hair is naturally oily so I do this method in my bangs and on the back of my head on MOST washes as a preventative method. I did notice a few dandruff flakes while visiting cold weather states over thanksgiving, so I cut back on the direct/dry pour while here and my hair has continued to look fabulous.

My third tip is to make sure you rinse the apple cider vinegar out all the way, else you may smell like vinegar all day. A few times I decided to let it sit in and towel dry. This offered no benefit, only a strong scent.

My last tip is to be generous in your application. Buy in bulk and use as much baking soda or apple cider vinegar as you need to get the job done.

I will edit this post to include a picture of my hair in its current appearance as soon as I get it off our phone 🙂

Happy no ‘pooing!

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