Tony's Kansas City Covers Our First Sovereign Living presentation


Earlier this week we noted an important discussion in Kansas City regarding a new ideology gaining momentum in the metro amid the ongoing Great Recession.

Last night we had the chance to sit-in on an important, alternative talk . . .

Get Informed Evening: Sovereign Living with Catherine Bleish

First of all, we need to note that it was really surprising to see a room of about 50 or more people come out to discuss ideology and alternative commerce, health and financial practices on a school night. Additionally, Liberty Activist Catherine Bleish has really come into her own as a speaker and organizer in this fledgling movement.

The conversation included info on topics ranging from urban farming to silver trading and even liberty minded organizing tactics. Cat’s insight into her own experience as an activist proved to be the most captivating part of the discussion.

“This has been a learning process for me. Over the year my ideas about Liberty and activism have evolved,” Ms. Bleish said. “I think what I’ve learned might offer some guidance for people interested in a Liberty-minded approach to their own lives.”

The focus on individual participation as part of a movement was a nice change from the typical partisan rallies to which TKC is accustomed. So often in GOP/Democratic Party politics there is an overwhelming urge to divide crowds and break down every demographic into a special interest group. The two parties that dominate American politics aren’t interested in the lives of their constituents, they’re simply looking to amass an audience receptive to their talking points. What seems to be the key to recent success among “liberty-minded” advocates is their “opt-in” approach that focuses on personal choice. Like it or not, this niche of “small-l” Libertarians represent the only real opportunity for growth among the GOP – Alternatively, this point of view reflects the deep divisions of Conservative America.

From “Preppers” to urban agriculture advocates . . . Cat covered a great deal in her talk and seemed to inspire the audience to learn more . . . Listening to the topics under discussion I couldn’t help but think that these ideas are going to draw increasing interest as the Great Recession becomes “the new normal” and promises from both major U.S. political parties fail to pan out.

The talk was hosted by Tracy Ward’s Liberty Restoration Projectwhich has gained notoriety for standing up against Red Light Cameras and Airport Body Scanning.

Tracy and Cat were nice enough to smile for this TKC snapshot.

To learn more about Cat’s adventures check out her Sovereign Livingwebsite which offers a nice perspective on “liberty-minded” alternatives to the current corporate and political hegemony.

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